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08 Jun 2024 10:25:17
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MrRangers87 has written an article entitled, Players Currently Linked With Glasgow Rangers

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08 Jun 2024 12:05:57
Decent post. I’d be happy with those three coming in providing the proper scouting has been done. In Phil and Nils we must trust.

08 Jun 2024 12:18:55
Great post mate. Like your views.

08 Jun 2024 13:30:22
Yes superb post mate ?I really do like the look of all three you mention so here's hoping we get them and if we do, i'd totally imagine that thorough scouting has been done for each one of them ?I trust philippe clement and nils koppen ???.

08 Jun 2024 15:08:49
What 3 players mate.

08 Jun 2024 15:47:19
Thanks guys, I thought I’d get slaughtered for doing that especially on the South American lads but yous were actually nice about it. Appreciate it.

Something I found interesting when Jefte came in they sent Danilo almost out to befriend him. And they we’re getting pictures done with the Brazilian flag, also I was watching Cortes do rehab work with Danilo. I’ve got a feeling that PC has deliberately instructed Danilo to almost help them settle. Which can’t really be understated how important that is if we’re going down that Route Garcia for example is 20 years old and would have to basically leave everything he knows to come play here.

People just look at footballers on the park and kind of decide if they’re good, bad or something in between. Forgetting inside that they maybe unhappy. These South American lads can’t be left to be alienated.

I’ve been watching the Rangers Journal channel on YouTube, it has helped me get a bit more of a understanding of these players. Although I look for certain things myself because 2 people could watch the exact same football match and get different opinions. I think there has to be something in these rumours because they’re very random if not. I think Nils Koppen maybe next seasons hero. Although I I’m not going to say that yet because this is all speculation atm.

You’ve to say tho a lot of Rangers fans wanted change, a new direction. I’ll be completely honest I hated us signing guys late 20s from championship teams. The only come up here because they think it’s going to be easy. What worse is they become one of our highest earners and then almost becomes impossible to shift them. They bleed us. Take the money and don’t repay fans that support them like the unique way Rangers fans do.

The players I want rid of are Lawrence, Wright, Goldson, Lammers, Dessers Dowell. There’s a few others and I know we’ll at least be stuck with a couple of them. I actually like Dessers but think this might be the only window were we could possibly get a chunk of our cash back on him- and if you’d have said in December that in the summer we could possibly get our cash back on Dessers and Lammers I would have though they were crazy. I know I talk about football like it’s football manager game, rather than reality but surely that’s the fun part of being a fan during a transfer window of another rebuild.
Although I am hoping this is the last rebuild in a good few years.

08 Jun 2024 15:57:57
The 3 players are thomas galdames, damien garcia and adama traore.

08 Jun 2024 16:52:37
That was a good read mate. Big change in players we are targeting and it’s been needed, like every transfer though always a gamble.

08 Jun 2024 17:16:09
Good read think only one of those will be signed but I would hope all 3 are.

08 Jun 2024 18:30:12
Cracking read MrRangers, we're definitely trying for more South Americans, maybe them coming in would help Cifuentes maybe settle but doubt he has the mental strength for playing in our climate.

08 Jun 2024 19:05:15
Storm which one you think outta the 3 because I respect your opinion.

The Troare one I know isn’t for everyone he is older but he just scores so many goals. And I may have put that down to his league but when you see him Scoring for Sherriff in the CL, his country and scoring hat tricks from out wide.

I honestly can’t remember the last guy that played on the right that scored so many goals for Rangers. i'm happy with the signing of Cortes tho although Clement plays him left. Got him at a good age and he can only improve. If we do buy South American based players it will be helpful during the CL qualifiers because a lot of there seasons are ongoing just now. Anyway we’ll be linked to loads.

08 Jun 2024 20:55:03
@star in sky thanks for saying that it’s nice of you mate. And I’m actually quite glad you bring up mentality! And settling when Rangers fans have heard of a South American potentially signing before we’ve thought of guys who sounded the part but we’ve always had at the back of our heads that the player in question quite often can’t settle.

What gives me a bit of hope is the way Cortes came in and was a starter, let’s remember Cortes didn’t speak English- in fact I don’t think he still does. It’s all about the support they get. I don’t think it would be the worst idea to bring in a Spanish speaking coach of some description.

Star does have a huge point and until the are performing for us, we will not know. Does a Damien Garcia age 20 come here and cope when he’s been taken from everything he knows! I think Rangers can do loads to help them.

Gedalmes plays in Argentine football and there fans are probably as bad as we are in terms of judgement, plus Gedalmes is 25 not 20. And has played in some wild atmospheres in Argentina and plays for Chile national side.

I’ve got to say this is big risk, but big reward. I’m not even sure myself- I feel like I’m talking myself into it, but after Diomande and Cortes I’m going to give Koppen the benefit of the doubt- because I definitely think if I was to guess at least 2-3 South Americans brought in.

I was thinking that if we were to do business across there, it would be nice to be able to sell merchandise across there. If Celtic can profit from the Japanese market, could we not profit from the South American.

The recent Cifuentes has me worried, but looking back Rangers fans knew little from his time playing in Ecuador. It was how good he looked in MLS, MLS I don’t rate the people don’t see it as there main sport. I think it only looks good because old legends go there. And Cifuentes last time I looked isn’t doing that great in Brazil. Must have been a big reason why Jose didn’t get picked up by the English clubs. Anyway I’m going to wait until anyone comes in before talking them up or down.



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