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18 Apr 2024 17:20:38
As much as Tav has carried us in some games here is reasons why Tav should step aside in the summer.

1. His own sanity
2. Our sanity
3. We need a midfielder who "protects him"
4. He is 32 now and only going one way.
5. A change in captain and optimism for the future is needed.
6. Sentimentality over a testimonial is secondary.
7. This over reliance on him scoring isn't actually helping us.
8. Finally, if Goldson is kept it would only be 1 weak link and he may actually survive in the team if he ain't being dragged into the gap Tav leaves. Its unlikely both will leave imo.

Feel free to debate any of these points guys.

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18 Apr 2024 18:20:18
Yeah bang on big dado, some great points.

Juventus used to have a motto that if we can’t win the league with our super stars then we’re no worse off by selling them.

Tav’s been great but we can be a better team collectively by having a more balanced back 4.

We also need a captain who is fearless in my opinion. Tav is petrified to play Celtic.

I’d say Goldson needs to go too, we need somebody who has pace in the middle. Goldson and Soutter can only play looking forward and are completely lost when the ball is played in behind.

We also need a lot more energy in midfield, teams are happy to run at us knowing our midfield are lazy and won’t track back.

18 Apr 2024 18:44:51
Dado I just think a lot of the players signify failure as a group and the team needs refreshed but who's going to buy goldson or tav unless it's Saudi money personally I'd allow lunny to go and let goldson know he won't be 1st choice next season and with BB, Jack roofe mclaughlan out of contract that frees up space and wages and PC has shown he can spot a player so trust him to get it right we cannot continue to lose managers and keep those players.

18 Apr 2024 18:45:03
Correct Dado -P - both have served the club and both need moved on - we gave Goldson a great deal when he was wanted nowhere else - and both have caused staleness to permeate through the whole team - Yes love Tavs goals but we have carnage on regular basis when attacked down left flank towards Tav and we don't have the players around to support when he is posted missing -neither are blessed with pace and do not read the defensive aspects of the game well - fresh blood required in back four or more of same moans for next season!

18 Apr 2024 20:06:39
OWS you are correct, a lot of failure collectively but I've been looking at some of the lists of players some posters want out and i don't believe all of them will go. So i think certain areas MUST be targetted for improvement and its got to start from the back.
For the record i like tav more than goldson but right back is targetted far more. Remember everyone saying yilmaz was too wee etc, but he is actually pretty strong defensively and has the speed to recover.



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