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09 Jun 2024 22:04:36
Looking at the history of kadabayi hope iv spelt his name correct he's missed 260 days injured in 2 years is he worth the risk at a reported 1.5m? We need guys who've shown the resilience to play in a tough league and can't afford players missing through injury.

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09 Jun 2024 23:39:44
Not another one, will we never learn?

10 Jun 2024 00:21:56
There was an expert about the player on the Rangers Review yesterday. He said this player is not a great dribbler, passer, or creator. Apparently he plays on the left, likes to cut in on to his stronger right foot, and have a shot.

10 Jun 2024 01:31:32
Clearly Scouts and analysts at the club see something that is useful to the team. Maybe he's very direct and runs inbehind like sima did who knows. let's see what he's like before we take random opinions from people.

10 Jun 2024 05:33:18
Clearly but look at allthe previous guys we have signed souter for one, roofe for two Aerondonn
We have a terrible history with these injured guys we should leave some of these long out injured alone too risky mate

I honestly think they come then it's too do with the plastic pitch or something, cause our injury list was terrible past few seasons n well too many out long term

N I know folk get injured but another where old strains ext reignited, we need proven players with a decent track pedigree not guys with injury lists we hope will work out we keep getting burned with this.

10 Jun 2024 05:42:38
I don’t know a thing about the lad and wouldn’t judge a ball on a video clip, 7 caps for the under 20’s is an impressive stat though? I’d expect the Germans to have a lot of people competing at that level. The finished 2nd in the group league twice to Italy and he played the first have against France in March.

Let’s not forget where we are right now, this guy really is ticking a lot of boxes for us.

10 Jun 2024 05:53:13
It's such a difficult market Aerondonn I get why as it can really pay off and because sometimes it's how too get those guys cheap is the risk, with previous injuries profiles, but recently I think we have just been struck with way too many injuries,

10 Jun 2024 06:43:10
Of course guys we have to totally trust clement and koppen, if it is indeed kabadayi the german winger we sign over mofokeng and adama traore ? Because if we do sign kabadayi, i can't see us also signing the other two wingers in mofokeng and traore, that we're allegedly very interested in signing, so it will be one from three there ?I know the very reliable CoplandFront5 said last week that it would be mofokeng we'd be signing and i certainly wouldn't doubt his info, so we'll just have to wait and see what pans out here ?.

10 Jun 2024 06:54:03
“we need proven players with a decent track pedigree” - Times have changed. We cannot afford to go out and buy the finished article anymore.

10 Jun 2024 08:02:42
I hope we get mofokeng few teams looking at him
The boy from bayern him and sorted for wingers is a decent start in the window

I would hope we get the Belgian been let go from Brighton alzate on a free also but not sure if he has signed for anyone yet.

10 Jun 2024 08:16:31
Was meant to say Columbian.

10 Jun 2024 08:46:59
Agree Michael, mentioned Alzate thru the week, hope we're keeping tabs on him bud.

10 Jun 2024 09:02:43
Soutter has done ok with injuries at rangers.

10 Jun 2024 10:38:24
Times might have changed generic but doesn't mean we need too buy players with major injury lists roofe, souter, guys brought in on a whim on massive wages, n played next too no games, harsh as it is its a business not a charity for injured players, at one point we had 13
That's 13 first team players out
6 long term
Jack to name a couple
It's not feasible or financially sustainable n ends up costing us points n on the park

10 Jun 2024 10:46:20
Raskin I like the guy, but he had an issue when we signed him, n wasn't long before he was out,
Many folk questioned this at the time n there was even questioned at the agm as too why we where signing injured players

I know it's all risks n sometimes it pays off

But surely somdy must pick these things up as past few seasons we have had a he'll of a time with injury n re injuries

No point buying guys too warm a physios chair.

10 Jun 2024 10:53:29
I'm not trying too p anyone off I just say what I see right or wrong, we all support our team

It's just frustrating when we have guys on massive wages that can't play

And surely there has too be a reason why so many players have reaccourance of injuries, DO we think it is pitch related, ? plastic
Cause at one point a lot of teams had over 7 first team players out.

10 Jun 2024 10:55:48
Prob cost us title this year tbf.



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