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13 May 2024 19:27:15
The board spent about 13-14 million last year i think, they will need to spend maybe 20-25 million this year. Do we have that kind of money to even match what we spent last year and I'm sure I read that 3.5 million of any money is already spent on diamonde. Someone wrote a week or 2 ago about a budget that we have for next season was that just for transfer fees? Does that include the freed up wages from out of contract players? We are going to need a minimum of at least 9/ 10 players.

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13 May 2024 20:07:51
25m is a minimum for this summer. Going to have to try and sell as much of the dross as possible and hood the smaller fees accumulate. 1-3m for the likes of Tav, Goldson, Davies, dowell, Lawrence, Hagi, lammers should all be sold and then cantwell, Yilmaz and Dessers should be sold too and a think you could get a bit more for they 3 at maybe 3-5m. I’m being generous with how much I think we can get for some of these guys. Depressing.

13 may 2024 20:08:35
thank god we didn't spend all those millions in January then eh.

13 May 2024 20:31:32
We spent just shy of 16m, but brought in over 13m, our total spent was 3.45m.

13 May 2024 20:56:34
I think our current squad is around 32 players.

Assuming we do not renew any of the 6 out of contract players and 2 of our loan players - that's already 25% of the squad to replace.

Add to that returning loanees who we will need to re-home, Hagi, Cifuentes and Lammers.

We then have the growing list of player the majority seem to want to move one - Tav, Goldson, Davies, Dowell, Cantwell, Matondo, Wright and Dessers - now 50% of the squad.

All to be delivered within the new enhanced finance regulations. awch!

13 May 2024 21:03:20
1 of the guys who predicted early last summer butland was coming has said there's a deal agreed for us to receive up to 20m to sell him also if you add 3m for lammers as well as wages saved that's nearly 25m now I do t know the lad who said about butland but i've seen a post from may saying he'd sign so let's wait.

13 May 2024 21:10:02
We spent 21 million last summer.

13 May 2024 22:10:32
It doesn't all need to be cash transactions. There are some very good Bosmans out there that would definitely improve our Team if our Board has the ability to support the management team to bring them in. The wages would be high but that would be a monthly spend as opposed to an immediate capital outlay.

14 May 2024 00:25:56
I think we will have a healthy Budget if we can get Fees for McRorie, Goldson, Lammers, Cifuentes, Hagi, Cantwell, Dowell, Lawrence, Davies, Wright and Matondo. Should bring in £15 Million (wishful thinking) . Also, Lundstrum and Roofe will free up wages.

14 may 2024 00:28:28
some people think we couldn't afford a half pound of sausages in january


14 May 2024 08:25:42
EHL lundstram Roofe Barisic leaving on frees will give us a lot of wages to play with all 3 on big money. The financial restrictions don’t affect us as much as people make out just an excuse for the board when they don’t spend what’s required.

14 May 2024 09:13:59
Some of our best signings have been Bosmans.

14 May 2024 09:16:40
EHL. Relax. We do not need a squad of 32 players

3 goalkeepers
8 defenders
6 midfielders
6 Forwards

Round it up to 25 and get rid of 7 to save on the wage structure. A saving of 50 thou a week is nearly 3 million a year. I would then aim my recruitment on that number. Remember we have no B team as such so any young players coming in need to be part of the squad. This buying then loaning back is no use to us and is folly for the super rich. Most of our youngsters I feel will head down south for the money and to be honest if they were rocking they would have made the grade by now.

PC might fill 3 slots with potential youngsters but the other 22 need to be one in one out quality replacements and some like sterling will be multie position. I think we also need a couple that offer a different dynamic to our formation. My biggest criticism at the moment is we are to one dimensional. Hoping PC takes advice and after a season playing in Dingwall etc knows what’s required rather than what he thought was required when he arrived.

14 May 2024 10:19:44
Oh ye better watch windy common sense like that and you’ll get accused of playing football manager.

14 May 2024 11:16:18
Cifuentes loan ain’t up till December so we won’t be selling him this summer.

14 May 2024 12:31:40
OWS I had read something similar about Butland today, But can’t remember what team was involved, It said that Rangers would receive 21 million and sign some Belgian GK in his place, If true Rangers can’t and won’t stand in Butlands way. ???????????.

14 May 2024 16:43:46
For £21m we must and clearly will sell. I think £15+ is fair and £20m is my valuation on him.



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