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16 nov 2023 02:41:19
theres real reasons why celtic have won almost everything over the past few years, a massive part of those reasons are gio, beale, morelos kent, massive parts, why on earth would anyone consider a relapse.

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16 Nov 2023 04:50:47
2 simple reasons Celtic have been the superior team of late Tom.
1. Quality scouting dept.
2. Top class managers.

16 Nov 2023 05:33:07
Tom sorry I disagree Kent and Alfredo were managed bad by the managers they were good players we have seen that they ripped teams apart in some europa games so the talent was there.

16 Nov 2023 06:11:01
Managers yes but you can’t blame just two players.

Stevie good post and 100% correct.

16 Nov 2023 07:28:40
Moving forward imo doesn't include these 2 players - I trust in PC to get the right players who suit his team/ style and ethics!

16 Nov 2023 07:53:18
Agree Blue Floyd. the Gaffer will know what’s best.

16 Nov 2023 08:09:57
I'd take both back if the terms where favourable.

Kent would be a no brainer, Fredo would come with the usual concerns around fitness and attitude - but I think PC would manage him better.

16 Nov 2023 08:44:53
I thought the main reason was that we went bust owing £m’s and took years to get back to the SPL.

We gave Celtic a massive advantage in terms of finance and squad building that cannot be overhauled quickly in a sustainable manner.

We mad a few errors in management and player appointments on the way back but it was never going to be plain sailing from where we were.

16 Nov 2023 09:01:42
A few errors? That's being kind.

16 Nov 2023 09:50:31
Blaming players that brought Gers a title (stopping 10 in a row for Celtic) and great runs in Europa.? That seems delusional.

The club was obviously badly managed on the money side of things which got Gers put down into the gutter and gave Celtic a free run at the SPL for years and years. Building up titles and funds.

16 Nov 2023 10:46:36
@stevie good post.

And @allymc good post.

16 Nov 2023 12:05:23
Think toms had a few shandy’s last night so we’ll cut him some slack lol.

16 nov 2023 14:17:37
rubbish, and i didn't say i blame “ just 2 players,

il say again, losers, and those pair were the highest paid and biggest losers,

we been back fir years, we paid enough to compete, we didnt, and those two took many millions trying, sometimes, but, if you prefer we can kid on they were great because we did have a great euro run,

16 nov 2023 14:22:14
sorry stevie, a few shandies?

yeah right, but you find it ok to say, and i quote

“ kent was pish, can't believe what we paid fir him “ only a few lines down

then say i'm drunk fir having an opinion, ? yeah right ye are

explain the difference of your opinion to mine.

16 Nov 2023 16:29:27
Actually think one of Tom’s better recent posts although not balanced.

16 Nov 2023 17:29:15
Kent is a no brainer? Really that is wrong IMO.
He should never be back at ibrox in a playing capacity.

16 Nov 2023 18:03:39
Tom a wasnae on your case pal a was actually having a laugh mate hence the “lol” comment

I gathered that the time of night of the post and the fact it was a bit of a rant and your also enjoying your retirement in the sun that maybe all that together meant u had maybe had a few beers pal.

Never said u were drunk.

Ryan Kent was pish, never worth £5m never mind £7m imo and that of many others.

Our comments differ from each other because your literally blaming our failure to properly challenge Celtic on Morelos and Kent.

Also Beale and gio.

Morelos was signed by caixinha and Kent by Gerrard.

What your blaming our problems on isn’t the true fault.

And my assessment of Ryan Kent doesn’t blame him for our problems.
You will notice further up page I’ve said he fulfilled his potential.
He’s simply not good enough, his decision making just let's him down.
So the guys not to blame for that he never hid always worked hard and gave his all.
He simply wasn’t good enough.

So I think our comments have very different points.

16 nov 2023 19:35:25
im in glasgow, have been fir a while fir hospital reasons, but anyway,

we paid fortunes for stevie, gio and beale and all their entourage, we paid kent morelos tav and goldson fortunes, we won very little,

they lost most old firm games and most big cup games,

maybe it was the fans to blame then, because it couldn't have been them who always lost the big game, , il stick to the old fashioned way

the guys we paid fortunes to lost everything almost every season, be they players or management, they were higher paid every year and more than celtics players, ,

16 nov 2023 19:42:09
the point is stevie, rangers paid plenty to all of these people, talk of them being way ahead because of money doesn't stack up because we paid massive money to stevie, gio and those players, i simply said we would be aff our heids to even consider any of them back again,

16 nov 2023 20:53:36
some people seem ti have ignored where i said “ massive parts if the reason we lost everything,
i didn't say the only reason once,



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