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17 Mar 2024 07:53:58
Roofe saying he wants to stay beyond the summer ? it would be a no from me. He just can’t stay fit.

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17 Mar 2024 10:27:10
Agreed, he is really going to struggle to find a club to take a gamble on him with his injury record.

17 Mar 2024 10:37:11
philippe clement will decide roofe's future at rangers.

17 Mar 2024 10:39:04
He must love the physio room ?.

17 Mar 2024 10:50:10
If he wants to pay us to stay then fair enough, other than that it's adios amigo.

17 Mar 2024 10:51:02
Offer him a pay when you play deal.

17 Mar 2024 11:01:39
Roofe will not get offered another contract, yes sws Clement will see to that.

17 Mar 2024 11:13:01
There is absolute zero chance he's staying.

17 Mar 2024 11:16:19
But fans can have an opinion on that coops. Just like your many posts about souttar fans can have an opinion.

Coops just like some fans wanted Beale and some fans didn’t who were right? ??.

17 Mar 2024 11:19:36
Offer him absolutely nothing.

17 Mar 2024 11:30:22
If Roofe gets another contract I will be gobsmacked. Would be financial mismanagement.

17 Mar 2024 11:39:01
I mind PC saying he wanted to get to the bottom of roofe's injuries, so we get him longer term, do u think he's sussed it? Or is it false hope?
If we could get a guaranteed 60+ minute player, then yes but pay as u play with incentive bonus, if not then no, pity cause he is a player when 100%.

17 Mar 2024 11:42:39
I know he's a skilful player, but it's a NO from me, we need fitter and younger players in next season.

17 Mar 2024 11:43:23
Pay as you play deal. If he's fit and available or injured with a new injury he gets paid. If he's sidelined for his recurring injury he doesn't get paid.

17 Mar 2024 11:54:35
Roofe must think Ibrox is a retirement home.

17 Mar 2024 12:04:55
Agree storm, his salary could be better spent.

17 Mar 2024 12:28:47
There's something badly wrong at the club if Roofe gets a new deal.

17 Mar 2024 13:52:25
All about opinions storm, just like your constant fanfare regarding dessers ?You my friend don't get much correct on here yourself with your own original posts, you jump on others for both for and against ?.

17 Mar 2024 17:16:03
If clement uses significant part of budget on roofe or Jack I will be bitterly disappointed.

17 Mar 2024 17:46:11
Coops I get a lot more than you right because you have selective memory Davies? Beale? To name
A couple ?.

I haven’t got a fanfare with dessers either that’s you wrong again he is all we have but keep it up coops as you are giving me a right laugh.

Ps you may get something right eventually.

17 Mar 2024 18:43:58
Storm, have u pissed on Walt’s chips.

18 Mar 2024 16:58:24
John I must have as he likes taking his issues out on me when others post similar to me ?.



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