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27 May 2024 14:44:02
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MrPotatoHead has written an article entitled, Glasgow Rangers' Catch-22 Situation

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27 May 2024 15:45:04
Good article MPH

We can’t keep sacking managers and going round in circles for me he will need another 2/ 3 windows to get everything right but he won’t get that time IMHO.

27 May 2024 17:20:16
As much as we can’t keep sacking manager we can’t keep signing excess players who don’t live up to standard
So that really needs addressing
MPH you gave us the amount of signings over 3 seasons with only about 6 we would potentially hold onto
Add in Gerrards tenure with amount of players signed

The percentage of failures far outweighs the percentages of success on the players front and it’s in this category we need a huge increase in quality being brought in scouting players how we identify players needs looked at has done for a long time now
The kecentsge of failure and successful players needs to be atleast balanced up
We need a settled squad of atleast 18-20 players who can be relied upon to play and give their all throughout the season once we can get that we can build on it

But this buying players and oh their not suited to Scottish football or they come with injury lasts as long as their arm needs to be addressed

this summer it finally has to be done correctly proper home work on who we’re signing with a view of what style of play the players are being signed to play going to be interesting to see who we go for and what tactics formation style of play we adapt too

Picking up a player hoping he fits in is of no use we need an identity what ever they will be remains to be seen.

27 May 2024 19:20:40
Good read mph I agree with storm we must give PC all next season and the 2 windows unless we are miles behind.

27 May 2024 19:58:13
MPH, intelligent and thought provoking.
I do agree we need a core of Scot’s based players (and would add to that any foreign player who has become acclimatized to SPFL already). The best unfortunately are expensive, some seem overly so, which is why I feel we will continue to attack Euro, African and South American markets. The inherent danger is really in terms of their ‘adaptability’ to our hurly-burly league.
PC will get my full backing for the full season as I feel;
1. He needs time to implement his own strategy with his own players
2. If he is run out of town we are back to square one (and let’s face it we’ve seen the script before) . And I believe he knows his onions and has shown he can both adapt and provide a ruthless edge.

My fear is always a high turnover of players meaning bedding in a new side. As you rightly said, because dans may have had enough doesn’t mean a suitor swans in and takes our unwanted players.
This again is why PC needs a few transfer windows. Ultimately, the buck stops with him, but he has had success in more than one country and I am Sure he will get it right.
The sad fact is we are well behind the opposition in terms of funds, squad depth and doesn’t seem likely to change soon. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but some astute signings, the right captain and core (back, middle, front) and attitude should also mean we are more than capable of offering a genuine challenge both domestically and in Europe (tho not I feel in CL yet)

28 May 2024 09:35:26
Good article MPH, balanced points.
I'd keep butland, sterling, Balogen, Yilmaz, soutar, diomande, raskin, sima, cortes, danilo, bring in some pace and youth and see where we are, be good to see how some progress under PC, worth noting Sima was being slated first 10 games.



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