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06 Jun 2024 14:05:02
Chasni, CCV isn't 6ft n he strolls it up here. We don't need everyone ro be over 6ft .

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06 Jun 2024 14:41:16
He's Just above 6ft mate, but get what you're saying.

06 Jun 2024 15:41:53
Was going to say that my star, see him quite regularly in kelvin Grove park walking my dog, he walks his dog in there, a wee chow-chow, I'm 6 foot he's definitely a little taller than me mate.

06 Jun 2024 16:18:22
Gold star for my star, he finally gets something correct ?.

06 Jun 2024 17:08:42
Storm lol at you man.

06 Jun 2024 17:31:50
Mystar who would be your pick of the bunch from the players we are getting linked with?

06 Jun 2024 17:58:09
Never seen most of them linked on here boy blue.

06 Jun 2024 18:12:24
A quick Goolge reveals CCV is 6 foot, a tag over.

06 Jun 2024 18:18:33
Boy blue who do you fancy mate?

06 Jun 2024 18:21:12
He’s also built and incredibly athletic I want a CB over 6ft and feel it’s needed in our league and an advantage on both boxes - no small CB’ for me please and I mean 6ft CB’s ??????.

06 Jun 2024 18:44:35
Mystar same mate, no idea either I've heard of Rrahmani but had a quick swatch at his stats, not very good. The rest all quite young.

06 Jun 2024 20:50:01
Boy blue i just had a look at him because i was just told good chance of him signing,30 games 19 goals 5 assists that's not bad mate.

06 Jun 2024 22:43:27
Pc wants rrhami. On a list of three.

06 Jun 2024 23:53:56
He will need to score 30+ here for some fans to be happy.

07 Jun 2024 07:16:07
History shows us that we had some good strikers in the past that didn’t score 30 goals a season, but did score enough and done it when it mattered, also were good team players.
Kenny Miller springs to mind, under Walter scored important goals and took his moments in big games.
In three of four years at that timed scored in total around 45 to 50 goals.
I’d settle for a goal return similar to that as long as he was a good striker, hopefully goals would be spread across the team.

07 Jun 2024 08:46:51
That is decent mystar, i was looking at wrong Rrahmani. ? was looking at the cb Rrahmani, scored about 6 goals in 3 years.

Storm why shouldn't we as fans expect our striker to get around 30? 20 odd in league another 10 in cups and Europe?

We all put our league down as it is poor, so if we are paying between 5-6 million for a striker, why not? Lbh with a bit of luck Cyril could have scored over 30, honestly believe he could this season given the chance.

07 Jun 2024 09:01:26
So in that train of thought, Dessers, if he continues in the twenties (22), he'd score 66 or 88 based on your 3 or 4 years, is that as good as Miller? But he isn't gd enough, strange.

07 Jun 2024 09:49:13
He’s not good enough in my opinion to lead us to the title, your entitled to yours, most will disagree with you.

07 Jun 2024 10:24:02
Who isn't good enough trueblue?

07 Jun 2024 11:34:16

07 Jun 2024 13:40:54
Then your logic is flawed, but as you say its your opinion, fair do. ?.

07 Jun 2024 14:56:04
Agree trueblue, don't want him leading our line incase he misses many more, but with a little luck and given the chance he could get 30 imo. My reason for thinking this is he's never injured, got left out a few games last season, took time to find his feet, don't think he would this time around, always gets in good positions, knows the league better.
Ronald deboer got him spot on, sometimes your like wow with him, others times frustrates the life out you, so true!



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