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12 May 2024 18:28:03
I really do hope tav heads for saudi and doesn't hang around for a testimonial and photos of him with the 3 trophies like some sort of rangers legendary captain just my opi.

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12 May 2024 19:24:18
100% the boy is a serial loser.

12 May 2024 19:31:51
Tav is good enough to be in a title winning squad imo. Lundstram Barisic Goldson etc. are not.

12 May 2024 19:46:16
They’re all good enough to be in a title winning squad individually

Maybe it all together .

Lunny has never been good enough.

Goldson has been a good servant
Bb was outstanding at times, mostly Europe.

Tav is the pick.

In a better team in better times tav would’ve been some player.

Him at Rb with Davie weir or cuellar beside him.
Different player.

12 May 2024 20:37:18
Tav was in a team that won the title and a back line that only conceded 13 goals or whatever it was.
He is good enough but I would sell if there’s an offer.

12 May 2024 20:38:29
Fully agree Stevie.

12 May 2024 20:41:20
Totally agree Stevie, Tav is the only one I feel sorry for. Yes he has his faults, if he didn’t he wouldn’t be here, but for me he is the only one to consistently step up with big moments. He for me is by a mile our best outfield player and has been for the best part of 10 years. He’s been let down by the standard of player around him imo.

12 May 2024 21:04:17
Bit unfair David, thought Lundstram, however stupid, was difference gainst Tim's. Agree PC needs mass clear out. Could think 20 players shown door, keep best youth let him make own mark. We weren't dismal gainst Tim's, if we took chances 1st half who knows what might have been. Just let's watch Tim's make fool in CL again.

12 May 2024 21:12:09

Goldson a good servant bit dual meaning. Maybe continually available but as player absolute garbage. PC hasn't been allowed to buy decent CH so is forced to use him. Another for door.

12 May 2024 21:15:42
There was a point in that game yesterday that tav was chasing back and I swear it was as though he was jogging, but he wasn't he was at full tilt and looked so slow. Am a fan of tav but we simply can't have a guy at right back that slow I almost felt sorry for him yesterday the ease in wich maeda was going past him like he wasn't there. Sick of reading we need a better ch to cover him etc, how about just not playing him if he can't do his job properly anymore.

It doesn't matter how many goals he scores, he's a defender and he can't defend. If our manager starts next season with him at right back, he doesn't have a clue what he's doing, the last ten games he's caused at least one goal in every game nearly, if we were a high scoring team we could possibly get away it but we ain't. Any manager worth his salt will target him why wouldn't they, his time is up I'm afraid he's an accident waiting to happen.

12 May 2024 21:53:27
Think Goldson has been a very good centre half for us, he’s had his share of mistakes, when everyone’s raves about him in past I’ve always said he’s not as good as some think. It’s his lack of concentration at times, he’s lost us big games at times. It’s is the reason He’s in Scotland and not EPL

So we can’t criticise the guy for not being world class.
He’s been a great servant to the club and been a very good player in European runs and setting clean sheet records and goals against records etc.

We need a reality check guys were never going to have the quality of player we’re all craving.

Guys like lunny and Conor are what we’re going to react. Same as Celtic’s

Tav for me doesn’t deserve the flak he gets and it actually confuses me a sto what people take from football when they criticise the guy.

He’s been rangers best player every season for 10 years.

Joke to suggest otherwise.

12 May 2024 23:35:07
Well said boy blue, how about individual players playing well in their position and not relying on someone to bail them out. Tav is simply not a good defender and needs to be replaced by a younger quicker model. Goldson, Lawrence, Lundstram and Ryan Jack also fall into this category, none of them will get better that’s why we move them on and take what we can while we can.

12 May 2024 23:52:48
Sterling is a ready made replacement its time for him to shine in his natural position going forward. Npbody will hit the numbers tav does but we need change and sterling won't be judged on his goals. For now sterling cn take lundstrams role until end of season.

13 May 2024 01:01:04
Yes dado sure is.
Agree with all sima.

13 May 2024 07:31:42
Goldson has had a good 6 month in 6 year. Not the worst centre half we’ve had and he is a great passer of the ball. We need a lot better if we’re to progress.

I can’t remember the last time he hit the target from a corner and I’ll never understand why he continuously let's centre forwards run across him.

13 May 2024 08:18:08
A lot of people put blame on the defence as well but this season and last the biggest issue is we are nowhere near clinical enough.

13 May 2024 08:55:00
Blue I actually said to my mate tav is towing a caravan, it’s a real issue if he plays next season.

13 May 2024 11:31:15
Blue89 so was Goldson in that team so should we keep him as well They all need to feck right off.

13 may 2024 11:55:03
you and i have very different opinions of a great rangers player stevie

very different 8ndeed, , tav woulnt get into rangers first 25 right backs, scoring great freekicks is all goid and well

stopping others fron scoring is his job.

13 May 2024 12:20:49
Maybe we just need to add more winners to the team, Tav is and has been great for us, he can't do it all on his own . tell me last player that we signed that we think is an out and out winner? Pick 1 or 2 up a gear we'll get there, it won't happen over night . seems we're close but lost 10 points out of 12 against them this season, there's the problem.

13 May 2024 15:52:51
Tim your coming at it from trophies that’s fair enough.

I’m coming at it from ability and contribution on the park.

Times are different now mate we’re not going to see the type of players u and others want.

We’re lucky to have had tav. His contribution to our euro runs and out old firm runs under Gerrard were tremendous .
His goals and assists speak for themselves.

13 May 2024 17:57:53
Tom, agreed. first and foremost Tav is a defender, a poor one at that.



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