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09 Apr 2024 13:06:06
I'd like PC to try and field this team for the remainder of the season.
Tav souttar balogun yilmaz
Lunny diomande
Sima cantwell matondo

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09 Apr 2024 13:17:20
No Sterling? OWS.

09 Apr 2024 13:18:31
Sterling needs to be in that starting line up mate, but a good team ows, like your four front players, I agree Goldson needs dropped and i can see it happening Tommorow night.

09 Apr 2024 13:19:19
As long as Silva doesn't wear our top again. That pitch will be a huge factor in who is picked. Could see sterling moved into diomadnde position and I think Lawrence will start over cantwell.

09 Apr 2024 13:32:24
Agree with Lawrence for Cantwell. Will Dowell get a run out tomorrow?

09 Apr 2024 13:52:12
Yilmaz won’t be fit till after split.

09 Apr 2024 13:56:12
Dowell has done the pre match interview today so guessing he's starting.

09 Apr 2024 15:13:53
I wouldn't have an issue if sterling played in our midfield but iv chose diomande on the basis we've committed to around 4m on him.

09 Apr 2024 15:31:17
Sterling instead of yilmaz buts it the only way Sterling makes the starting 11.

09 Apr 2024 15:37:07
No thanks.

09 Apr 2024 16:08:33
Sterling starts in our best 11 in my eyes.

09 Apr 2024 18:16:48
Cool my star he doesn’t in mine.

09 Apr 2024 13:54:08
Lawrence was dreadful on Sunday, Cantwell has more talent in his big toe than Lawrence has all over his body.

09 Apr 2024 21:35:11
Never realised Yilmaz not fit as not watched press today.
Last I had heard he was touch and go for Old Firm.
Thanks for keeping me rite Paul and John.
I’m away to watch presser now.



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