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16 Mar 2024 15:03:35
From the day and hour we signed john souttar, i posted on here that i rated the big fella and that if he stayed clear of injuries, he'd be a very good signing for us ?For the fellow posters who state souttar makes the odd mistake they're correct, but let me ask them what centre half doesn't make mistakes ?You won't find any centre half who doesn't make mistakes they're not robots ?I hand on heart think clement rates john souttar and he's not playing in his natural position ?Souttar will improve further playing consistently with rangers and for a centre half he's still relatively young at 27 years old ???.

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16 Mar 2024 15:46:43
Souttar makes too many mistakes to be considered a top class cb.

16 Mar 2024 15:48:18
I've always liked Soutter sws, if not for injuries he'd be playing at a higher level, be better on the right side though.

16 Mar 2024 16:05:20
Sws I was 1 of the many posters who didn't rate souttar and still don't, other than the home Benfica game which I thought he played well I can't remember any other 1 where he has, infact I think he's has more errors and costly mistakes in him than any other.

16 Mar 2024 16:31:39
Fact is SWE that it’s all about opinions and most opinions are not based on evidence.

Stat man spud comes on with stats to suit a particular agenda like the best politician and gets rubbishd because someone has a different opinion and doesn’t believe in stats?

Every player who has ever pulled on our jersey has made a mistake, missed a tackle or open goal and has had poor games

Put 10 fans in a row and ask about a players performance and you’ll get 12 different opinions

PC will put out the best team available that in his view can do enough to win whilst protecting fitness levels if he can

In the summer I guess he will have to work with a limited budget and make the most of the current squad with only 3 or 4 additions.

16 Mar 2024 16:43:45
How many posts now about him? You also rated Beale as our saviour from before he came here.

Souttar mistakes have cost us the most goals in the league this season.

16 Mar 2024 16:43:51
The big guy is solid, and the best defender in Scotland at playing the ball out from the back. Yes, he can make a mistake, but so can any other defender playing the game.
For me, J Souttar is our best defender, and I hope he's here for many years to come.

16 Mar 2024 17:36:49
A lot of bitch'ness on here. Have you never rated anyone that did not come good stormtrooper?

16 Mar 2024 17:38:53
Souttar in SPFL:-
1 error has led to a goal
88% passing accuracy ( 90% in own half, 86% opposition half)
70% accuracy long balls
71% ground duels won
76% aerial duels won
Recovers on average 4 balls per game
Loses possession on average 8 times per game
Sometimes a run in the team is all that is required.

16 Mar 2024 17:51:43
I could say you rate dessers and pick you up on all your wrongs just to niggle you but i don't so give it a rest!

16 Mar 2024 18:03:18
Ooft MPH Looks good to me ??.

16 Mar 2024 19:17:16
RTG people in glass houses in all that ?.

16 Mar 2024 19:18:04
You could say that coops but you would be 100% wrong as usual not once have I said I rate him ? nice try tho ?.

16 Mar 2024 19:18:43
Mph more than one error has led to a goal this season.

16 Mar 2024 19:29:19
Always rated big js, just like ridvan he's needed a good run to see the best of him, I think we'll now see that going forward if he can stay free of injury ?.

16 Mar 2024 19:44:58
Rate him higher than goldson. And like it or not he's here to stay. Well worth a place in squad.

16 Mar 2024 19:59:56
He bailed out Goldson a few times on Thursday by covering his side, he has made a mistake or two but looking more assured game by game, and hopefully keeps improving.

16 Mar 2024 20:01:37
Agree Dado me too, goldson needs a break, gt shot for that earlier in the week. Doesn't seem same without balogun at his side.

16 Mar 2024 20:22:42
You're in the biggest glass house, Stormtrooper. What's with the digs at folk?

17 Mar 2024 00:22:04
Big mistake vs Celtic comes to mind


Mistakes vs Motherwell, benfica and also both caught up pitch against benfica the other night when game was still level instead of playing it safe and one staying back, but maybe that was a tactical decision to attack to try attack score preventing extra time.



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