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29 Jan 2024 12:52:11
Good afternoon bears. I see and have read lots on the pros and cons of selling Ridvan. He is starting to play well, don't sell ect.
I seriously think we will need to change our mind set as fans. Since we returned to the top tier our board and the mindset of our managers has been to do as much as possible to hold onto our best players.
However I think there is going to be a marked shift in this and our fans ain't going to be happy. When the club start selling players at the top of their game and value.

If I had a crystal ball. The posts will be sell him and we are handing celtic the league ect.
So strap in guys, over the next 5 seasons we are going to be selling our best players hopefully we replace them will like for like, but as we have seen at celtic, when you buy projects, it doesn't always work out.

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29 Jan 2024 13:14:57
Good post Stewarty

A good on line article yimaz signed for us as he could not go straight to galatasary fro besiktas

Akin to us singing someone from them at first team level.

29 Jan 2024 13:18:25
its getting the mixture right, if you sell 1 or 2 per season then hopefully it doesn't weaken the team too much and providing you bring in a new up coming replacement then it should be minimal damage. we all know that not all signings will be better than what we let go but its the only way forward. none of us wanted to lose Morelos when he was at his best but look what happened there. hindsight is 20/ 20 vision but someone has to be able to take the emotion out of it and get on with what they feel is the best for the longer term.

29 Jan 2024 13:30:55
No problem selling players for a profit, we need to to be successful, what's on offer is not much of a profit if anything, get better value selling in the summer window.

29 Jan 2024 13:32:05
Everyone understands we need to sell players it’s just the reality of where we are financially. I’d rather sell players than have another Kent and Morelos situation. Keep in mind we also could’ve lost Goldson on a free as well and Aribo was allowed to run his contract down to the final year as well. That sort of thing cannot continue.

29 Jan 2024 13:36:43
I think a fair point but the argument would be, is selling Ridvan at the suggested rate good business? If we were doubling our money etc fair enough but the time you factor I costs to sign players and sell players, the suggested amounts are surely a loss to us.

29 Jan 2024 14:02:35
Yes we will sell players but only for good money, it would be crazy to sell Yilmaz for 3.5m actually worse than crazy but that will not happen anyway.

29 Jan 2024 14:14:57
Morelos Kent can never be allowed to happen again - if we buy low and sell high this is what’s required - bringing in funds is crucial and with the right recruitment we can sell players at top and bring in good replacements - liking this window so far hopefully the LB and RW apparently due to sign put pen to paper shortly ??????.

29 Jan 2024 14:38:27
I feel that because of where we were, when we came back up we were desperate to win a title again, that needs to be taken into consideration of the boards thinking at that time with morelos etc, whether that was the right decision is up for debate. Stewartyblue I do agree that there's going to be a lot of unhappy fans with regards to the way we go forward with transfers, imo it's the only way to go buy low sell high easier said than done I know. It will be a hard balance to strike selling our best players while competing for titles, it can be done though with a hell of a lot of thought and planning. I believe we have the correct people in charge to take us forward in this manner.

29 Jan 2024 14:47:58
Soll maybe ridvan is a poor example. Re profit but our model now is to sell when players, who are at their top value and our fans won't like it. Hopefully once the youth setup gets a revamp and with proper scouting the impact of selling players will be lessened. The next dilemma will be JB in the summer as I fully expect lots of interest in him based on how he is playing and poss England call up for the euros.

We will also need to be aware that as most of these new signing that have signed or are about to sign are loan to buy, meaning that money in the summer will be tight and signings will be limited. So getting our youth set up running correctly will be so important for us moving forward as definitely think that when looking for a player, the youth will be our first choice.

I stated months ago when beale was our manager, that our model needed to change and provided the examples of the Ajax, model, later developed by Barca, man utd and more recently Arsenal and Chelsea is the way forward. As I highlighted in the 70s the ajax manager and his board stated we can't compete financially with the likes of Real Madrid, so we need to grow our own or buy young and develop.
I fully believe that Rangers are now taking this route, hopefully we will have the bears version of total football. The big concerns I have is not with rangers but with the b loody SFA and Spfl and their inability to set out a clear plan for developing all young players across Scotland from the ages of 18-21.

29 Jan 2024 14:48:40
Business practice you mention is the goal. Selling Ridvan now in January for the pittance being mentioned is not best practise! Or clever! Or part of a successful rotation system. It’s desperate.

If he’s put in a transfer request fine, he goes in summer when ideally his stock rises, particularly as he begins to play. This isn’t rocket science it’s simple and what your suggesting around Ridvan is not sensible unless big money is offered and it’s too good to say no and we have a back up already who doesn’t need to settle.

Selling in Jan is an example of not planning properly.

29 Jan 2024 15:47:43
Ifs buts and maybes ?

We all might get hit with nuke by Russians

Ifs buts and maybes.

29 Jan 2024 15:52:46
Gdog I kinda agree I tongue in cheek said 10 million the other day some took seriously but to play devil's advocate again if manager keen on jefte at a lower fee a d we are getting more than we've paid for yilmaz and we put in a sell on and there's nothing to say he won't get injured again.

Most haven't questioned the lads quality but his injury record at such a young age isn't great.

29 Jan 2024 15:53:56
Thanks for that cheery thought gofor.

29 Jan 2024 16:20:30
Good post as long as we replace players and recruitment is good we be fine . But we will need to become a selling club to survive. Even our manager said this.

29 Jan 2024 16:45:44
We know we need to sell but we ain’t selling high are we on yilmaz or cifu.

29 Jan 2024 16:50:09
Stewarty Rangers will sign players in the summer loan and buy next season.

29 Jan 2024 17:53:51
Storm 5.5m for both is crazy and can't see that happening.

29 Jan 2024 18:11:53
Storm we don't know how much these guys are going for, if they are even going.

29 Jan 2024 18:38:05
Boy blue this is a rumours page and banter page so we talk about it or should we just not bother We are going by rumours going out the same as rumours coming in. Should we not bother posting?

29 Jan 2024 18:44:27
We can't stop players running down their contract, I can't understand why some fans don't realise this.

29 Jan 2024 19:43:48
Storm who mentioned anything at all about not posting or not talking about it? All i'm saying is we don't know the price so how can you say it's not high?

29 Jan 2024 20:10:43
Agreed mark but it just goes over the head of some people on here.

29 Jan 2024 21:25:04
I agree with model, but realistically, it means we should be preparing for Butland leaving in summer!?



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