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07 Dec 2023 12:50:24
Nail biting stuff again last night but vital 3 points. Ridvan did well and even Sterling looked solid when he came on at left back. Surely back pass Barisic can't get picked again as someone on here said he has too much scar tissue. If Scotland can play a fullback on the other side of the park in international football surely big Sterling could play if Ridvan isn't fit. Young Mcausland a breath of fresh air but I'd love to see him beat the man and hit the byline more often.

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07 Dec 2023 13:28:41
Bt1958 said the exact same thing last night re mcausland always cuts inside he needs to keep opposition guessing as to which way he is gona go. Loving the we man all the same.

07 Dec 2023 13:28:52
Ridvan was average last night is not the answer imo for LB if we expect to progress and Barasic has a far better delivery and final ball than the small Turk so it is one KEY position that is in need of repair should we end up left with Ridvan in there at end of season as our 1st choice?.

07 Dec 2023 13:33:33
Been very impressed with McCausland brings different things and has an eye of a pass, said my opinion on Yilmaz many times talented footballer, think Sterling would do well at dcm, think BB should be sold in January.

07 Dec 2023 13:45:04
Thought ridvan was poor. Lucky if he made 50% sucessful passes in that 1st half. And missed 2 sitters 2nd half.

07 Dec 2023 14:12:15
Two sitters Paul he scored the first one it would be a tremendous finish and he was a couple of inches away from doing it.

07 Dec 2023 15:01:24
Ridvan should play right up to the window then get him sold. Doig hasn't featured much since returning from injury so let's get him back to Scotland and playing. He has played lw as well as lb and done well.

07 Dec 2023 15:28:44
Sorry but Ridvan wouldn't look out of place in Snow Whites seven a side team - another waste of big cash from us and one who likes time out through ripped tights too - if true that teams want him then imo sell and replace with bigger and better.

07 Dec 2023 16:13:16
Thought Ridvan had a decent game. Much better than Borna has been for the last year. We know Borna has the ability to cross etc but his delivery of recent has been terrible.

And yes Ridvan isn't the answer but he's a better option at the moment and surely we will focus on goal scorers in the window rather than a LB.

Sterling looks a good player and that was out of position also.

Sima went missing in second half and i felt was rather poor, except for the goal which again was on a plate for him.

07 Dec 2023 16:31:12
I'd look to sell Yilmaz.

07 Dec 2023 16:55:51
Vastly overrated imo.

07 Dec 2023 17:23:24
But my star he's failed to hit the target with either.

07 Dec 2023 17:27:15
Mystar not easy to sell a player that can sign a pre contract with another club.

But if we can get a fee then I agree.

07 Dec 2023 17:50:10
Yilmaz had a good game last night folk just like to abuse him they need a scapegoat.

07 Dec 2023 19:29:09
Sell Yilmaz and keep Sterling as Barisic or a new left backs cover. Yilmaz was okay last night but his positioning is poor and his crossing style is just to hit it as hard as he can whenever he gets the chance.

07 Dec 2023 20:23:38
Yilmaz done OK, but I was impressed with Sterling when he came on, thought Lundstrum was good again. What I did like was seeing it out, the amount of chances we missed I really thought it was going to come back to bite us, good 3 points.

08 Dec 2023 00:12:36
Saw a pic on FB earlier that its 22 years since numan was plying his trade at Ibrox, what we'd give for a lb of his quality nowadays.



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