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09 Apr 2024 15:08:57
So with the players out of contract this summer iv read that frees up 120k pw! Do we pay lunny 30+k on a 2 year deal imho I say no if he can't compete with the other mobs midfield and being honest how many games against them has he been the 1 dominating play so either he lowers his demands or I'd look to use the money elsewhere.

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09 Apr 2024 15:18:13
No way does Lundstram deserve £30k a week.
It would be bonkers to give him that.
He's been one of our best players recently but when was the last time he put in a dominant performance in an Old Firm game?
His first 6 months at the club were honking.
Then he was brilliant on the road to Seville.
Then he was honking the following season.
Then he was terrible at the start of this season under Beale ( who wasn't? ) .
And then has performed consistently under Clement.

09 Apr 2024 15:19:49
Lunny gets a new contract one of our best players this season.

09 Apr 2024 15:27:44
I wouldn't be breaking the bank to offer him a deal, in fact I wouldn't be disappointed if he were to move on.

09 Apr 2024 15:33:49
Do the bouncy why would we be breaking the bank to re sign lundstrum. goldsons on more per week currently.

09 Apr 2024 16:23:59
To be fair on Lunny the two wingers never gave him much movement and Lawerance had a stinker, tried to move the ball quicker and gave the defence an out ball, not saying he was great but been our best player over the last few months, took Dio about 40 mins to get into game, that goal after 20 seconds really put a nervousness into the team and were shocking, what most people and I include the dark side in this is when we got some pace in our attack their defence was every bit as bad as ours and we almost won it with the last kick from Dessers, we can win the next 7 league games no problem but Clemont has a few decisions to make, a few players should not be starting for us.

09 Apr 2024 16:41:03
Davies1980 just because goldson was paid too much by a previous dof doesn't mean we need to make the same mistake. Lunny imo doesn't deserve that amount of money and we shouldn't offer him anything like that.

09 Apr 2024 17:09:35
Mph don't see why he wouldn't be wanting that. Considering if he sees roofe and goldson on mid 30s. Matondo 28k.

09 Apr 2024 17:31:06
His last big contract with no sell on, we shouldn't be offering any more than he is currently on. As said previously, I wouldn't be too worried if he moved on.

09 Apr 2024 18:37:37
A would be happy if he stayed but if we have to bleed youth into team then so be it, it’s crazy to think even if we win the treble or not we have another big rebuild this summer, I can see possibly a dozen leaving and maybe about eight coming in.

09 Apr 2024 19:47:49
Do we give youth enough if a chance?

09 Apr 2024 19:52:39
I feel we have seen the very best of lundstrum and it’s time to part company. Allows him to agree a final contract elsewhere back home and us to move forward.



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