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25 Mar 2024 14:02:44
Need some help Bears .

Coming home this weekend with one of my sons, so trying to get tickets for the game. (We live 500 miles away, so a rare treat for us)

Website keeps showing as limited tickets available in some sections, but when you click, there's nothing there. Driving me mad. I know most on here will be season holders, but any tips?

(I know I have no chance of getting a pair side by side, but will consider anything) .

Assume there are still usually a few folk selling spares around the ground on the day?

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25 Mar 2024 14:12:21
Likely manage to pick a couple up outside ground be best bet.

25 Mar 2024 14:31:39
Usually you see people trying to sell match tickets as you come out of the subway.
Used to be a site called Seat Sub.

25 Mar 2024 14:32:00
Try outside Ibrox subway.

25 Mar 2024 15:59:53
Ted there's a chance you will get 2 together at the subway mate, managed to do it a few time's for pals got 2 sitting together. Good luck mate.

25 Mar 2024 17:03:16
500 mile is a long way to travel on the off chance you might get a ticket outside the ground.

25 Mar 2024 18:14:39
Hes coming home anyway this weekend i think mark and wants to make a game.

25 Mar 2024 18:44:13
Just keep checking tickets pop up on the website all the time. Will be a challenge getting 2 together but you might get lucky and get 2 close to each other and can ask someone to swap.

25 Mar 2024 19:07:22
Paul, you're correct. I didn't read the post correctly.

25 Mar 2024 19:45:05
Mark44 not if you are the proclaimers its not ?.

25 Mar 2024 21:21:07
Da Di ra da da Dado?.

26 Mar 2024 08:39:43
When I was on the committee of RSC's. I always managed to sell and surplus tickets we had outside the Subway or beside The Copeland Road Stand on Edmiston Drive, good luck mate.

26 Mar 2024 11:46:25
Thanks all . managed to get 2 seats a row apart this morning in the main stand, so happy days with that. My lad is bouncing . just the 8 hour drive to go .

26 Mar 2024 12:12:37
Ted not sure how old your son is but u may find someone willing to swap a seat with you or your son.

26 Mar 2024 12:20:15
Happens more thank you think John, we're no a bad, very accommodating ?.

26 Mar 2024 13:27:28
Whit you like bigdado ? it actually went over ma head at first, was thinking what's he on about ? no had much sleep.



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