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14 Mar 2024 13:40:52
Probably utter gash but here goes, btw this isn't mine, apparently according to HITC Gerrard is sniffing about Tav, thoughts guys.

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14 Mar 2024 14:05:57
Fort i can see this happening mate, no chance is Tavernier turning down the salary that will be offered.

14 Mar 2024 14:37:31
Fork a terrible click bait site, however if anyone wants to give us in excess 10-12 million we should deal.

14 Mar 2024 14:53:17
HITC is total click bait mate.

14 Mar 2024 14:53:31
If we win the league and get an offer of 7m say, then he will be gone. isn't getting any youngr. And sterling is a ready made replacement.

14 Mar 2024 14:55:57
Same rumour every year since he left us. Would cost a pretty hefty fee to sell him, Money talks tho ?.

14 Mar 2024 15:39:46
12m for a soon to be 33 year old? Dreamers.

Ettifaq aren't state owned, wouldn't happen.

14 Mar 2024 16:12:11
Sake fork, this is worse than your Phil whispering in Bushiri's lug could be interesting mate?.

14 Mar 2024 17:50:00
RTG stop being a fud looking and not seeing again, the OP states its probably gash.

GDOG/ John Well Aware guys?why I said its probably utter gash.

Just shoot the messenger for mentioning something no one spoke about that's online today.

14 Mar 2024 20:37:14
Fork, nothing up with posting a rumour many off us had not seen.

14 Mar 2024 20:42:52
I doubt that there is anything in it but if we are to sell Tav then let's ensure that we get a massive fee for him. The Saudi's have plenty money, maybe they would like to invest in us and make us the best team in Britain!

14 Mar 2024 20:49:15
I know mate, it was a wee joke. Stop being a sensitive wee soul and lighten up ??.

14 Mar 2024 21:00:45
Sorry rtg off my meds bud, crabbit sod the day, lunacy taking over? apologies?.

14 Mar 2024 21:07:37
Just my opinion but i just can't see our captain james tavernier leaving especially in what is his testimonial year next season ?I just don't see this one happening ?.

14 Mar 2024 21:39:24
Maybe not SWS, contracted to 26, healthy payday if he moves, for him and rangers, and btw tjn1872, state owned teams are also looking at him.

14 Mar 2024 21:56:30
Its sound mate but I expect a better rumour the mora??.

15 Mar 2024 09:50:47
Walter players traditionally give their money to a abarity. So he makes nothing.

15 Mar 2024 12:10:34
Lol @rtg I've got one the now bud, "Fork's nae good at rumours"??? pass it on lol.
Was in a lot of pain yesterday bud n crabbit, fine now, apologies?.

15 Mar 2024 12:13:18
Abarity? That a new Saudi team John?? sorry bud, shoot your typist?.

15 Mar 2024 13:01:07
I blame it on one eye, or predictive text, Charity, fork.

15 Mar 2024 15:12:03
The wages going about now means any testimonial money usually gave away to some charity, been a while since it was there to give a player money at end of career, quite a few would buy a pub etc to give them income outside football.

15 Mar 2024 17:37:14
Gathered that John?lol.

15 Mar 2024 20:50:23
They pay stevie g £15 million a year ? if they wanted tav they could easily come get him and if he leaves who can blame him he has been brilliant for the club over the years.

16 Mar 2024 06:33:31
Tav should have a statue and be allowed to go down a true legend for us. unless he wants Foxtrot Oscar i don't see why we'd get rid of him he's not likely to reach higher heights (EPL or Eng call up) and wages will only go down as his legs go.

16 Mar 2024 07:43:33
Payday in Saudi may tempt him, one final hurrah in to retirement maybe.
Financial security for rest of his life, all good reasons to move.

16 Mar 2024 11:18:25
2 year old 'rumour'

16 Mar 2024 14:48:54
Nice, but posted again yesterday, due to reappearance on media sites, oh and they are all dated yesterday, excellent first comment.

16 Mar 2024 16:24:56
Aye welcome colinsburgh, best to introduce yourself mate instead of coming in way a bit of a dig.

16 Mar 2024 18:07:25
Tav should have a statue? Wooft whit! He has captained our team to a pitiful trophy return. Decent player but a statue? Just naw.

16 Mar 2024 18:20:36
Otter, needing a defibrillator? ?.

17 Mar 2024 08:53:20
He’s captain us from the bottom to the top. That’s why there should be a statue.

17 Mar 2024 13:09:09

Don't know age, but believe we should accumulate as much as possible. he's good, our captain but not irreplaceable. If SG offers significant cash we could get Doig who's better all round player anyway.

17 Mar 2024 16:48:59
MBW think tavs 31-32, contracted to 2026 so makes him 33-34, think your correct about SG, if he offers reasonable dosh, then I'd take it, Don't know about going for doig, aye good player, but remember we have Sterling aswell bud, natural RB, but what a utility player too. ??.

21 Mar 2024 15:03:01
Miller doig not a rb.



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