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18 Apr 2024 11:35:34
People are needing to calm down ( myself included ) .
These players haven't thrown Clement under the bus.
Playing catch up early doors in a 2 horse race is never advisable.
Clement to his credit ( as any decent manager should ) has come in and steadied the ship.
He then won us the League Cup.
He got us through the groups of the EL.
And more importantly from a fans point of view, he got us into a fight for the league.
Does this then impact on the demands of the fans? Of course it does. We let our feelings and emotions run wild.
But this chance coincided with a dip in form by Celtic.
Rangers have now had 2 dips in form. One at the start and one right now at the business end of the season.
We forget the core group of this squad has let us down over and over. As fans ( some of us ) we always live in the moment.
But if we had taken a step back ( like some ) we would realise:-
Clement inherited a squad of injured players.
Clement inherited a squad that in his words weren't / aren't fit enough to play his intense brand of football.
A defence that always has a mistake in it. A strike force that needs numerous chances. A midfield that misses a quality playmaker.
We can all moan about the lack of strikers being addressed in the January window.
But does any of us know if funds were available or that Clement had a chance to identify a target within our means and would fit the profile going forward?
He shipped an under achieving signing in Lammers out to the Dutch league and he's now ripping it up - that's football.
We signed what looked an exciting talent in Cortes - he gets injured.
We've had players come back from injury and then break down ( Lawrence, Jack and Roofe ) .
We've had players who were performing well and were an integral part of the team then get injured ( Yilmaz, Balogun, McCausland, Sima and Raskin ) .
To his credit Clement was managing game time back from injury perfectly and still getting results.
But it eventually catches up when some are running on empty, others underperforming and we don't have the squad to cope and give some a rest.
I firmly believe Clement will have learned more about this squad in the recent poor results than he would during the positives.
Who he can trust going forward?
Who is up for the fight?
Who has possibly run their race at our great club?
After a horrendous start this season was a free hit and the players have possibly blew it ( miracles can happen ) .
I can't see Clement giving them a chance again.
If he does? He will go the same as his predecessors.
And that would be a crying shame as I think we have the chance to do something special with him in charge as long as he gets the correct backing.

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18 Apr 2024 12:04:43
Very well said MPH????.

18 Apr 2024 12:04:59
Can't keep blaming Beale Mr P. Course he has to shoulder some of the blame but then so does PC. As stared earlier we can't even do the basics things right like passing! We don't look fit nor do we look organised. That Beales fault to? You can't keep playing the same guys who are out of form and expect a different outcome. It's not going to happen. I now fear for Sunday.

18 apr 2024 12:05:05
how has the past few weeks got anything to do with beale ?

if clement changed how they play then beales influence was gone, are you saying he allowed it to come back again

because if yor now blaming beales men

then you must praise beales men for doing reasonably well in europe and winning the league cup, surely, imho, clement has totally lost the plot these past few weeks

players playing then dissappearing completely only to show up again for 10 minutes then go again, at least 3 of last nights subs should have started the game, and in oldfirm game at least 2 subs should have started the game

telling us last night was an " improvement" tells me he has gone for this season, and needs a rest,

18 Apr 2024 12:09:31
Sorry but dropping points to Motherwell Ross County and Dundee has cost us at a vital point in the season. What Beale did was corrected when we went top of the league.

18 Apr 2024 12:14:56
Apart from the out of contract players, another 5 at least must be shown the door as like u say they can't cope w the managers style of play.

18 Apr 2024 12:33:54
Mph the thing is we've no money to back Clemont were going for 2nd place every season form the foreseeible future i'm afraid we needty accept this that's that mob all ready got 30mil in bank for summer.

18 Apr 2024 13:24:30
Amato89, was coming in to say exactly that mate. We needed that c. l money, it was absolutely crucial to us going forward. We all know how much of a job pc has on his hands with rebuild, where's the money for that coming from? Pc needs to take some stick for last night also, as I believe he set us up negatively in a must win game. Lundstrum was constantly dropping back in to a back 3, leaving us a man short in the middle of the park, it was clearly affecting us in there, he didn't change it till around 75th minute why? For all Brenda Rodgers faults you won't see them play in a must win game like that or at all. Ppl will come back and say Lundstrum was covering the full backs, but remember it was a must win game were we had to take risks, imo we played with a fear of Dundee.

18 Apr 2024 13:50:46
Clement has come in and had to work with a squad of players that are lacking the attitude and skills to win the league they have displayed this trait often enough to be recognised. Hopefully we can sell Butland for a few quid, Ridvan also should fetch 4/ 5 million so I’d reckon that’s about 17/ 18 million . Those that are struggling with injuries and simply cannot manage 20/ 30 games a season just say good bye. Tavernier, Goldson and Lundstram must be shown the door they have continually failed to deliver when the going gets tough. We will see between 6/ 10 new arrivals in the summer here’s hoping they have the tools to do the job. Every season is just like the last just not good enough.



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