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09 Jun 2024 16:11:28
Ibrox4me, thread is too far back. When i said did you read that joke in the BINO and ed corrected it to Beano. Ye know after stirling albions nickname. Fairly obvious it was me making a pun from your original post and not being snide like your response.

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09 Jun 2024 16:31:54
Thought that was funny, on both sides, that's why I done an "ooft ?"

09 Jun 2024 17:02:54
I always find it rather amusing coming on and seeing folk getting their knickers in a twist over somebody they don’t even know discrediting their post. Don’t take it to heart take it to bed it’s warmer ??.

09 Jun 2024 17:12:40
? need to change my username fork, to desperate dan with my dandy posts ?.

09 Jun 2024 18:00:03
Love a cow pie bud??.

09 Jun 2024 18:03:05
Sage info Carluke, loads of twisted panties on here???.

09 Jun 2024 18:04:34
Swap your bandana for a stetson Big D, no wait, if you do you'll get in to the Village People???.

09 Jun 2024 19:27:10
Big Ds are always welcome in the village people ?? rules me oot!

09 Jun 2024 20:00:50
Lol ya nutter??.

09 Jun 2024 22:54:02
Carluke your posts are always ?.

10 Jun 2024 06:12:11
Another ooft ???.

10 Jun 2024 10:31:25
Carluke you were on to me eh mate? Wanted to see if you would get your knickers in a twist with someone you didn't know. Well done mate you saw me coming ? get you next time ?.



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