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04 Dec 2023 16:31:13
If going to agm please don't ask for a seat next to granddaughter Or can we but a cuddly toy.
Or where to park your car.

This suits the board. Much more important things to ask.

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04 Dec 2023 19:31:08
I’m hoping n someone can ask about the release clause in Butland contract.

I’ve no reason to doubt it’s true, as your info is always spot on John.

I just want it confirmed, as if it’s true, we need to renew contract with Improved terms and no release clause.

I think he’s a £20m keeper I truly do.

04 Dec 2023 19:50:36
Stevie that is a question that would not be answered, never.

04 Dec 2023 20:38:11
Is it John? I did kind of expect that to be the reply I just wasn’t sure if, as example, they could say yes there’s a clause but we won’t confirm the amount, or maybe theta would have to disclose the amount if asked. I’m not sure on these things John.

Cheers for reply though, and if u ever get the chance to confirm or deny there is a clause again John let us k ow as that’s one that’s really bugging me.

I see nick pope is out for a long time, there was another injury to a top club keeper aswel I can’t recall who. We need to be very wary he can’t be took away on the cheap by Newcastle or another in January.

04 Dec 2023 20:52:22
And rightly so.

04 Dec 2023 20:56:42
Isn’t he on a huge wage as it is? Can’t just improve it half way through a season because obv the club agreed the sell on clause. We got him for free so even 5 million etc is great business.

04 Dec 2023 21:48:43
We've seen Butland is worth more than 5m Raskin.

04 Dec 2023 22:53:54
He is worth more than 5million my star but with our record on keepers being so good I'm confident we could replace him well.

5million for guy you got for nothing is great business.

04 Dec 2023 22:08:27
Aye raskin that’s great business just cause we get sum1 for free we've to be happy with what we get?

No, he’s a £20m keeper as far as goi v to epl is concerned.
If he was playing in France or Spain or Italy amd English team wanted him they’d demand £20m so why shouldn’t we.
Look at some of the keepers in that league, Onana £55m a mean c’mon.

He’s on £35k a week.
If we offer him £40k a week and lose the buyout clause with a longer contract for his security Incase if injury and what not then it’s a good deal for him and a better deal for us.
Surely that has to be a top priority for us is securing our most valuable asset on a longer contract with no clause would be top of my list.

04 Dec 2023 22:31:20
Been really impressed with him, i believe he's one of England's best keepers, wouldn't be shocked if in euro squad.

04 Dec 2023 22:45:36
Doesn't matter what his worth is if there's a release clause though my star.

04 Dec 2023 22:52:49
Stevie if I get further confirmation from a different credible source I would say so.

U and I may be fortunate, I have submitted a question, I suspect I won’t be allowed to ask it.

04 Dec 2023 23:58:23
My star I totally agree mate. He’s better than Pickford for sure.
I feel ramsdale is Englands best keeper.
Is it Sam Johnstone who is 3rd choice?
Very good keeper, I’d say he’s also better than Pickford and for me England cs 4 best keepers are
I couldn’t pick between Butland and Johnstone I’d prob be biased.

Also really rate big Forster and have no idea why he hasn’t had a great career and been no1 for a top club.
Absolute monster in goals.

05 Dec 2023 00:00:11
Cheers John aswell.

What’s this question?
It sounds like something we all may like and those in charge won’t want to answer?

05 Dec 2023 07:32:07
Got a feeling Butland only signed because of the release clause. If a epl club offer him 1st team football and 80k a week he'll be off.

05 Dec 2023 08:22:23
Wouldn’t you be off for £80k a week? If a descent offer comes in Butland will be sold? Is that not our player trading model?

05 Dec 2023 09:10:15
it just shows how poor our trading model is and how financially inept Scottish football is. Firstly putting a clause like that in a top players contract. Secondly, being so bad at valuing talent.
If Butland was on an EPL team the buyout would likely be £20-30mil.

05 Dec 2023 09:58:30
Do you not maybe think AllyMc62 that he wouldn't have signed without that clause. It's not put there at the clubs request. At the end of the day the player has the power.

05 Dec 2023 12:53:46
Nothing we can do if clause is there, it was Butlan/ agent who wanted it not club. if Butland want to leave not a lot we can do. but feel he is happy at present
Guaranteed place in team. Mayde going forward try and renosigate contract minus clause.

05 Dec 2023 12:58:30
The Newcastle one is interesting, if they wanted Butland as replacement for Pope and he went there, he would run the risk of being second choice again when Pope returned . He could have stayed at Palace or Man Utd and been second choice but he didn`t want that, so would he go to Newcastle anyway? They already have Dubravka and the German guy who used to play with Liverpool so I`m not sure they would go for another goalie anyway. Also linked with free agent, De Gea which is more likely I think.

05 Dec 2023 13:25:04
Personally I think they will go for de gea.
It makes a lot of sense for them.

Just thought I’d point out that kind of situation with Butland might happen and we need to try and lose this contract buyout thing.

05 Dec 2023 18:59:13
Winning the final in 2 weeks could be the feeling Butland likes and wants more of also I'm sure he could've went elsewhere for more money.



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