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10 May 2024 12:23:03
17th October 2020

A date that we should all know well the last time we won at porkhied.

Tomorrow hopefully that changes I don’t know how or care as long as we do it.

Think we all know we need to press them from the 1st min.

Tomorrow our squad need to show the fans they are up for it and bring home the 3 points.

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10 May 2024 12:38:01
It's an all or nothing game, Storm.
Everyone at it from the off.
Win the individual battles and press as a team.
Do these players have the fight in them?

10 May 2024 12:40:53
A much more sensible post than your mad Dessers and Prso one, Storm, and I agree fully in what you say. If we sit back, we get humped!

10 May 2024 13:13:02
Roofe, I never said dessers was better than Prso I actually said the opposite but I seen a few obviously missed that part as per.
MPH was the only one that actually got the post.

I replied to that post this morning I have been in bed aw week with a stomach virus ?.

Correct MPH all or nothing and I actually don’t think they do have the fight but we can live in hope.
MPH, your reply to my last post was the only sensible one I got as well. Some people like stats when it suits their agenda but don’t like stats when it doesn’t. ?.

10 May 2024 13:38:53
The million dollar question, MPH! Do I think the players have the fight? A few definitely have, but the rest, well.

10 May 2024 13:57:18
Spot on, Storm.
One minute it's about goals scored.
Next it isn't about goals it's trophies won.
Most on here realise that Dessers isn't the answer going forward.
But for being a 'donkey, useless etc' he has outscored in all competitions:-
2023/ 2024 - Roofe and Danilo
2022/ 2023 - Colak, Morelos and Roofe
2021/ 2022 - Morelos, Roofe and Itten
2020/ 2021 - Morelos, Roofe, Itten and Defoe
2019/ 2020 - Defoe and Kamberi ( Morelos got 29 in 2019/ 2020 )
2018/ 2019 - Defoe and Lafferty ( Morelos got 30 in 2018/ 2019 )
2017/ 2018 - Morelos, Cummings and Miller
2016/ 2017 - Waghorn, Miller and Garner
2011/ 2012 - Jelavic, lafferty and Healy
2010/ 2011 - Jelavic and Lafferty ( Miller got 22 in 2010/ 2011 )
2009/ 2010 - Lafferty ( Boyd got 26 and Miller 21 )
2008/ 2009 - Miller and Lafferty ( Boyd got 29 in 2008/ 2009 )
2007/ 2008 - Boyd, Darchville and Cousin
2006/ 2007 - Prso and Sebo ( Boyd got 23 in 2006/ 2007 )
Now, not one person is saying he can hold a candle to some of the names mentioned above.
But with 20 goals his contribution to the team can't be underestimated. For a player of limited ability in front of goal.
But going forward we do need better.

10 may 2024 14:22:45
say it again, lies, damned lies, and statistics.

A statistic about a Division 3 player in Scotland can be made to look as good as a Serie A striker from Italy.

tora tora tora.

10 May 2024 16:58:33
I'm afraid not enough have the desire to dig a result.

10 May 2024 17:01:49
Goals scored is hardly a dodgy use of statistics.

Said it before Dessers has done his job this year, others have not.

Plus Prso was a good player but hardly a world beater.

10 May 2024 18:22:26
Dessers hasn't been rotated as much as the other players from different seasons. No point comparing him to roofe and danilo either.
Nobody is ever going to be convinced by his stats when he's dreadful to watch.

10 May 2024 19:31:46
TT, what you are saying is the only lies on this post. Calm down.

10 May 2024 19:32:38
Big dado, that’s the fans fault though, not the players because some on here use stats when it suits them.

10 May 2024 21:17:05
Is that not what you're doing now, storm? Is your use of stats done in the proper manner, but anyone else using stats has an agenda? Can you explain why that is? I think you'll find a large number of stats on this page come from mph. Does he have an agenda? Or just certain ppl?

11 may 2024 07:17:45
just certain people bb

heres a stat
" good post john and mph " probably the most used words posted by one person ever

il say again, I've no reason to doubt mph posts

but, stats can and always are manipulated by governments, companies,
banks, counties, and football people.

11 May 2024 08:05:09
Storm was talking about a player in our league and showing stats about other players in our league made perfect sense.



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