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15 Mar 2024 17:44:49
Fed up hearing how dessers works his socks off. I'm 62 and would work my socks off for the team we all love. But I'd still not be anywhere near good enough to pull on the famous blue shirt. Dessers is dross, end of i'm afraid.

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15 Mar 2024 18:05:43
Aye but you’d be greeting even more if he wasn’t working his socks off?‍♂️.

15 Mar 2024 18:10:36
Yeah it’s all big bad dessers fault.
No service last night wouldn’t have mattered if we had Harry Kane playing.

15 Mar 2024 18:31:50
Duntocker we win the league with Dessers leading the line though.

15 Mar 2024 18:50:38
Don’t agree storm yes they need service but a good striker can always create something as well out of nothing, fair enough about being made a scapegoat for last night, a better striker times their runs better and gets across the defender, was teed up last night and was about three yards offside and it’s numerous times that happens, can’t blame lack of service for that.

15 Mar 2024 19:04:07
Star people don't get that?, Storm spot on bud?.

15 Mar 2024 19:08:13
Hes useless.

15 Mar 2024 19:23:59
Whether we like it or not we're depending on Dessers. Roofe certainly isn't the answer. I'm waiting on him to get injured again.

15 Mar 2024 19:45:13
I agree with you storm ? Although i don't think big dessers is the answer as our no.1 striker going forward for next season, we didn't create many chances for him last night ?The big guy gives everything for our club and i commend that and i'm certainly not one of these supporters at ibrox that calls the guy every name under the sun and that ain't called for!

15 Mar 2024 20:08:03
Boomboom, I think you're on the wrong page?.

15 Mar 2024 20:11:46
Look along the line and stay on side.

15 Mar 2024 21:05:55
Boomboom is that the sound of carter vickers hammy going again and your title hopes with it.

15 Mar 2024 21:13:41
i sick of the abuse directed at Dessers on here we know we need to look at our number nine in the future but we are where we are and should get behind him its disgusting the abuse he gets.

15 Mar 2024 21:48:07
He's worse than useless.

15 Mar 2024 23:10:58
@twacoos it's not abuse Dessers is getting it's people opinions. He is terrible let's be honest. Yes he's slightly improved but his hold up play is awful, he can't head a ball and doesn't know what offside means. He will be sold in the Summer for sure.

16 Mar 2024 07:11:48
Awful players don’t score 16 goals. It’s getting embarrassing now with some you you lot.

No one is saying he is the answer long term it’s all we have get behind him and the full team for 56.

Some of the comments are completely and utterly clueless.
Then you have boom boom ?
AS do terrible players score 16 goals and 8/ 9 assists I think not so it’s more bs from you.

16 Mar 2024 07:47:45
Dessers works hard, is always fit and smiling, good goals and assists ratio, decent pro. He misses too many blatant chances but so did Alfie. When you get so many chances, it's not often you score 4 and 5 a game. I think we'll grt better in summer but Dessers still does a job for me, he's not taking a wage for sitting in the treatment room.

16 Mar 2024 07:50:18
100% Storm, said similar yesterday, you'd have thought I'd malkied big Phil fgs, it's a joke the abuse/ opinions?‍? he gets, 16 goals not enough, give me break?.

16 Mar 2024 07:56:25
By the same token Tavs scored 14 goals, some are pens, not good enough get rid of him. Aye it is just as stupid as the abuse big Cyriel gets, oh wait for it, but he's a defender, still stupid though, as Storm suggests get behind the team fgs, a League and Cup to play for?.

16 Mar 2024 10:41:46
Fork, I agree.

16 Mar 2024 11:04:33
Absolutely on the button baz.

16 Mar 2024 11:28:56
Sakala, Colak, Arfield to name a few had very good scoring/ assists but were deemed surplus by many on here. People on here were constantly on their backs yet according to the same people its embarrassing to be on Dessers back.

16 Mar 2024 13:06:27
RTG colak can’t get a start for Parma in serie b but you would rather have him ?.

16 Mar 2024 13:07:21
Sakala I wanted to keep. Arfield hasn’t scored 16 goals for us last couple of seasons either ?

16 Mar 2024 13:54:48
To be fair stormtrooper all 3 are better players than Dessers, I don't even think that's a debate??.

16 Mar 2024 14:02:29
Who cares if he can't get a game with parma, he scored 18 goals for us. That's your argument for Dessers, 16 goals for us.

16 Mar 2024 14:41:26
Liked wee Scotty???.



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