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10 Jun 2024 08:38:09
Bring back jermain defoe, as the wee guy has still got it ?Even at his age now, he would have scored most of the sitters we missed blindfolded ? What a superb finisher he was, if only ?A fit defoe in our team in the run in and there's absolutely no doubt we would have won the league ?.

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10 Jun 2024 09:20:18
?????? aww aye that unbelievably bad standard of that game. Bit of a difference dribbling passed Tommy Fury or a retired player of 10 year. to a fit and active defender. ??.

10 Jun 2024 09:25:58
Correct Paul.

10 Jun 2024 09:55:06
Common guy's lighten up, it was only a tongue and cheek comment because he was an outstanding finisher ?But to be serious you never lose your class/ quality it's your physical side you lose as you get older ?I still would have bet my mortgage he would have scored some of the big sitters that dessers and co did miss though ?Some on here are just too serious with everything ?.

10 Jun 2024 10:29:44
I will let u off this time ?although in no part of your original post suggest that its toungue in cheek comment haha.

10 Jun 2024 10:30:09
White jacket with buckles for SWS?? lol.

10 Jun 2024 10:31:38
You right though a first time kinda guy ( not defoe) is needed, big CD does well though.

10 Jun 2024 10:41:43
Thank God Walter isn't in charge of player recruitment. we'd have Tav, Goldson and Defoe in the starting line up next season.

10 jun 2024 11:23:28
pretty obvious he was having a laugh paul, surprised at you, not at some.

10 Jun 2024 11:25:57
What’s yer thoughts on Tav SWS? ??.

10 Jun 2024 12:03:57
Why not have a defoe and boyd strike force lol.

10 Jun 2024 12:18:25
Bring back Stuart mcall left back.

10 Jun 2024 12:36:20
Heard Ally was looking to supplement his income. Now that's definitely tongue in cheek.

10 Jun 2024 13:23:53
Of course it was tongue and cheek, give swso a bit of credit, he ain't no ancelotti, but not daft either.

10 Jun 2024 14:51:10
Think coops thinks Tavs off ski mate.

10 Jun 2024 14:51:35
Exactly bb, but whenever coops is criticised, you know who the first attacker afterwards, gone on fir years,

10 Jun 2024 18:00:21
Whenever am criticised you know who the 1st attacker is eh TT and in this case it was Paul who attacked him 1st so you are wrong ?

Made my day that comment from you ?.

10 Jun 2024 18:28:24
Am nominating storm and Tom for the rangers banter friendship of the year award.



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