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17 Mar 2024 21:40:46
Agree that the game should be called off, but I don't know why people are saying that the game being played midweek before the old firm is detrimental, apart from closed door trials they have Livingston away to play against to get their players up to speed .
Going to spoil my posts but I would resign Roofe in a heartbeat CLASS I think that he has a manager that won't be messed about.

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17 Mar 2024 22:28:08
I've more chance of getting it on with miss world than Roofe has of getting a new contract.

17 Mar 2024 23:06:00
Heard Fijitsu was getting the royal mail contract.

18 Mar 2024 10:50:26
Class at sitting on the treatment table and taking a hefty wage.
4 goals in 2 year isn't any kind of class, it's shocking to say the least. You can have all the class in the world, if your not fit to play, means nothing.

18 Mar 2024 11:10:20
As you probably know with my username, I'm a Roofe fan, but there is not a chance he should be getting a new contract. Time for the lad to move on, with our thanks for some great memories. A sad case of what could have been if it wasn't for the injuries.

18 Mar 2024 11:45:16
Scored one of the greatest gers goals of all time. If and when he leaves, he will still have my blessing. Football is a tough sport. Some get injured, some don't. let's all bare that in mind.

18 Mar 2024 11:51:02
Hes talkin in the papers like he's here next season. Will be a disgace if he gets a new deal. Absolute wage thief. Most of his injuries are in his head.

18 Mar 2024 13:00:10
Roofe is a good player probably our best natural finisher but he has.

18 Mar 2024 13:04:09
Yes def don’t want Dundee away 3-4 days before Celtic.

Roofe surely only gets a sniff of a new deal if he contributes to a treble and signs on significantly reduced terms or a pay and play deal. Can’t see it tbh.

18 Mar 2024 14:36:00
Dundee have a chance of making the top 6 so the game will probably need to be played before the split.

18 Mar 2024 14:53:27
Hibs Saturday
Dundee Tuesday night
Celtic Sunday
3 games in 8 days after 2 weeks rest shouldn't be a problem.

18 Mar 2024 15:07:33
Think it would be Saturday Wednesday Sunday, but think the Dundee game will get played on the 10th of April.

18 Mar 2024 15:27:24
Decee have to fully agree on best goal I've ever seen live. I've told this story on here before was stuck over in Belgium for a while, when I travelled over for a family wedding. It was during C.V. and couldn't really get out house much most things closed, was absolutely demented. My uncle who was marrying Belgian girl who worked for eleven sports network asked me if I wanted to go to the game, I was so chuffed, so I actually seen it live, I was stoating around Stade Maurice Dufrasne with my we eleven sports network media badge on cheering on the boys. Brilliant night and yeah decee what a goal, couldn't believe my eyes tbh.

18 Mar 2024 16:58:09
More talk of zero hours contacts for players ?roofe will be off that’s about it.

18 Mar 2024 17:39:19
Paul86, reading between the lines mate, our manager philippe clement doesn't seem to think roofe's injury problems are in his head ?He had a successful hip operation which has seemingly made him pain free and clement has already stated he's building roofe up gradually, whereas with this painful hip problem he has rushed back before ?On his talent no striker currently at ibrox anywhere near roofe's ability ? he's a very talented striker?
Absolutely no doubt about that.

18 Mar 2024 18:31:30
No one is doubting his ability. it's his lack of game time we're all complaining about.

18 Mar 2024 18:46:22
I'm hoping Roofe can work to get match fit during the break and start against Celtic. I can't see him getting a new contract. Let's face it if he didn't have these injury problems he'd have probably moved on to a better league by now.

18 Mar 2024 18:59:03
Not anyone in saying about about Roofe ability sws, but he will not get offered another deal tho.

18 Mar 2024 20:14:44
Mark and My star in my post i cover both IE. his injuries and his ability to be fair guys ?.

18 Mar 2024 21:08:32
Walter, where do you think Roofe will end up next season? I was wandering this earlier today, and thought possibly a championship side in England might give him a contract.

19 Mar 2024 05:44:57
Difficult to say mark. Roofe should easily get a top end english championship club if he goes on to prove his hip op has cleared up most of his injury issues ? However with the way clement talks about roofe, i honestly won't be in the least bit surprised if he remains at rangers, beyond this season ?.

19 Mar 2024 06:23:03
Agree with this SWS, if his injuries are resolved, PC has said he wants to resolve roofe's issues for the longer term, don't agree with EC club getting him, if he's over his injury issues he stays imo?.

19 Mar 2024 07:36:38
I agree sir Walter. These injuries aren’t in his head. He obviously has physical issues which are seriously affecting him. I also agree he’s an excellent striker when available but unfortunately availability is the key issue. Based on his appearances not performances. I don’t think he should be offered any new contract unless he makes some sort of miraculous recovery . Its a shame because if he could have stayed fit he could have been a legend at rangers. At the end of the day though it’s up to the club and is in their hands. I’ll always remember that goal from the half way line though.



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