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18 Mar 2024 18:47:20
John227,if you don't mind me asking mate how did you start liking/ supporting man utd ?As you'll know anyway, a lot of rangers supporters don't like man utd mate and prefer the likes of chelsea and man city ?I know in the 70's / 80's etc man utd were liked by celtic supporters and man city were much prefered by the rangers supporters, as i honestly don't know many rangers supporters who actually like man utd ?.

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18 Mar 2024 19:18:10
Mate i found myself supporting utd yesterday, such is my hatred of Liverpool.

18 Mar 2024 20:32:05
Each to there own. There certainly a rare breed Rangers/ man u fans. The fans hate each other. Seen it when we played them champs leagus.

18 Mar 2024 21:01:10
You are right Paul. Liverpool always been my English team and the team I don’t like the most is Chelsea never been into the blues brother rubbish.

18 Mar 2024 21:29:13
Best, Law and Charlton that’s why I supported Man U as a youngster.

18 Mar 2024 21:39:55
Walter because my friend is called Alex.

18 Mar 2024 22:20:31
I said that a while ago John.

18 Mar 2024 22:34:21
Because where not all brainwashed with football politics, a was a harry redknapp fav random as fook ?liked the wheeler dealer lol from Portsmouth to Tottenham, must a been playing lma manager 2002 then seen harry kane left or right foot said he's going be amazing brothers laughed at me, he's still won **** all so probably right ?.

19 Mar 2024 00:18:26
Know a couple of Man U supporters on my supporters bus, a support any team that’s on my coupon to be fair, wouldn’t watch a game outwith Rangers unless a had a bet on it.

19 Mar 2024 02:54:33
Sir Walter

As wee boy saw gers/ city friendly long before there regeneration.

19 Mar 2024 04:35:29
The mighty Villa for me, my home team and my families team except one of my brothers who support Birmingham.

19 Mar 2024 05:30:08
ME2,i've always wondered this and with you now stating your favourite english club is aston villa along with all your family members, i'll ask you this mate. Who are aston villa more linked to, rangers or celtic ie. meaning both villa the club and the villa supporters ?.

19 Mar 2024 06:20:55
Newcastle were my english team as i loved shearer as a boy. But mike ashley ended that. Like to see arsenal and chelsea do well these days.

19 Mar 2024 06:53:19
Most English fans see Scottish football as a joke and not really into any Scottish teams.

19 Mar 2024 07:58:08
liverpool the english celtic
and these days prob more irish than celtic.

19 Mar 2024 08:49:56
Never had an English or any other team for that matter. Only one team I’ll ever care about. I’ve never really got the “my English team” thing but each to their own and all that.

19 Mar 2024 10:47:51
Villa for me too Me2, had a relative play for them so followed from there.

19 Mar 2024 13:00:17
Always been a ranger and advocate of Scottish football, nevervreally got into the over inflated English league but everyone to their own.

19 Mar 2024 14:03:27
A would disagree on Liverpool being the English Celtic 20/ 20, so would a lot of the N Ireland boys, to be fair they are supported by both sides.

19 Mar 2024 15:51:33
Arsenal for me purely down to the Yellow and Blue strip they wore in the 1971 cup final.

19 Mar 2024 16:10:22
What about The Arsenal? I'm sure I've read that Rangers had a stake in them at some point.



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