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27 Jan 2024 21:21:05
If ridvan is off then we'll done rangers holding out for top fee.

Galatasary just made £30 mil+ selling a boy to psg so they have plenty of cash to burn.

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27 Jan 2024 22:49:58
For me we would need a decent profit on the lad. Finally coming onto a game under PC.

27 Jan 2024 23:26:17
I think it would be madness selling Yilmaz this late in the window.

28 Jan 2024 00:45:25
Honestly the wee man is young and the way he has been playing would hope we get over £8million for him anything less is criminal from the board.

28 Jan 2024 02:39:07
If selling I’d say no less than 10mlion Turkish will need him more than others domestic trained players worth weight in gold.

28 Jan 2024 06:34:22
I did say the other week that anything less than 10 mill for Yilmaz would be an insult to our club, looks like he will go out on loan, now that Jefte is coming in.
Yilmaz is only going out on loan, to Galatasaray who are 2 games away from joining us in the last 16 draw in Europa.
With Barisic leaving on a free, nice wee score for the team that take him there getting a seasoned LB worth 5 mill for nothing.

We will Have Yilmaz and Jefte as our new LB's for next seasons rampage ;) along with all the other new talented young players we bring in as part of the big rebuild.

We are in good hands with Kloppen, he was heavily involved in rebuilding PSV's squad and brought several high quality young players into there senior and youth squads, when he was there youth squad talent scout, before moving up into PSV's Senior talent scout, look at PSV several seasons ago and now, an average Europa league side to a quality Champions league level side now, as well as now being the top side in Holland.
You could see the difference in quality when they played us in the 2nd game, they absolutely smashed us. We are nowhere near there level, but in time we will be.

28 Jan 2024 07:26:19
Rate both Clement and Kloppen, however when he worked for psv the money was available to spend on pretty much whoever the club wanted. Will be much more difficult given we don't have anywhere near the funds available that psv have.

28 Jan 2024 07:46:26
Wheres everybody reading a 3.5 mill loan fee? can't see it anywhere.

28 Jan 2024 09:09:25
Paul it appeared on one of the rangers sites on newsnow not sure which one, said 3.8 loan 3.8 obligation, early yesterday, 7.6total unsure pounds or euros.

28 Jan 2024 09:17:43
Galatasaray have not wanted to pay a fee for Yilmaz. They want him on loan, they want to 'get him on the cheap'. Please remember these guys are Turks from the European side of Istanbul. They are as slippery as an eel.
They are aided and abetted by the Turkish Media and too many people in the Scottish Medical, including some that purport to be Rangers Fans Sites latch on to their every word and give them credence.
Anyone that has ever negotiated with Turks knows how complicated it is and you need to count your fingers after you have staked hands on the deal in the hope that you still have 10!
Yilmaz is an excellent young player. He is clearly a player that Clement likes. His early days in Scotland were fraught with injury and for any young player in a new country with the frustrations of not playing it would not have been easy and from what I hear the pro Galatasaray Press latched on to this alongside the Club in the belief that they could snatch Yilmaz on the cheap. (He would never have been allowed to leave Besiktas for Galatasaray - the rivalry between the clubs makes our rivalry with the Eastenders look like a love in) .
I genuinely don't see Yilmaz going to Galatasary unless Rangers receive an upfront fee of at least £5m, and even then I am not convinced that Clement will want him to leave this January.
In theory Galatasaray have the funds to pay what ever we want, but a note of caution to anyone negotiating, beware!

28 Jan 2024 10:04:20
Yilmaz has hardly kicked his own backside in the past 18 months why would we make a big profit on him? 10m is absolute fantasy land. Yes he’s been good the past few weeks and I agree I think he should be given to the end of the season but if Clement thinks he can get someone better now then I trust him 100%.

28 Jan 2024 10:36:01
David he is an asset to Turkish teams being homegrown we should be getting too dollar for our players as much as possible. A few on here seen his potential some didn’t.

28 Jan 2024 10:42:48
True what Berkshire Blue says tbh, there always trying to get one up on ya with negotiations. There’s a good reason I want go back to Turkey even if they paid me.

And there all like that- it’s a cultural thing! We’re not going to get a good deal for us for Ridvan from Turkey. Wait until summer then see how things stand and hopefully we get a better offer from somewhere else bring Jefte in and if you’re letting anyone go it would be Borna. I would flat up refuse to negotiate with Turkey or whatever club there, they’ll try screw us.

I still have my doubts on Ridvan a bit to be honest. Not his quality his availability. Been here for how long now and I find it suspect that he’s starting to play during a transfer window. If he can go on a run then perfect but if he gets injured again then we’re back to square one with him again.
Time will tell.

28 Jan 2024 10:47:13
David, who are we going to get that is as good as Yilmaz and much we paying for him? Yilmaz is quality mate, still can't work out how some can't see it.

28 Jan 2024 11:13:49
Yes guy is quality, just wants out of Scotland.

28 Jan 2024 11:23:26
John do you actually know this mate?

28 Jan 2024 11:26:24
Mystar some don’t see because he wants out of rangers (going by what John says) it’s the same if we are linked with someone fans will say he is great and if he goes somewhere else he is instantly rubbish ? just the way some fans are. I would say at least 50% of fans have no real clue about football. Just my opinion.

28 Jan 2024 11:40:58
If a player wants away this manager makes it happen quick. He has played well recently as he probably knows he's going.

28 Jan 2024 12:06:30
Yilmaz is starting to show signs of promise and I can see why we invested in him - bit I've yet to really see anything that makes me think he irreplaceable.

If we can turn a profit, then I'm happy to see him go.

Borna for me will be a much bigger loss.

28 Jan 2024 12:22:31
They sold him to Bayern not PSG and he was a right back not a left back. However, it does mean Gala will have some more cash to spend. We need to negotiate hard for every ££ IMO.

28 Jan 2024 12:25:33
All this talk about ridvan yilmaz wanting away is LIES the lad says as much on his social media last week for godsake. The lad is settled here now.

28 Jan 2024 13:27:26
If the total deal is worth £7.6 million we will be really tempted I think . We should also try to sneak in a sell on . There are alternatives available so it might be a deal that will finance other things . We can bring in Jefte and there are two or three alternatives in Holland today we can cover him leaving .

28 Jan 2024 13:44:20
So he would say on social media if he was unhappy? He will say what his agent advises him to say .

The player is going before wednesday, get your shirt on it.

28 Jan 2024 14:00:32
wsl, no one, not even the Turkish Media or their 'top' sports writers has mentioned £7.6m
From day one Galatasaray has indicated that they want a loan deal, the press has suggested a loan deal with an option to buy at the Euro equivalent of £3. 6m

The same press, with all reference being from Turkish Sportswriters being that Rangers will accept a price of £5m. Rangers want payment up front which makes sense given that they would be dealing with a Turkish Club and in that country it could problematic to secure the remainder of their fee. Under no circumstance should Rangers be doing any deal that is governed by Turkish Law!

28 Jan 2024 14:16:38
What 50% are you in Stormtrooper? The 1s that know or the 1s that think they know?

28 Jan 2024 14:32:39
Deboer that’s a stupid question considering it’s my opinion. I said at least as I think it’s much higher especially on here.

28 Jan 2024 14:39:55
So what your saying Berkshire is am talking pants, that's nice, it was on one of the sites and on newsnow, I believe it came from Turkey may well be bs but I can assure you it was there, my eyes are fine, but I guess because u never seen it it doesn't exist.

28 Jan 2024 14:53:46
Ibrox news had the story via Daniel Feliciano and Yagiz Sabuncuoglu for 3.8loan and 3.8 obligation after gers knocked back 2.5 initial loan and bonus, so aye it was posted online when I said.

28 Jan 2024 14:56:38
The latter deboer would be a given?.

28 Jan 2024 15:16:56
BERRS I CAN ASSURE YOU THE PLAYER IS HAPPY? its rangers that are doing the pushing not yilmaz and that i can give you as 110% fact.

28 Jan 2024 15:18:12
Plus window closes on THURSDAY/ FRIDAY.

28 Jan 2024 15:32:17
Window in Turkey closes around 9/ 2.

My star I’m saying yes, it’s the temperature and country culture he is having difficulties adapting to.

28 Jan 2024 17:22:35
Bazzbhoy If you had said 140% I might have agreed, but the player is off let me assure you 123% though may be tuesday night (possibly 134%) . shut yer windie btw the curtains will get soaked .

28 Jan 2024 19:39:08
David would 10million for Patterson be too much?

28 Jan 2024 19:51:51
His potential is why he is worth 10 million look at players down south going for 20/ 30million and not even made a first team appearance.

28 Jan 2024 20:22:32
At the very least we should get our full outlay back and a sell on fee incase he goes on to star for galatassry and Turkey

Reports are he's happy to stay if it turns out not the case then so be it.

Personally I think he will stay and jefte is able to play left wing or battle it out for left back once borna goes.



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