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31 May 2024 07:54:50
Ive read the Rumours regarding Philips and Vardy. Philips currently on 150 grand a week. Vardy rumour more believable .

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31 May 2024 08:34:51
I'd take Vardy. would score for fun in the spl.

31 May 2024 08:57:21
Always liked vardy, mark. love his rags to riches story as well, his missus does my nut in though.

31 May 2024 09:09:07
Wrexham are looking at vardy.

31 May 2024 09:15:01
Man City have said they will pay Phillips wages during loan deal. I think they're trying to get him back on track playing regular football with a view to selling on next season. As for Vardy, just don't tell his missus anything in confidence. Lol.

31 May 2024 10:13:48
The same Vardy who said Rangers were a 'new club' after a Rangers fan congratulated him.

31 May 2024 11:03:08
There’s 0 chance of Philips coming to Rangers if Man City are going to pay wages there will be plenty EPL sides after him, and Vardy is 37 I’d pass on him aswell top player in his day but he’s not what we should be looking at.

31 May 2024 11:47:39
This is pure fantasy. Why is this even being discussed? Pure pie in the sky!

31 May 2024 12:04:11
Was Defoe pie in the sky?

31 May 2024 12:46:29
Vardy has lost his biggest asset speed, he’s a counter attacking forward so pretty unlikely to flourish in Scotland be as effective as Ian Wright.

31 May 2024 12:48:35
Baxter I would rather have Defoe than vardy.

31 May 2024 12:55:14
Like Vardy don’t think playing against a low block every week would get best out of him, do not think we will be going down that route of age and weekly wage either.

31 May 2024 12:59:19
37 year old jamie Vardy? Folk don't want Shankland but would take a 37 year old instead. Shankland would also score for fun in the SPL.

31 May 2024 13:55:30
Me too mate.

31 May 2024 14:49:25
Neither Vardy nor Phillips coming to us complete nonsense.

31 may 2024 15:19:43
correct tel.

31 May 2024 19:00:23
Mark44 seriously you didn’t go there ?

You know how many times people have said that recently on English league players

For one caddy is more comfortable in a counter attacking team when are we going to get chance to counter spl teams that sit ten men behind ball

Also same was said of several flops from down south in last 10 years.



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