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14 Apr 2024 19:17:49
Tav and Goldson been here long enough haven't learned how to handle the pressure unfortunately fed up hearing interviews after the match we need to learn quickly if you have l not learned by now you never will
With all his stats for goals for a RB he will be leaving Rangers a captain who didn't win much for the amount of years he's been here
It's not all his fault players around him and on top of that some very bad decisions over the years on transfers that just haven't worked

Where is the money coming from this summer for a squad that once again needs overhauled
We can't keep over hauling an entire team but if the recruitment we do each summer doesn't work and isn't working like it hasn't for a good few seasons hence why we keep collapsing when the pressure is on come the business end
I'm not sure what the answer is?

Will PC get the money that will be required if not does he walk?

For me Raskin Lunny wright Goldson barasic probably Dowell possibly Lawrence maybe Cantwell definitely Roofe, Dessers
Silva will be going back to wolves
Sima probably back to Brighton
Could and most likely will be needing moved on
Will Butland still be here?

Theirs so many if and buts and their is definitely money that's going to be needed and not sure it will be their for what we as fans all want
Or maybe the board will be happy to stay 2.nd applying our trade in Europa for a few more years to come
If and it's still an IF Celtic win it this year champions league money again and will no doubt strengthen again
It becomes harder and harder each season to keep up with it
Rodgers took over and has been here before and walked the walk so knows what's required

We need to win every game and included against them to keep our hopes alive but we couldn't beat Ross county and we couldn't beat them at Ibrox
So I'm not filled with confidence as I was prior to last week I thought we had possibly turned a corner but same old story with a majority of these players throwing in the towel so no point saying fans are throwing in the towel the players already have today.

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14 Apr 2024 19:28:44
Good post stig.

14 Apr 2024 19:36:10
Of players out of contract I read that saves 120k a week also money if we sell lammers hagi maybe butland but it's going to take PC and nk all there contacts to bring in the quality needed.

14 Apr 2024 20:13:45
The minimum required. Free players salaries bring in 3-4 players. Sell Hagi, Butland, Davis, Dessers and Lammers. If need be loan out McDowell, Lawerence and Wright. That should allow players to be brought in. I would keep the younger players as that buys into our trading model.

Now Tav and Connor. I would sell both but they won’t probably.

At Christmas we needed an overhaul and we still do but we are still in with a small shout.

14 Apr 2024 20:24:43
We’ll probably get 2 bosmans, 2 £1m - £2m players and 2 loans.

Come Christmas we’ll be 6 behind Celtic and sack PC.

Tav will come out saying ‘we’re hurting as we’ll, we’ll learn etc.

The new manager will win the first 14 games and we’ll think we’ve cracked it, we’ll lose the league by 4 points and the whole process will start again.

Unfortunately, it’s now our way of working.

14 apr 2024 20:29:00
imagine being a captain in your 30s telling the world you need to learn your job.

14 Apr 2024 21:25:54
Prso ? i said something almosr identical to my mate earlier.

14 Apr 2024 21:41:58
Honestly big D, it’s the god honest truth, absolutely heartbreaking.

14 Apr 2024 22:50:05
You don't need to he Nostradamus to see that coming, Dado. And when it happens, mate, you'll have the same posters, posting the same happy clapping single fish they've been posting year after year after year after year.

Did you see one of them posting on the live chat that they're never wrong? What Universe do wallopers like that live in?



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