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15 May 2024 16:50:56
Was going to do a poll but best to just ask that way people can give reasons. So here's my question how do the fans rate clement/ kloppen first 3 signings? I'll go first.

Silva- absolute flop, likes a dive more than a goal.

Diomande- 2 good goals to start, imo done very little since. honestly not sure he's ready for the demands at rangers, a lot of easy slack passes, spends a lot of time directing players (not sure)

Cortes- loved the look of him very direct, not afraid to beat his man, doesn't drop the head if loses the ball, quite a bit of pace about him (need to see more

Would have liked to say 1 was a stand out, but they just weren't.

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15 May 2024 17:43:03
There’s a player in Silva, a 35 million one I’m not sure about, but he hasn’t lived up to the hype. Saying that he does a lot better when played more centrally and can link up with the striker. He’s wasted on the LW
4/ 10

I think Diomande will only get better and is the profile we need to be going for. The style of play hasn’t helped him as the midfield has been bypassed with longer balls in quite a few games. Once he has better players around him I think he’ll do very well.
6/ 10

Cortes showed everything we need going forward. Technically very good, direct, really hard worker out of possession and wasn’t scared to have a go. Hope we can get him permanently
8/ 10.

15 May 2024 18:08:27
Silva- yes he is a flop however has been better in last two games…bye bye though.

Diomande- will come good with a pre season and more capable players around the fact he feels he has to direct tells its own story.

Cortes- showed enough for me thought he looked class and would only have got better as games went on, hopefully signed.

15 May 2024 18:27:35
Looks like silva off to Italy, 20 million.

15 May 2024 18:33:21
In the words of meatloaf 2 out of 3 ain't bad but I think silva on the right could've offered more dio started well but has lost form a long with the rest of the team and cortes has been a bigger loss than expected his direct style and pace is what we lack along with willingness to shoot from distance.

15 May 2024 18:36:18
Silva is nowhere near as bad as is made out on here. Been average for me, think attitude has been much better than given credit for. Know he has been labelled a diver, the Ibrox game was a joke but that aside he always works hard and has done a job out of position.

I like Dio, think he has struggled a bit by players not giving him ball in tight spaces by playing too safe. Him and Raskin for me are a good pairing and compliment each other well.

Cortes looked bright but was only a few games so jury out. Also with the serious injury now a major concern for me. We should definitely not buy him in summer. Loan to buy till Jan or for whole season, or move on to somone else.

Overall I really like the profile, 1 from Scandinavia and one from South America (via lens) is the way forward and a complete change from English Championship players which on the whole has been terrible for us.

15 May 2024 19:06:16
Boy blue 3 that's pretty much my feelings on all 3 players.

15 May 2024 19:25:54
Guys don't get me wrong re silva he definitely hasn't been a success here but I don't for one minute think he's a bad player that's for sure.

15 May 2024 19:38:37
Silva will end up at a European side, perhaps Italy and will be a success. He is a young lad and way too good for Scottish Football, he needs to be playing at a Team where the majority of the team are top quality, not our current standard, and the league isn't full of hammer throwers.

15 May 2024 19:38:45
Sorry how can Cortes who made little impact because he played about 5 games get a higher rating than Diomande.

15 May 2024 19:40:12
Yep I’d agree with blue boy and GMW, Cortes was one of those the minute you seen him, I was like the boy is a player. I understand people’s injury concern with him though. But he’s only 20, not like he’s had a career of injuries and normally 20 year olds bounce back no problem. With him only being 20 years old and was such a miss for us, that certainly suggest he’s worth buying or this time a loan but not with the option to buy but with a obligation. Otherwise we’d just be alerting other teams to him if he turns out what I think he will I.E Malik Tillman situation.

15 May 2024 19:46:11
Great minds think alike gmw ?.

15 May 2024 21:41:50
Must have money to burn John, whoe er that is. Rank rotten.

15 May 2024 22:07:19
Correct David makes no sense.

We really don’t know how good Cortez is.

15 May 2024 22:25:02
Silva is still young. I reckon he will have a very good career just needs time to develop. Wont be at us but wish him well.

Dio will grow into the shirt he has more ability than lundstram ever will.

Cortes is a massive upgrade on any winger we have. If you includr sima then cortes still more natural on the wing i think sima would make a great striker. LImited evidence but i like what i seen.

15 May 2024 23:06:20
Silva is a decent player, hard to say what his best position is right enough, think if Cantwell and Yilmaz were fit then we would of got much more out him with their interplay, let’s be honest outwith Butland and Stirling every other player has got it in the neck off the supporters this year.

16 May 2024 09:19:57
Silva screams as a signing we made because we couldn't afford to spend any more of the budget on a striker after the summer. Had his moments but far too few for a player of his valuation and wage. Will be interesting to see how he does in the final as I actually thought he got the better of Johnstone last time out.

Has Diomande not now played the equivalent of more than a full league season? Think I've seen enough to give him next season after a break/ good pre season behind him.

Cortes looked the real deal, although didn't see nearly enough due to injury unfortunately. Seen an extension to the loan being discussed and I think that would be our best option (as long as it keeps some sort of option/ obligation at the end.



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