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08 Dec 2023 08:16:04
Just looking to see peoples thoughts on us taking Morelos back obviously struggling with strikers would use want/ accept him back? Personally a bit unsure with his attitude and fitness but think he’s better than what we have.

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08 Dec 2023 08:30:50
Waning or needing him back might not be the 1st question. Can we really afford to absorb his wages in that area of the park without off loading first?

Personally really rated him when he was on it, which wasn’t often enough. I think that chapter has closed.

08 Dec 2023 08:47:56
It’s a hard no for me. Although he’s our top European scorer, I never felt he was clinical enough or a particularly good striker of the ball. Add to that his substandard professionalism and bad attitude - he can jog on (obviously at his usual slow pace) .

08 Dec 2023 09:04:19
1872 ; he wasn’t great off the ball? that was his strength he bullied defences he was great holding the ball up bringing players up the park he won fouls in the final third, but I think his boat has sailed when he was at his best he was brilliant for us but after he got injured and his long lay off he was never the same player for us, I was one of his biggest fans but I’ve seen to many players who have came back but hasn’t worked so it’s a no from me but it’s down to the manager.

08 Dec 2023 09:35:42
Absolutely not.

08 Dec 2023 09:48:25
He didn’t want to stay and left on a free, meaning we got nothing ~ needless to say he had no loyalty then. Plus he just got relegated in Brazil. A definite no from me.

08 Dec 2023 10:05:26
He'd be a better option than Lammers.

08 Dec 2023 10:05:32
Twacoos, where did I say he wasn’t good off the ball?

08 Dec 2023 10:10:29
It's a big NO from me.

08 Dec 2023 10:46:58
Apart from anything else I’m pretty sure he’s been injured for a large period of the last 18 months.

08 Dec 2023 10:49:51
Without a shadow of a doubt I'd take Alfredo back, an absolute nightmare for defenders on his day, anyone to suggest otherwise is blind or a liar, had his flaws yes but had a lot of stuff most other players don't need to put up with in Scotland, now he's tasted life away from Ibrox and I'm presuming it's not went as well as he had planned it may possibly reignite his passion, let's not forget he was a young lad that left he in his teen years, who gave us many years service and many goals, didn't like the petulant side of him and frustrated the life out of me times but right now a full fit Alfie would be our striker before any of the new lads.

08 Dec 2023 11:08:02
Certainly a decent player but his attitude and petty arguments and fouls left the fans wondering if he was going to finish a game? As some posters say it’s up to the manager but for a personal option, he’s too much baggage for me.

08 Dec 2023 12:09:59
No chance we move on he had his opportunity and squandered it, he just had to stay in shape but couldn’t be bothered so why should we bother now.

08 Dec 2023 12:45:34
Within a month of getting to Brazil, he looked a stone and a half, lighter and fitter, which shows what he cared about his time here.
Good luck son, but good riddance.

08 Dec 2023 13:01:44
1872 ; sorry I read your post wrong I see what you mean regarding “striking of the ball “ I added an F in there sorry.

08 Dec 2023 13:22:42
No No No.

08 Dec 2023 13:23:02
I was one of his biggest fans but in the end was fed up with his poor attitude and professionalism. He does look in a lot better shape at Santos but he has also hardly played. If he came back with a point to prove maybe it could work out however with the wages we would no doubt have to pay him I think it’s time to move on.

08 Dec 2023 13:35:50
Cheers twacoos - I agree that he was fantastic at bullying defences when in the mood, especially in the Europa League.

08 Dec 2023 14:01:18
Correct 1872Blue I echo your sentiment yes he is our all time European scorer but take away his goals in qualifying rounds against teams from the likes of Malta, Gibraltar, Lichtenstein, Andorra etc that were basically whipping boys then would be still be the top euro scorer and always though he never connected with the ball right felt a lot of his goals were scuffed or sclaffed shots but somehow ended up in the net.

08 Dec 2023 16:20:31
Mark I agree he is better option than Lammers I would even say dessers and Danilo as well but he left and it was time for us to move on from him.



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