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09 Apr 2024 20:37:42
So a couple of days after the game it's fair to say we have more questions to answer than before. How do we stop shipping easy goals do we take goldson out for a few games. If no yilmaz is sterling the answer given how unbalanced we looked our midfield 2 doesn't seem to be as fluent as we'd like so does sterling go into the middle for or alongside diomande and lunny and our front 3 lacked pace so does silva drop out for sima or matondo or both with dessers through the middle. I'm glad we have a top manager who will find answers to those questions because I have no idea.

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09 Apr 2024 22:23:09
Back four of Sterling Soutter Balogun Yilmaz for the next game against them, if fit.

10 Apr 2024 04:36:19
My star tav will definitely be our right back against them mate, of that i've absolutely no doubt ?I said before the game on sunday there against them that i'd have wanted/ played sterling in midfield as that for me along with sima starting instead of scott wright would have improved our starting 11 considerably ?I know borna barisic hasn't been on the best of form for a wee while but regarding the balance of our team, i'd have played him ie. a natural left back against them on sunday there and like i said allow sterling to play in midfield that's my honest opinion ?.

10 Apr 2024 05:15:27
He shouldn't be he can't defend, better going forward, Sterling for me, agree with Star 100%.

10 Apr 2024 06:56:49
Sterling for me too my star, we need mentally strong people for the next game.

10 Apr 2024 07:21:33
pc will have tav in rb like always you don’t get 30 goal involvements then Get dropped because you drew with a team who are champions like it or no.

10 Apr 2024 07:47:35
Lads - Wright gave the team nothing on Sunday by means of attack or supporting Tavs in defensive duties - it was like playing with a man down and clearly evident after 10mins or so - he must be No1 on list for moving on come summertime - no more passengers.

10 Apr 2024 08:21:54
He's a defender raskin, first and foremost, the goals are a bonus, needs to do his job.

10 Apr 2024 10:03:30
Playing Barisic would only have made it worse, Sterling controlled Kuhn Barisic wouldn't have sws, Tavernier needs dropped for the next game against them, you think about Sterling on maeda, i would be far more confident in that situation.

10 Apr 2024 10:15:31
Defender first, i have no idea where we would be in the league if we didn't have Tavs contribution to goals and assists but am certain we wouldn't be where we are at. most say let someone else take the penalties but would anyone else have the conversion rate tav has and goals from free kicks. we still, i believe have the best defensive record in the SPFL or maybe i'm wrong so we aren't doing much wrong.

I know this, when Tav was injured we were a far poorer side than when he is playing. i am with everyone in stating he had a really poor game, but even then and under pressure he still converted the penalty. that takes a lot of guts and balls to be fair.

10 Apr 2024 11:54:45
Don’t believe I am saying this as people know my thoughts on Tav defensively but he starts at their midden.
I don’t know what he was thinking 21 seconds into the game he should be switched on he wasn’t and got caught out again. But he brings to much to our side going forward and I don’t believe he would be anywhere near effective playing further forward we have tried that once or twice am sure when Patterson was coming thru and it didn’t work.

10 Apr 2024 11:56:26
Aye he scores no denying that and helps our league position, spot on, defensively been poor and there is no denying it, so the comments on here by all the others in relation to this are also wrong. He is not immune to being criticised when he's off his game defensively.

10 Apr 2024 13:34:16
Not many attacking left/ right backs are known for their defensive skills, the EPL are full of them, I’ve cursed tav a few times but he starts all day long against them, having a decent right centre back and a hard working right winger would benefit him big time.

10 Apr 2024 14:55:21
Agree coops da, goldson done for me, we don't gt it sorted he'll gt done again at the midden.



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