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21 Mar 2024 14:29:49
8 or 9 weeks to go and Lundstram hasn't signed a deal, anyone in info on this one? Kinda late in the day, shades of Goldson when he eventually re-signed.

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21 Mar 2024 14:42:52
so the question is if Lundstram is holding out to see if there is other offer on the table before agreeing terms with Rangers would you be happy for him to stay on? me personally i would prefer he wants to stay rather than he only stays because there is no other suitable offers.

21 Mar 2024 15:21:29
Last rumour I heard that there was no pay rise on current wages but actually the opposite. If true i don't blame him and have to look at our own board as he's been brilliant under pc.

21 Mar 2024 15:23:08
Did Goldson not do the same? I think Lundstram has made it very clear that he wants to stay. I think the issue is that we have offered him less than he feels he's worth.

21 Mar 2024 15:46:24
Maybe all hos focus is on winning a title and doesn't want distractions.

21 Mar 2024 15:56:45
He can resign after season ends.

21 Mar 2024 16:37:36
Would make sense bigdado. Also may be last big contract of his career so not surprising he's taking his time.

21 Mar 2024 16:42:00
Led to believe not the wages but length of contract, wanting another year.

21 Mar 2024 17:04:01
Read some where Chris Jack says both parties are comfortable with the situation.

21 Mar 2024 17:40:47
goldson not been the same since
got new deal is lundstam playing just to get new contract and where
does he thinks he goes man city liverpool real madrid or maybe
back to mighty shef utd.

21 Mar 2024 18:32:56
I believe Lundstram will be a Rangers player next season.

21 Mar 2024 18:43:27
Never been a fan of Goldson. He was the best we could get at the time but I don't think he's ever been good enough. For me the defence needs a revamp and he's the first to go.

21 Mar 2024 18:48:19
Aye Star at this rate, Queens Park Rangers??, leaving it late though.

21 Mar 2024 19:19:54
Parlane, really? All about opinions I know but would think Davies and Borna are out before Goldson.

21 Mar 2024 19:20:30
Couldn't agree more parlane. Defence been needing upgrades for years.

21 Mar 2024 20:40:26
Parlane - i think what goldson gives you is a 7/ 10 performance each week and he's rarely been unavailable for selection. His cross-field passing is also very good.

Ive always said he shouldn't be the main CB- he needs a more dominant CB in beside him.

For his size he's easily brushed off the ball too.

21 Mar 2024 21:41:12
I posted about the need to sort our defence out early this morning, with all the possible departures, king/ loan possible; balogun/ contract; tav/ possible sale borna/ trabonspor; Davies/ possible sale, leaves us a bit light guys, probably need a few on.

21 Mar 2024 21:57:58
Goldson has been looking very suspect for a couple of months now, very indecisive at times.

22 Mar 2024 00:32:59
Parlane, thought was sole voice but good to see another voice. I perhaps feel bit stronger because he ain't centre defence material.

22 Mar 2024 06:28:32
We have the best defensive record in the league.

22 Mar 2024 07:13:02
Aye we do Greggy, but a few are going so still needs looked at regardless.

22 Mar 2024 07:26:06
I agree with a few opinions on here, Goldson will need to settle for being a squad player, as will John Soutar, both vulnerable in the air and Connor Goldson can't seem to handle physical players. Tavs been better defensively, and Ridvan has been solid. We need two starting CBs that won't be cheap. Plus we need at least 1 CF, probably 2.I d move on Dessers, Leon King-on loan, Davies, maybe Connor Goldson too. We re pretty well sorted in midfield. Hopefully we can sign Sima, Cortez, and a top class CF. Our budget depends on winning the title, the next Old Firm game might decide it either way.

22 Mar 2024 07:57:24
Agree with most of that GersBilly, aye Tavs defensive game is way better, but he's not getting younger, if and probably a big if, Gerard really does want him, and Tavs open too it, I'd take the money n install Sterling at RB, young Devine as back up, dough for PC.

22 Mar 2024 08:03:57
Greggy so just because we have best defence in league we shouldn’t get better players in? The defence has needed work for a while now and I would also say the best defence in the league is a lot to do with having the best keeper in the league also.

22 Mar 2024 10:10:36
Storm - Agreed without Butland picking up the pieces of numerous errors at back our defence would not be top of the pops - imo only Tavs would be there next season in an ideal world but cash prob not there to replace the rest - A truly solid physical CH with pace is required to bolster our defence as have seen Goldson rag-dolled too many times this season - statistics or not I know what my eyes tell me and honestly we still need to improve in CH positions?.

22 Mar 2024 11:02:37
Parlane 61 spot on, I have also never been a fan, Yes he’s had the odd good game, But there’s always a mistake waiting to happen. ???????????.

22 Mar 2024 13:45:28
Goldson been indecisive a lot this season which has had my heart in my mouth a few times, his touch has got him into trouble a few times as well and balls over the top have cost us, we would be crazy too not be looking for someone in his position even if just too keep him on his toes, another centre back will arrive (at least one ) if we get others out the door then we leave it to Clemont to decide who will be first choice.



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