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15 Mar 2024 19:55:59
A question for all guys ? I like many at ibrox and our supporters watching the game on tv last night, thought big soapy had an outstanding game against benfica and was our best player by a distance, who was very dominant, won his challenges both in the air and on the deck and was superb at playing out from the back ?I thought tav had a superb first half and defended superbly also last night ?But my question is regarding big john souttar guys and do we think this very good imposing centre half is a future glasgow rangers captain, in the making ?.

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15 Mar 2024 20:07:01
Not for me. grant it he had a good game last night, but there seems to be a mistake in him that's never far away. I don't think he's good enough to be first choice cb either.

15 Mar 2024 20:25:21
I don’t think Tav gets enough credit. How can you mention Souttar, without mentioning the king of Taverniers, the illustrious and famous Glasgow Rangers FC of the second city of the Empire, James Tavernier.

15 Mar 2024 20:27:09
I think we need to sell both Goldson and Soutter to improve.

15 Mar 2024 20:27:14
Also no. I don’t think he’ll be our captain. Our next captain will be brought to the club. But we cannot speak of this. James Tavernier, of the Tavernier brothers fame, is indeed our famous captain. ????‍♂️???.

15 Mar 2024 20:51:46
I’ve actually been very critical of souttar this season however he had a good game last night.

15 Mar 2024 21:15:22
He was very good last night. As was Tav.

15 Mar 2024 22:09:17
Ibrox you really are a loony lol????.

15 Mar 2024 22:20:33
When sottar needs to defend and only he's our best ch but when we have most of the play he lacks cconcentrationand will throw in a mistake that inevitably costs us so no hess not a future captain and I'd be looking for 2 ch thus summer.

15 Mar 2024 23:09:25
My only problem with both CB's is their failure to be more positive in the opposition box, we need to be scoring more goals from the corners we get.

15 Mar 2024 23:42:17
Possibly coops but no idea on his personality behind the scenes.

15 Mar 2024 23:43:58
Fork, here’s a question for you pal, you call me a loony but fail to mention our grand master captain Sir James Tavernier MBE. How very dare you. ??????.

16 Mar 2024 06:39:12
In my lifetime I’ve been lucky enough to see captains such as Greig and Gough. I don’t think Tab is in that bracket, for me his legacy is the goal ratio from playing full back for the famous, not so much on his leadership. Probably my age again, but I saw Spackman on tv the other night, now there was a decent player and very under rated too. Keep the faith lads, I think the next 4 games will be very telling for our season and I’m confident! WATP.

16 Mar 2024 06:40:11
There isn't a question in there ibrox.

16 Mar 2024 07:06:05
No from me too many mistakes in him souttar has cost us the most goals this season IMO.

16 Mar 2024 07:25:49
Lol@Ibrox do u have some form of Tav Tourettes, ah mentioned him so you don't have a meltdown ???.

16 Mar 2024 07:29:27
Good player Lau?, Jfm63 Ibrox campaigning for Tav to achieve Legendary status bud, personally he's a loony??? only kidding Ibroxvernier. ??.

16 Mar 2024 07:29:28
Yeah…. ?.

16 Mar 2024 08:38:08
Omg you ask the same questions all the time about different players when they have a good game. Just make the lot of them captain they will all have at least 1 good game next season.

16 Mar 2024 11:08:18
He can ask what he wants, open forum, don't like his Q don't respond.

16 Mar 2024 12:00:06
Fork, just trying to back up the OP. He loves the famous Tavernker of the famous Glasgow Rangers. If he’s not mentioned by name 7 times in each post with 12 emojis, then we hit problems. So…. Tavernier ?????????‍♂️??????‍♂️.

16 Mar 2024 12:03:02
I thought he was a stand out in a very average team performance. Benfica didn't play well over the 2 legs and beat us.

16 Mar 2024 13:00:19
Agreed captain Tav.

16 Mar 2024 14:22:17
I fell of my chair there storm that you agreed with someone against my post ?Gobsmacked how dare you mate ?.

16 Mar 2024 14:38:55
Mad as the proverbial?? Ibrox??.



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