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18 Apr 2024 07:34:56
2 games in hand done and gone.
The chance to go 2 points in front has ended being 3 behind with an inferior goal difference.
Clement defending the indefensible last night after the match. Which you can understand why.
He will ( or should ) still believe we have something to achieve this season.
The problem is convincing the fans that this bunch of players still deserve our unwavering support.
And an even bigger problem is getting the players to show the desire and fight the fans demand.
The synergy Clement talks about between fans and players is evaporating game by game.
Last night was another honking performance.
No leadership, no drive and more importantly no quality when required.
How many balls were passed out the park or to an opposition player.
And when a ball did find a player, they couldn't control it. The old put down - second touch was a tackle to try and retrieve the ball.
That's 2 teams - one 2nd bottom and one the bottom team of the split - who've came at us and given us a game.
But apparently we only struggle against teams that sit in!
And the goal that was disallowed for Dundee summed up Tav and Goldson as a right sided pairing as the freekick actually went through the wall between them! Criminal.
We now have a huge game against Hearts on Sunday.
The fans will turn up in numbers as always.
The big question is will the players turn up for us?

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18 Apr 2024 07:59:12
Great Post my friend, my thoughts are that hiding is easier for this group.

18 Apr 2024 08:04:44
Also criminal is stupid freekick given away by Lundstram and just like goal at Ross Cty - after Butland makes a save it is opposition player first to rebound our defence does not have brains nor legs to get there to support keeper - lucky it was offside but just another error on our long catalogue list of calamities at back for this season -PC looked very frustrated at side of park most of game - he is trying to make a purse out of a sows ear - so let's be honest the players we have are mostly not good enough and the serial losers need to go and take their apathy with them.! Enough is enough
Mr PH the players have not turned up in big games so far over last few seasons so only hope he can get a tune from them in cup.

18 Apr 2024 08:10:08
First 3 lines of your post sums it up mate
No wonder the East side are all laughing
And to think we all thought we had a real chance this year with this lot even the east side believed it for a minute too!
Wow ? no other words.

18 Apr 2024 08:17:38
MPH ans Asathor, I completely agree, sadly I would have to answer NO MPH as I don't think they have the guts to turn up on Sunday, as always though, I hope I'm proved wrong.

18 Apr 2024 08:48:45
Celtic have McGregor and O'Reilly and we have Lundstrum and Goldson and that is the difference. Clement knows what is wrong and so surgery is required in the summer to remove and replace them. Silva hasn't worked and he's made a few wrong calls. I would have brought in goal scorer at Christmas but that in itself would not have stopped this collapse. But, Clement is the right guy for us. There were plenty of disappointments during Walter's time too.



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