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31 Jan 2024 13:10:37
Very excited here to see what management have up their sleeve. Obviously the league is of the utmost importance, but The Europa League is a close second with the prestige and Wealth it brings. Can we perform without a serious finisher . In my opinion, no. I wait with high expectations to see how PC takes us to a completely different level . Our defence is still Iffy but Lunny and Sterling are fast becoming fixer uppers. Midfield seems to be ticking along and attack minded wide men seem to have been addressed. That one position is still to be addressed as "Nice one Cyriel" is still not the quality required or maybe won't even be here according to the Rag. so we wait to see what Big Phil and Nils have up their sleeves. Maybe think about it this way. how would we do against Liverpool if we drew them with what we have right now? scary thought eh?

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31 Jan 2024 13:16:33
Think we sign another cf deecee, but my personal point of view we win this league anyway.

31 Jan 2024 14:07:33
I’m no sure star in the sky, I completely respect what you’re saying but the difference was laid bare to me in the last old firm game. They have Koyogo one chance he scored, same at Ibrox. Dessers 5 chances you might get a goal.

I really want us to beat them next time, and I think we could put a few past hart- but we need someone to score not freeze. I think we’re a better organised side than them- they just have more of a threat. That’s just my take on it, people may disagree but I’d like a striker but I’m starting to think we won’t, deals are taking longer than I thought to get over the line. If it’s Oscar today are we really going to get Jefte and a striker that no one knows over the line by tomorrow night. I hope I’m wrong. If big Phil pulls something out the bag, it will be epic.

31 Jan 2024 14:16:03
Celtic will drop more points to others club MrRangers, can't see them getting a point at Ibrox.

31 Jan 2024 14:22:17
How many goals Kyogo scored this season mr rangers he must be on 30 if he scores every chance he gets.

31 Jan 2024 14:39:27
Very much agree Mr Rangers we do need a striker that is clinical and can take that one chance instead of the multiple chances. That’s the difference. I also believe Diamonde will bring that balance we have been crying out for across our midfield. Him and an inform Raskin are going to be a dynamic duo going forward.

31 Jan 2024 14:41:52
Storm scored less than Dessers mate, can only blame Rodgers set up, he looked like a different player last season.

31 Jan 2024 14:56:40
If we can somehow sign either michy batshuayi or kevin denkey, we'll win the league imo, simple as ?.

31 Jan 2024 15:14:03
What Mr Rangers means is Kyogo is more CLINICAL than any of our current forwards. You are deluded if you think otherwise ??????.

31 Jan 2024 15:17:40
I'd be astounded if we don't sign a striker before tomorrow night, take away whether anyone thinks dessers is good enough or not (I dont) but let's say he gets a bad injury against livingston on Saturday and misses 2 or 3 months, we would be down to silva and lovelace with the long term injuries to danilo, sima and roofe, there's surely no way clement takes a chance like that.

31 Jan 2024 16:09:32
That’s my point Mystar yes Kyogo has scored against us but isn’t scoring every chance he gets like some think.

31 Jan 2024 16:13:40
So long as we don't lose more players to injury I believe that we are in a good place. Of course it would be nice to bring in a top quality striker that can score goals at all levels but these guys are few and far between and generally expensive.
Midfield and attack, assuming that all the signings in the pipeline go through before close of business 1/ 2, then we are ok. My concern is more in respect of our defence, in particular, centre back. Goldson is missed when he is not playing, so is Balogun. Davies is not an option and Souttar has a lot of developing to do to be the quality we need.

31 Jan 2024 16:30:21
More clinical that's debating this season gaz, he's missed as many sitters as Dessers this season.

31 Jan 2024 16:55:30
SPFL this season.
Dessers 8 goals in 19 matches
Kyogo 8 goals in 23 matches
Dessers 15% goal conversion
Kyogo 14% goal conversion
Dessers goal every 154 minutes played
Kyogo goal every 201 minutes played
Facts don’t lie - Dessers is more clinical than Kyogo this season so far.
No delusion required?.

31 Jan 2024 16:58:03
There is no comparison between Kyogo and Dessers unfortunately. Kyogo is the better player. With Big Ange going to Spurs he has lost his way a bit this season but on form and as hard as this is to admit he’s the best player in Scotland. Even off form he has made the difference in both old firms this season. We need a player of his calibre. Denkey ticks all the boxes I would love to sign him ??.

31 Jan 2024 17:57:59
He isn’t more clinical this season tho stats prove that at this moment so who’s delusional?

31 Jan 2024 18:16:35
Kyogo is a better player than Dessers you should be embarrassed if you think otherwise. It doesn’t matter what stats you post cause if we were going on stats we would have won the champions league under Michael Beale.

Correct Carluke Kyogo is the best in Scotland. Finally someone that has sense ????????.

31 Jan 2024 18:44:20
Seriously some of you are trying to make a case for dessers over kyogo? kyogo is having a dip after 2 seasons of being their best player, dessers has done nothing really, ability wise there is no comparison, if those 2 had swapped jerseys before the 2 old firm games this season we would have won both games comfortably.

31 Jan 2024 19:11:26
Jack Kyogo problem this season is Rodgers, he's not the same player this season, stats above prove this.

31 Jan 2024 19:54:50
Not one poster is trying to say Dessers is a better player than kyogo, Jack, but kyogo isn't the same player this season under Rodgers, not that I've seen it but been told he doesn't touch the ball nearly enough, it's clearly the way Rodgers (elite manager?) has them set up.

31 Jan 2024 20:16:20
Yes, it's the way they are playing that doesn't suit him but we would all swap them in a heartbeat given the chance, and despite what the stats say if you asked me now would kyogo or dessers be more likely to fire their team to the title then unfortunately there's only one winner.

31 Jan 2024 21:27:59
Changing the narrative to suit your argument?
Everyone knows Kyogo has been the best striker in Scotland since he arrived.
That wasn't the question.
This season so far, Dessers has been more clinical.

31 Jan 2024 22:09:37
Yep he's been absolutely deadly when scoring against morton, dumbarton, Dundee, motherwell and St mirren, kyogos been right off it scoring 2 winners against us in 2 games, against lazio, atletico madrid and goals at tynecastle and pittodrie, you can twist the stats an way you like, dessers isn't in the same class as kyogo whether it's this season or any other one, but feel free to come on at the end of the season when we win the league thanks to dessers goals and I'll hold my hands up to being wrong.



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