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18 May 2024 17:45:21
Nobody will convince me otherwise when i say our bungling board fell asleep at the wheel when gerrard should have been backed after securing us title no.55?He had the measure of celtic and they knew it and if he had have been backed i've no doubt we would have went on to claim two and three in a row ?Gerrard had his foot on the throat of celtic and had an unbeaten run against them, there lies the start of what we're seeing now ?Oh how i wish they had backed his ambition as he clearly stated yes he was delighted to have won title no.55 but he wanted to kick on and dominate them pity our board had nowhere near the ambition he had and now look at us ?.

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18 May 2024 18:11:40
Jesus Christ ?

He didn’t have the measure of Celtic that’s just utter bs the fact he won 1 trophy out of 9 as manager as rangers suggest otherwise ??.

18 May 2024 18:18:30
PC. Has to learn to beat Celtic fast, if we lose the final and the first old firm next season then I’m worried for him.

Must beat Celtic.

18 May 2024 18:32:22
Walter that's absolute nonsense am afraid. As storm says his trophy count was terrible infact with celtic out the cup was an easy route to final for us and we bottled it at St mirren.

18 May 2024 18:35:09
He had the measure of them in head to head games, Storm, which is something PC can only dream about.

18 May 2024 18:52:02
I agree SWS, If Gerrard was backed after our unbeaten league title season then we would have went on in strength.

18 May 2024 19:08:30
Correct raisetheroofe that storm can't actually digest what i'm meaning when he had actually built the club which took him 3 years and understand if you can he won the league and was leading the league again by 7 points before he left and he did dominate celtic in his head to head meetings once he had built the team My god storm how to christ can you not understand and see that happened, my god you crack me up.

18 May 2024 19:11:00
I sit with many fellow supporters watching my team in the copland and many of us have said this regarding gerrard.

18 May 2024 19:14:20
In the league for those who can't understand what i'm saying here, gerrard had celtic by the throat and i'm not saying our cup results were brilliant but imo if gerrard was backed we would have retained the title and in every probability won the league title again after that.

18 May 2024 19:50:19
Walter, gerrard was 100% backed, he wanted to keep kent morelos kamara, the board should have been stronger, that’s where we started to regress

Then Gerrard and his gang sneaked out in the middle of the night.

18 May 2024 19:31:19
You wanted to keep all the players the board kept Walter. You seem to have a short memory on this.

18 May 2024 19:37:05
Gerrard era team on form is better than our team on the pitch now, we have regressed and that is the boards fault for appointing Beale and allowing him to s punk our budget right up the swanny. If for example we had appointed PC last summer and gave him 20 million, well who knows.

18 May 2024 20:30:08
The board was concentrating their efforts on building Edminston House.

18 May 2024 20:49:38
Roofe is that what we as fans are looking for a good head to head against them but one trophy out of 9 ? that’s just utter nonsense from you as well ?.

SG was backed but no point saying as no one will tell him differently what’s the point in posting it then coops?

18 May 2024 21:01:17
Not completely true john ?Gerrard wanted backed further with even better signings once he had won the league to dominate and retain the league title and our board stayed still pal and fell asleep at the wheel, there's no doubt about that my friend, absolutely no doubt ? So he was too ambitious for our board and no wonder he left as they wouldn't match his ambition for our club, which was unfortunately far greater than parks, robertson etc ?.

18 May 2024 21:47:25
Im siding with Coops here from memory but its only what i heard not what maybe happened. SG asked the board as far as I can remember to push on but they stood still.

18 May 2024 22:39:05
Very true Walter, u know why they left, our religious bigotry.

18 May 2024 23:12:00
He also snuck away at night like the snake that he is.

Ok coops let’s go with. One trophy in 3 then going by the league still not a great record ?

Do you get anything right ??.

18 May 2024 23:26:15
Swso, your absolutely correct mate, gerrard won the league the year before beating celtic 3 times drawing 1. The next season he won first old firm and was 7 points clear. Undoubtedly had his feet on there throat. Was pretty clear you ment just before he left, as that was only time he went on unbeaten run against them. It was common knowledge he left because he didn't get backed. No sure what trophy haul has got to do with your post ?.

18 May 2024 23:31:54
Gerrard wasn't backed the close season after winning the league, I know he wanted veerman although he was priced out of that, he also wanted a French midfielder ( whose name escapes me just now) but the one that actually annoyed him the most was wanting the money for Kevin Nisbet and the board said no, it was just over 2 million- he got sakala, lundstram and bacuna that summer instead- that was a huge factor in him leaving.

18 May 2024 23:40:49
An excuse probably considering SG is in Saudi now.



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