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20 Nov 2023 18:01:52
Apparently McCausland signing a 3yr deal.

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20 Nov 2023 20:23:35
Fingers crossed or he be off in the summer for £300,000 development fee.

20 Nov 2023 21:11:12
Hope he does and then get, Lowry, Ishaka, Rice and King so that we start to build a much better route from academy to 1st team and then for sale in the mould of Ajax etc.

20 Nov 2023 21:14:02
Still an issue with first team appearances.

20 Nov 2023 21:17:30
Aye great. I see Brentford are sniffing about to get him on a deal.

20 Nov 2023 21:27:25
Did rice not sign a longer term deal over a month ago? I’m sure he did.
Think king also signed one last year.

Agree though get them all tied down and blood them in.

20 Nov 2023 22:04:58
I genuinely don’t see us bringing a winger in come Jan.

If we play 4241

The wide positions are going to be cantwell (Mcausland)
On right and sima (Matondo) on left.
Still have Scott wright as an option, Lawrence can play on left and Infact might even be ahead of Matondo, dowell can play on the right aswell.
Both them are more central minded players though.

So are we really going to bring in another winger for sake of 6 months?
Who do we move on?
We need to move on dowell and wright in summer.
Sign replacement for sima.
See how cantwell does on the right but that’s where clement wants him for now.

In terms of striker if we can’t move dessers on in January I don’t see us signing anyone either, Roofe won’t leave til summer so we don’t have a lot of space or free wages.

It’s difficult to see where new signings fit in without moving a good few out.

20 Nov 2023 23:09:01
If full teams fit then we have a decent side
Lawrence is brilliant when fully fit
Wright has looked a diff player under Clement albeit a few games
There's a player in matonda imo but again he needs to be fit and get a run of games
Rice wil b amazing
Mcausland if he keeps getting games will only get better
Lowry I think will turn out good
Lovelace will be a great player also
This is only my opinion but can definitely build the team around some good players.

20 Nov 2023 23:36:33
I’m really excited about rice, I think he could be a smashing player, maybe the best we’ve produced since Barry.

I hate to compare them because of his name but it’s not because of that, I think he could be really similar to Declan rice. The fact he’s left footed would bring great balance to mf.

I’d hope to see him break into the first team properly next season, he’ll be 18 this time next year and that’s when I think he will burst onto the scene properly.

Clement loves playing youth.
He brought through tchoumeni at Monaco at a similar age and look at him now.

The world is Bailey rice’ oyster if he applies himself under this manager.

He had.

21 Nov 2023 03:47:26
If Mcausland want guaranteed game time the it’s time to say by no player at rangers should get guaranteed game time I’m sure that’s why SG got rid of windass as he sayed all players need to fight for there position in the starting 11 each week the way it should be.

21 Nov 2023 06:33:13
A loan to buy might make sense for sima replacement would be good to get his position sorted before start of following season.

Very little chance sima staying.

21 Nov 2023 06:43:05
I'm sure his game time demands are pretty small he's not stupid there's something wrong if we can't give promising young players some promises regarding playing time.

It could be he can walk for a certaiñ fee if game time not met it's better to keep him and try play him than not


Perfect example these players could save us a fortune and make us a fortune after a few years just by giving them a proper chance like we would anyone else.

21 Nov 2023 06:43:29
Our attitude to young players needs changed.

21 Nov 2023 08:55:26
Rice extended to May 26. Stevie.

21 Nov 2023 08:56:57
Gofor Gilmour left the second he could, on 16 birthday.
How could he get game time.

21 Nov 2023 10:07:14
Gilmour camera from a good solid family and I think he took their advice to go down south and secure his financial future rather than rot away in rangers youth teams and poss be released.

Was he not gave some crazy wage like 10k a week?

Fair play to the lad, not many could/ would knock that back.

21 Nov 2023 10:17:19
Stevie can u tell us how he was to rot in rangers youth teams. He consistently played for the academy.

21 Nov 2023 11:22:35
John, Rangers haven’t a great record with young players at the moment, Patterson, but who else has been given a chance really? Maybe what we have just aren’t good enough?

21 Nov 2023 11:29:52
Because every other player before or after him never got the chance, we’ve had plenty of players who have been highly thought of who just weren’t given the chance. with the exception of who? Barry and Alan Hutton?

Something we have all agreed is youth just isn’t given the chance at rangers, so does he go down south and mix it up with the very best youngsters around and collect a handsome wage for his troubles it does he take the chance of being left in the youths and fading into obscurity like so many more before him, and since.
Easy decision for the lad, as I said he’s from a good family and they advised him well imo, look at him now.

From someone who watches the youths John I’d think u would be one of the first to agree that our youth players aren’t given a chance in the first team.
Certainly not upto this stage.

Even Patterson was forced by tavs injury or he likely would be another Devine, someone u have personally said is more highly thought of than Patterson was.
Look at him.

21 Nov 2023 12:10:58
Really rate the lad Devine, but rarely gets a chance. Be great to see him, Rice, King and Mccausland break through into the first team soon. Hopefully Clement and team work really hard with the youngsters this year to get them fully ready to start next season.

21 Nov 2023 12:51:56
Apparently Devine was held in higher regard than Patterson but looks like his development has stalled.

21 Nov 2023 13:53:10
wait a minute so are we saying play the young lads even if they aren't better than who is playing. that's just nonsense. imagine losing the game because we had some young lad playing and it cost us, what noise do you think would come from the stands that day.
if they are good enough they will break their way into the team. no manager would not play a good young player just because he is young.

21 Nov 2023 15:16:56
John he left because there was no clear route in the rangers team.

It's so obvious

I know you always like to use the party line but come on.

What we do with mcausland and Lowry will dictate what happens with a lot of our other youth we need to send a message that there is a path to first team.

Look at devine come in played well out of his more natural position when covering for barasic and we didn't lose a game when he played and he was dropped as soon as barasic was fit.

And hasn't really had many chances since.

21 Nov 2023 15:21:06
Geesadodothat NO! Again another person who reads one thing and makes up stuff in head

We could be losing mcausland for development fee 300-350k

I'm saying even if we put in a release clause in his contract say 600k that if he doesn't get the amount of games or game time say 10-15 games then he's free to find a club for that fee

Better than losing him for 350k and never finding out if he's good enough.

21 Nov 2023 15:22:14
So managers don't refuse to play players because they won't sign a new deal ????

Now who's being silly

Sure that doesn't happen eh! ?.

21 Nov 2023 15:23:59
Just because we give him a contract that states game time doesn't mean he gets it.

Protecting the club a little and maximise potential fee if we are to lose a full international player after he's now played for Northern Ireland he will have no shortage of admirers.

21 Nov 2023 15:48:33
Stevie the discusses around Gilmour that was the question

He left the second he could he did not want to be at rangers

Could not play in lowland leaguee too young could not play I. League cup too young could not play in spfl too young

Re others obviously clement also does not think the r ready or he would play them

Gofor u r correct re players not being played, Wilson never got games for b team as he was not signing a new deal.

21 Nov 2023 16:31:13
John, I was thinking of Wilson yesterday. any idea how he's doing at Villa?

21 Nov 2023 16:37:38
Also think it's funny how we are not willing to give these guys a chance yet teams that play in premier league seria A and the like are even though they play at a higher level surely we are big enough within our own league to start with at least one youth player a game or every second game.

There is this thing that you can do to change it if not playing well

5 subs ?.

21 Nov 2023 16:45:26
Dunno if we can take the credit for rice's development, did we not get him from Motherwell.

21 Nov 2023 17:37:30
Felt I answered that question pretty well John.

Gave u examples as to why that was a strong possibility.

Youth didn’t and doesn’t get a chance at rangers.

Obviously Billy felt that could’ve happened to him, and going by past experience of most youth players that’s a good indicator.

What part of my answer doesn’t suit the question John?

21 Nov 2023 18:01:24
Mark, seems to be doing fantastic. More goals than games something like 14 in 11 games

Scored Scotland under 19 Saturday. At least one assist today. Not sure final score.
This lad has it all

Baz yes re rice, however as a 16 year old he will be further developed by rangers.

21 Nov 2023 19:35:18
As I recall, we tried to play Gilmour and were told that he had to be over 16 before he could play in the SPFL, he then left for Chelsea rather than sign a pro deal with us . Not slagging the boy but he was prepared to play a couple of years in Chelsea`s under age sides but not in ours, its obvious the main factor was money and that's fair enough, everyone wants to earn the best wages possible. After Lampard left he hardly featured for Chelsea and even at Brighton it took a good while before Di Zerbi picked him . If he had stayed with Rangers he could have been a first team regular during that time, we`ll never know . I have no problem with why he left but it certainly wasn`t because he didn`t get a chance, he didn`t wait long enough to find out.

21 Nov 2023 20:35:09
On the button Wsl, was not even allowed to play in lowland league as he was only 15.

21 Nov 2023 22:03:13
Had Gilmour stayed I honesty think his career would have been further advanced by now.



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