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16 May 2024 07:24:50
Can some correct me here

Celtic win the next league title 24/ 25 have they equaled 55?

Let that sink in if true ?

I'll say it again massive summer coming up.

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16 May 2024 07:47:55
Its been a massive summer for the past 12 out of 13 years mate all with same outcome.

16 May 2024 07:55:29
I think so Thestigno1 ?.

16 May 2024 08:05:14
Also if they win scottish cup there level on trophies. Its only a matter of time tbh.

16 May 2024 08:14:28
You are correct, Stig.

You too, King, it's the go to line at the end of each unsuccessful season, and apart from one season, it's been the same disappointing outcome.

Accept it or not, but we are only the 2nd best team in a 2 horse league, and our only rivals are so dominant (on and off the field) that it could be construed as a form of physical and mental torture. They have us on toast!

16 May 2024 08:40:08
Silver lining is Rodgers recruitment record is absolutely stinking and they’re going to lose at the very least O’Reilly plus I’d be surprised if people didn’t sniff about CCV. No matter how much money they have both of them will be hard to replace.

16 May 2024 08:45:43
You are correct Stig - it's time to start taking down the worlds most successful club banners at the training ground as Celtic will soon overtake us. I'm fed up hearing the same old chat about a rebuild as that's all we've heard off for the past 12 years and with the exception of 1 season, it's been the same outcome.

16 May 2024 08:50:16
As a rangers season ticket holder and shareholder i'm now becoming disillusioned with this same old movie, year after year, manager after manager guys ?The arrogance of that lot is aff the scale and it's the previous board's fault this is happening after we won 55?They stood still and fell asleep at the wheel ? We're now i reckon around 5 years behind them and i'm looking for some chink of light at the end of the tunnel ?Our club has to do something major and find a way because this just can't keep going on it's so f*****g soul destroying ?I honestly don't know what we can/ or will do to arrest their dominance and it's very worrying ?The jokes from that lot are in the hundreds and there's nothing we can counter act them with ?.

16 May 2024 08:57:39
Obviously glad Celtic won the big one and yeah, I'll be celebrating on Sat. The olive branch i'd hold out to you guys is we got away with one this year. We're c*** but you're worse. If we lose MOR as is very possible, throw on Hatate possibly (? ), then we've got a big summer as well. CCV? Our best defender but in the bigger picture, is he all that? Look at the goal you got on Sat. CCV, Scales and Hart just watching.
We should beat you in the cup final but that doesn't mean we're good.
Btw, apart from the 90s, Celtic have won more leagues in each decade of my life (from the 60s) than Rangers.
I'd be interested in what you think of Butland. Better than Hart, yes but is he all that? . Looked dodgy at the 3 each game plus at fault I think for our 1st goal on Sat.

16 May 2024 09:46:35
I remember McCoist saying it would take Rangers 15 years to get back to where they should be and fans cut him to pieces, he wasn’t far wrong? One league win under Gerrard and at that time Celtic were falling apart. Try as we may we can’t get these transfers right? We must have one of the worst injury records in football?

16 May 2024 09:49:56
Walter, something major will have to be a huge clear out, starting with the defence. we need Tav, Goldson, Souttar and Davies to leave this summer.

16 May 2024 10:07:17
CIP Butland wasn’t at fault for 1st goal at weekend and if it wasn’t for Butland league would have been finished along long time ago.

16 May 2024 12:27:32
I think that's a fair summation come in peace, tbh.

16 May 2024 12:40:04
Correct, Storm.



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