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09 Jun 2024 17:05:29
If Tav does move he would go to Saudi, the club would buy him a house, he would move and leave the wife and kids here, the kids are settled in school.

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09 Jun 2024 17:13:51
Tav going to Saudi, house arranged in Bahrain, wife and kids going too - kids going to attend American school in Bahrain.

09 Jun 2024 17:14:20
RTID71 - How do you know that mate?

09 Jun 2024 17:59:17
Interesting Big T, can you confirm source or just how you came to this piece of info, cheers bud ?.

09 Jun 2024 18:44:28
BigTel, I wonder why he would choose to live in a different country to the one he would be playing in? And with lots of good British schools in an around Dammam where his potential club play, why would his family not live there instead of him having a cross-border commute of more than an hour each way every day? Strange.

09 Jun 2024 19:22:23
Have a friend who has a contract for a new complex in the dessert in Saudi.
Family and new home will be based in Dubai.
Sounds plausible the post before.

09 Jun 2024 20:19:47
Never here you asking John ot CF5 to confirm their source fork?

09 Jun 2024 20:34:23
Hubby a lot of the players over there do that stay in different country.

09 Jun 2024 21:06:32
It's not strange to live in Bahrain when there are certain restrictions in Saudi.

09 Jun 2024 21:55:38
Not really meaning the source as a person OT, mean where he saw or heard it bud in the media, apologies it came across wrong.

09 Jun 2024 21:57:47
And apologies to BigTel, also not my intention to question the veracity of your rumour.

09 Jun 2024 22:38:08
A think fork is just asking did you read it somewhere, did you hear it from a friend. Maybe not the best wording, don't think he was actually asking for the boys source, he's better than that. Fork I knew exactly what you ment as soon as a read it mate, even though wording wasn't great.

09 Jun 2024 22:59:22
But coops says he no gan ??‍♂️ so that's that.

09 Jun 2024 23:02:58
Hubby who not? Even the local saudis go over the border at weekends to drink and get eith hookers in bahrain at weekend then back to the religiin on monday lime nothing has happened. Very strict in saudi so fair easier to travel everday day for 1 hour. there's prob some players at rangers now that stay 1 hour from ground.

09 Jun 2024 23:41:45
Do tav and his wife not breed dogs, possibly she would stay here with family to run business and leave kids in the school they are used too, would be no different from most people who work away from home.

10 Jun 2024 06:10:13
Cheers BB4 correct bud?.

10 Jun 2024 08:08:24
Same area as where SG and his family live in Bahrain, area called Hamala, close to a lot of where Bahrain elite and some members of the Royal Family live, there's a 15 mile causeway connects the 2 countries its a 45 minute commute - Henderson used to do the same as Bahrain is a lot more liberal than Saudii, I was told this last week when I was in Riyadh with work.

10 Jun 2024 08:44:05
Thought he stopped that Coops Da, it was bullies he bred I think, prob changed when new rules about them came in, I maybe completely wrong, but sure I read it a while back.



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