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06 Mar 2024 11:05:39
A question for you guys who are good at Rangers historical facts, who was the younger player ever to play for Rangers first team? And who was the oldest ?

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06 Mar 2024 11:36:00
Without googling I'm going for Derek Johnstone as the youngest and the oldest Davie Weir.

06 Mar 2024 11:37:30
Think the youngest was John Fleck.

06 Mar 2024 11:39:26
Oldest has to be Mcgregor or Davie Dinosaur?
Youngest? Guessing at Derek Johnstone?

06 Mar 2024 12:11:50
I know Derek Ferguson was only 16, don't know about the oldest though.

06 Mar 2024 12:42:59
DJ and Greegsy would be my guess.

06 Mar 2024 13:08:10
How old was Macleod When we started playing him? And DW was at least 43.

06 Mar 2024 13:13:51
Fleck and weir tho may have been older back in the day.

06 Mar 2024 13:24:42
I'm sure Derek Johnston was only 16 when he made his debut.

06 Mar 2024 13:48:23
Fleck and weir. Can remember fleck coming off the bench and confirming he was our youngest ever player. i think.

06 Mar 2024 13:59:52
Did Billy Gilmore not get a sub appearance when he was quite young as we were trying to keep him and showing he'd get his chance if he stayed?

06 Mar 2024 14:07:02
Greegsy would be the oldest and I think Derek Johnstone the youngest to score in an old firm but not sure if that record still stands.

06 Mar 2024 14:09:57
Doesn't matter what age you are if your good enough your old enough in my book when I was 13 I was playing regular 11 a side with over 35s at Thier training took a few knocks but loved every minute of it especially when I produced a rare bit of magic a very rare occurrence lol which made the grown men reconsider letting me play in their end of training matches.

06 Mar 2024 14:13:56
derek ferguson is the youngest.

06 Mar 2024 15:22:13
Derek Ferguson and Allan McGregor it is.

06 Mar 2024 15:24:13
That was a good thread, I enjoyed that information.

06 Mar 2024 15:34:43
Fairly recent players. Derek Ferguson was youngest, Allan McGregor oldest.

06 Mar 2024 15:55:16
Thought a heard Derek Ferguson saying he actually played for Rangers when he was 15 in a testimonial or pre season game with the first team which is some doing,16 in league tho, DJ youngest goal scorer I would think.

06 Mar 2024 17:33:28
Correct re Ferguson and McGregor folks.

06 Mar 2024 18:45:41
Gilmour never played for the first team.

06 Mar 2024 19:41:40
Was weir not 42 when he retired? Can’t be long separating him and mcgregor.



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