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19 May 2024 18:35:23
I have concerns about pc, we give him credit for topping the group and winning the cup, so surely he needs to take criticism for our mighty collapse. I keep hearing it's not his team, granted it isn't but no matter how bad some are, we should be capable of beating teams like motherwell/ county/ dundee/ hearts etc. I expect the odd bad result here and there, but this has been unacceptable imo. I think the 4 goals in 2nd half masked one of our worst performances of the season against Dundee. When you bang on about 1 point better than rivals, it leaves you wide open, when it goes Pete tong, was actually cringing when he was saying that. I didn't like his handling of Sterling incident either. Someone said yesterday he wasn't brought in to win the league he was brought to steady ship, I don't believe that for one second, if that was the case we were giving up the league 7 points behind with over half a season to go, no chance! Has he steadied the ship? I'm not so sure, has he not got a worse points total in same amount of games as gio and Beale? Lbh 2 of his 3 signings have been poor, silva has been a failure, diomande has been poor, saw a few posts say he needs better players around him, that's nonsense if your a player you'll stand out he definitely hasn't imo, cortes looked good but can't really be judged, his signings haven't exactly filled me with confidence tbh. I really hope he rams those words down my throat, I have been wrong before think it was March 1991 ? all jokes aside I know many will not like this, but I'm just being honest about how I feel.

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19 May 2024 19:04:32
I give up sack the manager again then where are we? Clement is a good manager we need luck at the right time our injuries have crippled us.

19 May 2024 19:04:37
I'm not here to gloat. Your time will come although having suffered during your 9 in a row, I know how hard it is to bear (no pun intended) . If it's ok saying, you need to give your manager the chance to weed out the deadwood and the losers and in a positive slant, bring in his players and put his stamp on things. Shoot me down but get rid of Tav for eg. Anytime I see him in the tunnel before a Parkhead match, he looks petrified and that must transmit to other players. But back your manager, new season, new hope.

19 May 2024 19:10:17
If he told players they had no future in the middle of a title race that's got to be regarded as very bad mismanagement. Some of his quotes remind me of Pedro.

19 May 2024 19:11:14
It's a true reflection imo, no delusion amongst the post.

19 May 2024 19:19:13
Nothing much has changed because its the same players. He now knows what he has on his hands now. The team won't be recognizable next season.

19 May 2024 19:46:21
Actually finished a point further behind celtic than when he came in. Monumental collapse.

19 May 2024 19:48:15
Last month has been a major disappointment. But never thought we'd be in a position to challenge not just because of bad start but simply don't rate many of our players. Think PC did amazing to begin with but has made errors too, but how much is this down to poor squad, injuries, running down contracts or his decisions. Feel far more confident that he will be better once he able to change squad around. He showed enough to show he's got something about him.

19 May 2024 20:11:22
So are you saying we sack him now before he spends any cash and get a replacement? If so who would you like us to appoint? Harry Potter? Then he can come in and wave his magic wand and make players not get injuries and fix all the issues this squad clearly has. Jokes aside I don't like the post clearly as we are way too quick to jump on this manager who has done a great job so far. If Beale stayed they would of had the title by new year and we would of been out of Europe!

The man has had a severe amount of injuries to deal with, Sima was a great goal threat and basically had to do without him for second half of the season and I agree Silva has been pish but he was originally brought as a striker but moved due to Sima injury. Diomande is a good player and you'll see this next season trust that.

Them lot are going to lose a few key players over the summer and I don't think big Brenda will be making amazing signings if I'm honest so they could be there for the taking.

Let's cut this nonsense and give the manager time to get his signings in and a full pre season before we judge.

19 May 2024 21:35:11
55rangers/ bigbluejim the only people who mentioned sack him in this thread are you 2. There's not a chance he should or would be sacked, he needs to be given a chance, no matter what my opinion is, he could turn out great, I just don't think he will. Jim you talk about Beale being in charge and how bad it was, what does that say for pc that he finished on a point less mate? Its nit picking i know but is what it is.

Also I think it's worrying if silva was brought in as a forward, having scored 0 goals in 13 games for wolves, doesn't matter his price tag, who signs a striker with that record? Jim diomande could become a player I've saw flashes, but that's about it, I had high hopes after his great start, but that faded after a while mate. Agree Jim that they will lose key players, hopefully o'reiley would be glad to see the back of him, there best player by a distance, hopefully lose a couple more mate.

19 May 2024 21:50:11
Let's be honest, it would have been 20 points behind under Beale.

19 May 2024 22:13:04
Better rangers teams than this 1 have lost to teams we shouldn't but don't get rid of the manager, personally I'm tired of changing managers every year with no success we've seen what PC can do but needs players in who want to play for him and us and have quality to deliver otherwise before we realise we, re trying to stop another attempt at 10iar.

20 May 2024 01:02:45
BigDado, 100% we would have been and out of Europe too.

Boyblue, I get the frustration I do but PC can't have any negatives against him due to inheriting a terrible team short of confidence and proven bottlers. When he first came in the boys bought into what he was saying but it's clear the leadership group have started downing tools and playing like they don't give AF about winning. Tav has had such a decline this year and a good few others.

A don't like Silva at all but he moved to Wolves way too young and we all know the prem can ruin young players, he was shipped out wide for Wolves most the time as a sub and Scottish prem ain't easy for most who first come to it.

They will definitely lose O'Reilly and maybe Vickers tae so be an interesting summer.

20 May 2024 06:37:59
Aye - At least 20 BigDado -PC imo WILL be the man to take us forward but we have the most overpaid underachieving bunch of non triers who have ever pulled on the light blue in the history of this great club and some want miracles to happen overnight -from top to bottom - medical through coaching to scouting it is obvious we have been stale for years and with every manager change we have taken at least one further step back (sometimes more) We need to allow the man some latitude and support him to do the right thing throughout our club - I believe he is a very good man manger but to be critical of him now and to put the boot in is hard to believe - he tried to polish a turd and for a few weeks and players moved with the manager and raised their already low standard of game and then the old creeping malaise came back and just like all the other managers before he could see that certain players just gave up the ghost when games became crucial - he will bring good times to the club -GIVEN TIME AND SUPPORT! Potential still for a cup double - who would have given us that chance under Beale last October? I rest my case.

20 May 2024 08:35:06
If they lose oreily or ccv they can go out and spend big money to. replace them whilst we need to look at players ooc or unknowns for less money.

20 May 2024 08:53:27
Kaiser, I agree.

20 May 2024 10:50:34
Walter when have their board ever really backed a manager with decent cash to spend? They tend to buy cheap and sell on and pocket the rest. Brenda ain't going to be given a £40m war chest to spend and even if he was not like they would be getting top quality/ proven players in through the door. So they would be gambling on getting a few bargains etc let's just see how this summer pans out!

WATP! PC and Koppen have got this!



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