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19 Feb 2024 14:40:57
A few off us did say he would be sacked before the end of the season.

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19 Feb 2024 15:02:40
Says a lot about him as a manager. Twice in a row.

19 Feb 2024 15:36:16
He was never managerial material.

19 Feb 2024 16:25:07
He’s simply not a manager, at best a coach.

19 Feb 2024 16:26:46
I take no pleasure in it personally, the only positive is that it was just us who were fooled by him, think he should go back to coaching, he's like Steve Mclaren, very good coach, bang average manager.

19 Feb 2024 16:31:10
And a few of us broke the story of how beale treated players and were ridiculed eh!

19 Feb 2024 16:31:32
Could This be Verdant Abyss returning to the page?! a lot of time on his hands again. ?.

19 Feb 2024 18:40:53
Gofor have a day off still haven’t ever showing any proof of that.

19 Feb 2024 19:09:20
Superb post Bazbear and the correct way to describe and define michael beale mate ?.

19 Feb 2024 19:47:01
Ur right Simba he was a respected coach and that’s what he is a coach, was thinking today our directors come in for a bit of stick but sacking Beale when they did and employing Clement fairy quickly could be a master stroke in our season.

20 Feb 2024 00:22:58
Storm does John ever get asked for proof does he reveal source?


It's seems he's allowed to be critical of others but nobody allowed to be critical of him even when he's dead wrong.

Do you not think sakala Nd colak interviews prove my story without me having to say who told me.

20 Feb 2024 07:01:26
A good reporter doesn't reveal his source, just depends if you are a good reporter?.

20 Feb 2024 07:03:38
Not sure what it says about our club when fans jump with joy when a former manager is unsuccessful.

IMO, Glasgow Rangers are bigger than that.

20 Feb 2024 10:10:00
It might just be me again but are people looking to point score, or take offence because he says that and he says this, its rumours n banter and sometimes deception for a laugh, (got caught out by Mark44 yesterday, the swine?) . Our teams doing well chill guys, if u have a beef say your piece n leave it at that, don't skate around it thru a 3rd party.

20 Feb 2024 12:24:12
Gofor not once did u deliver proof, oh Walter one asked if he could reveal my source who he imagines he knows.

20 Feb 2024 12:25:34
Ps gofor I’m often wrong, and hold up my hands

Glad I’m still in your tiny brain,
U did have a small win as I no longer post our targets.



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