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08 May 2024 10:00:16
This rumour concerning Pat McNair doesn’t seem to be going away. In the Belfast Telegraph newspaper that Rangers are interested along with an Italian side and a few others. No talks have taken place it says.

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08 May 2024 11:27:12
McNair is not better quality at all

From Bassey and Sterling I think they will be looking at talented academy players ready for first team up here.

08 may 2024 11:39:13
ive wanted mcnair fir a while, great young player and a true bluenose i'm told, he could prosper here and bring the pride back to our dressing room.

08 May 2024 12:18:48
He’s 29 mate.

08 May 2024 12:30:56
I posted weeks ago that we had already opened discussions with McNair and McBurnie and if you want experience and a Rangers heart or two in the dressing room, this pair fit the bill well. They can't all be kids with transfer potential, you know.

08 may 2024 12:51:27
well he was a great young player when i wanted him.

08 may 2024 12:53:00
absolutely hubby, too many caught up in the “ buy to sell” business

all good and well but we need winners too, a rangers soul in the dressing room and fighters on the pitch, not all kids with potential.

08 May 2024 13:19:31
TT/ Hubby The correct blend of both is required- experience with club at heart and also youth to progress - don't think many on here would want 11 buy to sell players - but our buying profile over last how many seasons has been dire so hopefully we will see the correct balanced change.

08 May 2024 14:23:46
TT is about 110?, everyone is young.

08 may 2024 14:25:36
every club needs a balance to succeed, but there are quite a few on here who instantky jump at the age thing when a player is mentioned, at rangers there's a double edged sword, where we must buy, sell to prosper but win trophies at the same time, its been too long since we were winning regularly, so getting the correct talent and winning mentality is now crucial, then we can diverse and look to make money, but winning is the priority first and firemost.

08 May 2024 14:40:28
Never an issue bringing in some older heads but we have a few too many already and we could do with younger/ hungry players. If a few of the older guys leave then no issue bringing in a Mcnair as a squad option.

08 May 2024 14:40:59
Agree TT need stability first, then kick on with future prospects.

08 May 2024 14:57:08
McNair should be nowhere ibrox just another journey man and couldn’t care less who he supported. Aw that he supported rangers is just utter nonsense. I just want good players.

08 May 2024 15:33:18
A journey man that has only played for Man utd, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

08 may 2024 15:36:11
erm, you believe its “ utter nonsense”, personally i like boys with a rangers background.

nobody ever said it's a must, but we have had many genuine legends brought up as rangers people.

it matters a lot to me and millions more.

08 May 2024 16:00:43
As well as young up and coming quality players we will need a nucleus of proven players with a solid track record and a winning mentality. Whether McNair fits that definition I don't know but we need to get away from the serial losers that have been at Rangers for too long now.

We need players with the mentality of Butcher, Gough, Roberts, Hurlock etc., that would die for the jersey and not scared to get stuck in for the jersey. If we can get someone with the right qualities and they happen to be Rangers minded, then I see that as an added benefit.

08 May 2024 16:10:36
McNair is a level below what we currently have and what's already not good enough.

08 May 2024 16:24:03
Agree 100% Tom we need a few Rangers men in our team.

08 May 2024 16:26:25
Journey man? He’s only had 3 clubs and correct me if am wrong, has he not just left Middlesbrough after 4 years?

08 May 2024 17:41:16
TT - were those players that Gio then Beale brought in not meant be winners too? if not why did why did we buy them - crap research comes to mind? Basically most of the buys have been extremely poor with no real desire or hunger about them- that is where the problem is and then when added to a nucleus of serial losers over last 5/ 6 seasons we have our Rangers team - most cared for cash rather than trophies and just like Man Utd at present it is not always the big name or costly players who add to your team - they have spent 10s of millions and still look disjointed and weak just like us- Fergie knew that by having a Roy Keane or Stam or Scholes or McGrath or Bruce - (guys who hated to lose full stop even in friendlies) - Who do we have that hates to lose (apart from us fans) ? Totally agree with players you mention BB- we need some seriously bad losers in our squad/ team ASAP.

08 may 2024 19:23:09
sorry floyd, i didn't get why that points aimed at me, i don't know if you agree with me or not.

we need people to fight for our club, being rangers family is a massive help in that, nobody says it's a prerequisite, but it's a great bonus.

09 May 2024 12:55:18
I believe if we sign Mcnair he will be Lundstram replacement in the middle of the park, he has some dig in there and we missed that badly missed for some time, also uses the ball very well, been interested in him his full career, good player massive bluenose.



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