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03 Dec 2023 23:44:28
Happy with 3 points a lot more positives today would love sima up top as a 9 feel that's where he would be best in our squad thought cantwell was superb today still not in our highest gear but 3 points will do for me till we continue to search for that gear haha.

My only downside is lammers and dessers from what I've seen so far are absolutely woeful hope it turns out better for them if not January needs a few bodies cleared out and quality actually bought. I like this manager if he has cash I'm looking forward to his additions don't think he stands for any crap how it should be at a club our size.

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04 Dec 2023 05:19:53
Undoubtedly Glasgowbear55, cantwell can really hurt the opposition from his natural position ? Very talented footballer with a killer ball which is even more needed when most teams that come to ibrox, play the low block.

He has a terrific football brain and as i've said before, is sometimes moves ahead of his teammates and what a ball for sima, for our second goal yesterday ?Sima also finished it with applomb ?Sima is a very good finisher who's position for me moving forward, is through the middle ?.

04 Dec 2023 07:32:23
Dessers 'assisted the assist' yesterday for the opening goal and that used to be enough for some on here to excuse a woeful performance from others?

04 Dec 2023 08:51:02
Dessers was woeful! Honestly, sitting there watching him is excruciating, and If we can find any team mad enough to take him (we did ?), then he should be kicked out the door as soon as possible.

04 Dec 2023 09:32:14
Glasgowbear55, I agree with your post. 3 points yesterday was the main thing. room for improvement. Lammers and Dessers clearly not good enough and hopefully we can get someone crazy enough to buy them in January.

04 Dec 2023 09:42:07
Dessers is a terrible terrible player. We have been well and truly conned there. Again yesterday was shocking.

04 Dec 2023 09:48:45
I’ll stick my neck out I thought Dessers was ok not brilliant but ok, he didn’t really have much service I can’t think of one clear chance he missed, my gripe is we don’t create enough chances the pass from Cantwell for the second goal was brilliant but we need to create far more chances, first half Cantwell didn’t really affect the game once he played more around the final third he was far more affective but our midfield is more about stopping the other team than creating chances.

04 Dec 2023 09:51:15
cannot beat an assist to the assister MPH LOL

Although it was Dessers only half decent touch since he's been at Rangers lol.

04 Dec 2023 09:51:47
I didn’t think Dessers was too bad yesterday, Held the ball in a lot better still in his heels lot tho, definitely an improvement tho! Think it was SWS that said about sima through the middle previously, he was playing well wide at the time with not many other options but with Matondo closing in on fitness as McCausland playing well maybe tike to give him a shot?! Certainly seems to be the best finisher out the Forwards at the moment.

04 Dec 2023 10:13:20
R1 ; I agree I’d give him a go as the number 9 and I also agree Dessers held the ball up well but what I’d give for a fully fit fully motivated Morelos type player who bullies defences but that ship has probably sailed but it shows just how important a player he was to us we’ve never really replaced him, but as I’ve said we need to create far more chances strikers can’t score unless other player create it’s a team game.

04 Dec 2023 10:14:15
"Held the ball"? When? Where? How? He couldn't trap a bag of cement, and when the ball was played into him, it bounced off him and straight back to the opposition. He's dire!

04 Dec 2023 12:06:49
R1 interesting to note clement wants him off the left and to shoot because his instincts is to pass when in box

Raise the roofe with out dessers we don’t get first goal.

04 Dec 2023 13:16:10
I liked the part where he was ‘holding the ball up’ in first half but forgot he was allowed to actually touch the ball…. he was then unsurprisingly not holding the ball up much longer.

04 Dec 2023 15:31:17
With all due respect John that was his only real involvement in the game, I don’t look at him and see a goal threat . I just haven’t seen anything from this summer’s recruitment that looks as if it might come good I hope I’m wrong.
I would love a copy of the video that convinced Mr Beale to part with our cash on the players he brought in, it’s really baffling to get so many picks wrong.

04 Dec 2023 19:58:33
Sima, where do I say he done anything else.



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