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20 Feb 2020 22:43:19
Amazing. Just amazing. What a game and did we actually see a plan B?


1.) 20 Feb 2020 22:56:27
I've said it b4 and will say it again, wee Hagi is an absolute steal if we can get him signed up.
Has done more in a month than some have in a year.
Oh my days, I need to go and lie down after that one.

2.) 21 Feb 2020 07:30:49
agree 72 - the lad looks an absolute superstar.

2 footed, great attitude and goals too, we need to sign him - he’s a proper no. 10, we can build team around.

3.) 21 Feb 2020 08:41:13
I have to say as well, hagi was the game changer also aribo as a LWB looked amazing added a different dimension to the team and can defend.

4.) 21 Feb 2020 09:41:30
Big Joe was just brilliant. Just saying!

5.) 21 Feb 2020 16:19:44
Would love to see us try 343 in a game. Think our players would thrive in that formation. Aribo was surprisingly good as lwb but barisic is made for it tav is perfect rwb. Would be interesting to see.



28 Jan 2019 10:51:34
That to me (bar worrell for goldson) was our true first team. Defoe and Davis will need to prove they are good enough to claim a spot.


1.) 28 Jan 2019 11:11:47
We lost our edge when kent went off. We need width👍.

2.) 28 Jan 2019 17:40:12
Finty tint Davis and Defoe don't need to prove anything what did arfield do that Davis couldn't do better.

3.) 28 Jan 2019 22:21:52
Momentum, if you have it why disrupt it.

4.) 28 Jan 2019 23:01:15
arfield had a hand in all 3 goals mate

i like davis and think he’ll be good for us, but for now scotty has the jersey.

5.) 28 Jan 2019 23:40:49
davis > arfield. Just me that finds arfield sluggish? Often caught on heels etc and just not a natural 10? Movemenr is laboured at the best of times for me. Davis is the best mf in the league if fit imo.

6.) 29 Jan 2019 01:34:10
We missed Arfield through suspension and injury in November time was it? And I remember we struggled without him. He’s not flashy but he is a link between Morelos and the holding mids. He’s also a hard worker and suits a high press.

He was unreal in the Old Firm game. Won his battles vs Brown.

What’s Davis shown so far to take the jersey off him? Don’t get me wrong I’m delighted to have both players. Strength in depth is key.

7.) 29 Jan 2019 12:48:03
Bear is right on this subject, as an Ulster guy I love wee Davis, but I wouldn’t drop Arfield if the guy is doing his job, Stevie Davis will have to earn his place on the field, and I’ve no doubt he will, he’s a class act.



28 Sep 2018 22:41:03
With regards to the striker situation for semi final. I could personally see him forming a rotating front 3 in a 433. Middleton/ kent/ grezda being my choices as its obvious by gerrards comments that sadiq is not getting on the park anytime soon.


1.) 28 Sep 2018 23:33:10
I like the way you are thinking fintytint 3 rapid and skillful players, I think they would cause havoc.

2.) 29 Sep 2018 11:07:17
Candias has to play.

3.) 29 Sep 2018 17:51:08
Fintyfint, exactly what I said two days ago.

4.) 01 Oct 2018 12:56:00
Candias has shown nothing this season to suggest that. Been poor more often than good.



08 Aug 2018 12:43:53
I think at 6pm tomorrow gerrard will know if he can get anyone else from liverpool ie solanke.


1.) 08 Aug 2018 20:50:27
Fintyint i'd prefer the two Bosnian lads signed instead of loan deals.



02 May 2018 10:18:41
Hate doing this but I was told by someone that seems to be in the know. That yes Gerrard is coming and that King is stepping back to just be on the board and be a shareholder. Investment is coming from USA. No idea who, no idea how much. didn't have much time to speak to the guy. He did say its expected to all be done within the next 2 weeks so am assuming end of season. Just passing on.


1.) 02 May 2018 10:35:25
We all have our own assumptions of King but he is a very astute and competent businessman. Can't help but think there is shrewd reason as to why he's missed the share deadline and is there a bigger picture regarding what you have mentioned.

2.) 02 May 2018 10:49:16
Letting himself be dragged through the courts in SA for years due to his tax dodging wasn't very astute. And his dealings with the Takeover Panel haven't been very competent have they?

3.) 02 May 2018 11:21:44
We've met to have huge investment for the for the past 2year n still waiting lol

4.) 02 May 2018 17:59:45
And an astute business man would have money king has stood up in a court of law and says he has none. So he's either skint or a conman. No room for either at our club in my eyes

5.) 02 May 2018 19:56:01
What do we all think will happen if big investment is made in our club? That the investors are just putting money in because they have a few quid spare in the bank and won't miss it? If the stated 25-30mil investment is coming what is it going to be brokered against. That is my only concern. An for that matter i'm sure that 30mil wouldn't be far off what would be needed to buy our club at this point in time. i'm not buying into this whole situation.




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12 Aug 2020 12:21:10
This whole season is going to be a weird weird one. Seems its no punishment for breaking rules. just delayed games. didn't spfl say they had no room to fit anymore games in? But we now have 4 games to fit in we all know this won't be the last of it.
Unfortunately some people will contract this even while following the rules.

So that surely had to be in a risk assessment. let's be honest if it was one of our players we would be going mental and demanding he be released from the club no matter if it was Jack, Morelos or another. We wouldn't be happy about losing the points but that should be the rules.

If you can't field a team you lose the game. It seems a fairly simple punishment, player/ club fine and points lost. How is it fair on any club who has followed the rules has a team fit to play, but the opposition can't field a team be allowed to delay a game.

spfl seems to enjoy being a laughing stock and are now just trying to get a bigger audience to laugh at them.


1.) 12 Aug 2020 12:59:06
We don’t need to fit any games in let’s just worry about our own team other than others.

2.) 12 Aug 2020 13:54:20
Fintytint I agree with what you say 100%. The case of Bolingoli is a strange one though. Yes he broke rules by not quarantining when he came back but he then had 2 negative tests in the following week before he played on the Sunday. Technically Celtic could field a team because he hasn't actually contracted C.V. or infected anyone else. There is no rule that says everyone you have come into contact with after you have broken quarantine rules should then self isolate therefore meaning Celtic couldn't field a team.

Another wee bit to add to this Bolingoli scenario. At clubs like Celtic and Rangers the player liason officer normally has all the players passports. If players choose to travel on their personal time they need to get the passport from the liason officer. If this is the case then Celtic were aware that he planned to leave the country. My suspicion is that it was for transfer talks and Celtic were aware of this but are now getting Bolingoli to take the bullet because he knows he's away anyway.

3.) 12 Aug 2020 14:46:31
MOCBear, time will tell if certain individuals knew Bolingoli was in Spain for possible transfer discussions. Remember, Alfredo and/ or his agent had allegedly agreed terms with Lille which, we would assume, was done with Rangers’ knowledge. Now, for all we know, Neil Lennon might have been kept in the dark about Bolingoli but Celtic’s DOF and other ‘seniors’ might have given permission for such a meeting and not told Lennon until it was too late. The fact they’re dealing with this internally speaks volumes and I wouldn’t be surprised if they part company with a pay-off and a Confidentiality Agreement in place. If they’ve nothing to hide they’ll publicly slaughter Bolingoli and tear up his contract for gross misconduct.

4.) 12 Aug 2020 15:29:13
Aww man its getting worse this Bolingoli stuff. Hewhohearsvoices I think you might be right in what you say about a pay off and a confidentiality agreement. That would make total sense.

Heres the next laugh. I've just been told that Bolingoli was driven to and picked up at the airport by an official Celtic car hahahaha. How true that is I don't know but gee whizz man you couldn't write this stuff lol.

5.) 12 Aug 2020 15:58:50
heard it too. but we know its their claim that they don't talk to their subordinate structures very well.



09 May 2020 21:51:55
I have changed my view on the dossier after reading more into it rather than relying on what i’am to believe it really says. I firmly think a full investigation is needed. Listen if I was accused of anything in my business and I knew I had done nothing at all wrong I would welcome an investigation to prove it.

If I knew I had done something wrong I would be doing my best to hide it. The worst thing they have done might not even be in our dossier. That’s the point of the investigation, but we have proven enough to merit one.

We just need other teams to show there hand. We need other teams who people thought were against a investigation to say ‘you know what this needs to be investigated further’ personally I don’t think we will get the votes need though which is a shame.


1.) 09 May 2020 22:23:15
Truth to Power badly needed now for the good off the game. All self respecting clubs should step forward.

2.) 10 May 2020 02:39:14
Where did you get your copy of the dossier to read fully into it and where can I get one then!

3.) 10 May 2020 08:19:42
What about Michael Stewert claiming it’s our fault that league reconstruction is a non starter. How these muppets are allowed to continually get away with this baffles me.

4.) 10 May 2020 09:42:47
That's funny because I'm led to believe it was Aberdeen, Ross County, ST Mirren, St Johnstone, Hibs and Scumdee Utd who voted against it!

5.) 10 May 2020 10:28:57
Michael Stewart is a complete idiot . basically he is saying that Rangers have kiboshed league reconstruction, he has said that if Rangers hadnt complained about the SPFL decision and asked for an enquiry then everyone would have been happy with the SPFL and would have voted for league reconstruction? So much for democracy and sporting integrity. over to you Mr Stewart!

6.) 10 May 2020 13:22:56
It is unfair that Hearts are going down but one of the pluses is that it's winding Michael Stewart so much. Glorious to think of his meltdown. He's making even less sense than he normally does.

7.) 10 May 2020 15:44:09
Michael Stewart should be sacked for false claims. how can he say it’s Rangers fault given all the self serving clubs in the Premiership voting reconstruction down. He should be concentrating on John Nelms of Dundee for causing it all with his bribed flip on vote. It’s scary that the media have dropped this and concentrate on the Rangers. Stewart is a nobody and a nodding dog for the BBC. same old same old. it’s Rangers fault. what a diddy.

8.) 10 May 2020 17:10:29
Fintytint, the spfl, (sfa) better have there house in order, because if they knock us back for inquiry we will take it further, so i'm not too concerned of them knocking us back, but I've been looking about online, it would not surprise me if the inquiry was voted for, as now that league reconstructions been kicked to the moon, the others are starting to see for themself promises made, but never honoured. Time for change.

9.) 10 May 2020 17:32:42
Why would the clubs want to pay a 6 figure sum to an Independent Investigation to be told the same result as the first one?
It’s like going to the game and watching your club get beat and then going home to watch it again on the television. It is still going to be the same result.
Your club and it’s supporters are just going round in circles.

10.) 10 May 2020 18:05:29
we are getting the blame for the collapse of league construction now. I hope Mr Park didn't stand on the grassy knoll in Dallas in 1963.

11.) 10 May 2020 18:16:20
Jetmayfair, that's the problem mate, this spfl and sfa, have run scottish football since 2012, without anybody from football qustioning there. Motives, now questions are being asked, the cats got their tongues.

12.) 10 May 2020 22:04:27
Buzz, we've offered to pay for inquiry, so no reason for it not to go ahead, mr park offered to pay for it, you should have known that, as your always telling us you know our history, also i noticed a few of your lot, yourself included on our celtic posts page. laughing and trying to slag us, where are they all now, no doubt mass eh. mate.



16 Apr 2020 00:14:00
Trying to look at this through glasses that are not tinted.
I fully understand the situation for clubs needing money.
I fully understand that chairmen will have different views about that resolution and feel that they were not bullied into a vote.

My stance was in no way at all and i mean this wholeheartedly, I do not want a null and void season. I understand the reasons some people wanted it. But for me I would rather lose or win a league through the course of the full fixtures not any other way. Imagine we were ahead. Would you honestly want to break there rein being told Rangers were gifted the title.

Am not saying we will catch them. I am saying what a sensible rangers fan thinks. 'there was always a chance'. The points difference looks good for them at the moment but could easily drop to a 4 point gap. There are so so so many ways this season can be finished. Delay is not a problem, as it doesn't have to finish so next season can start on the correct date.

It can be gradual over the next 3-4 seasons eating into each of them. Whoever wins the league or drops down deserves the full fixture list to prove that was where they should be. If they are given the title it would be a terrible feeling. The obvious corruption that is going on behind the scenes is clear to anyone who is willing to look at the facts. Unfortunately I think decisions on this league will be made well before any investigation happens or evidence is shown.

I'am a born ranger, I will follow my club. I will stand by my club. I just hope that the truth comes out about the SPFL and whenever we start playing football again it will finally be on a level playing field.
Everyong hates us. ( although caley, partick and hearts can tolerate us) :D.


1.) 16 Apr 2020 08:46:27
I've never been obsessive like the ANTHILL MOB, but i also back my club in getting to the bottom of this possible corrupt doings within the beaks that are an apology, at running our game in scotland! On league reconstruction, we shouldn't be in any doubt that the scottish premiership will be a 14 team league for season 2020/ 2021, whenever that gets up and running. The 14 team league will most likely be for one season only!

2.) 16 Apr 2020 10:47:02
so, heads down and don't bother about the corruption assailing your club at every turn. the ostrich method. ok

3.) 16 Apr 2020 11:15:17
SGL, Celtic have signed the biggest deal for a kit supplier in Scottish football history with Adidas. ( your favoured option ) .

Celtic and Liverpool had major issues with NB which resulted in their British relations manager getting the sack. Your board are used to bedlam anyway.
Your source who is friendly with Graeme Park is taking you for a mug and that is why he is winding you up with different information about kit suppliers. 😂.

4.) 16 Apr 2020 12:19:02
BuzzBUM, what a fool🤪🤪🤪🇬🇧🤮.

5.) 16 Apr 2020 12:19:18
Ok buzz bomb, let's have a wager on this and the loser gives the money to the winners charity, how about it? let's get a few things straight first and as well as being daft, your obviously blind. I never said a source of mine who's friendly with graeme park told me this! I also never stated that adidas was my choice of kit manufacturers either!
Nike would be my preferred choice as their the biggest sportswear firm on the planet, bar none, FACT! Now your slagging new balance which you previously heaped praise on, because you know i've got you and that new balance are the new kit manufacturers of the famous glasgow rangers, FACT! So let's strike this bet motormouth or forever hold your peace! 🤫🤭.

6.) 16 Apr 2020 12:22:50
I know the NB Account Manager. A good guy. I also know Celtic had major issues in the latter stages with NB. Can’t comment on Liverpool but wouldn’t be surprised if it was a similar situation albeit on a different level.

7.) 16 Apr 2020 12:25:05
What's your post got to do with sgl post above buzzbomb?

8.) 16 Apr 2020 13:03:10
I will have to decline your offer to bet. Macron being announced your new kit suppliers will be good enough for me. 😂

I remember 6 months ago you mentioned NB would be your new kit suppliers and you also mentioned that your source was friendly with Graeme Park. Am I right or wrong?

9.) 16 Apr 2020 13:32:35
SGL. I think the obsession BB has regards to Rangers is unbelievable. The only way to get him or her to stop posting is don't reply to any, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺😎⚽️👍.

10.) 16 Apr 2020 14:43:01
Ibrox4Me answer me this pal. From your sources at new balance am i correct in stating that new balance will be our new kit manufacturers or who is it in your opinion with your info mate? Has your friend told you that new balance are in to replace hummel as rangers new kit manufacturers?

11.) 16 Apr 2020 15:15:02
Cunny u r right, don’t engage with them.

12.) 16 Apr 2020 15:41:43
S.g.l., brilliant mate, i never thought of offering the wee fud a bet, its the easiest way to get rid of dafties like buzz bomb, offer him a wager and he disappears, good on you sgl, getting rid of people like him is great, all his like do, is try to bring people down, probably glad he is off school.

13.) 16 Apr 2020 15:45:17
cunny in oz go a bit further and blow out as well anyone who answers his posts, i will start the ball rolling by starting this off.

14.) 16 Apr 2020 16:32:34
Had to decline the bet because he's under age. 😂😂.

15.) 16 Apr 2020 17:12:08
yes like his mate brihboy, lost one bet and he has disappeared, wonder where he has gone.

16.) 16 Apr 2020 18:41:03
SGL, he was one of the senior guys in the UK with NB and was the lead on the Celtic and Liverpool accounts. I’ve spent time with him in the box at Anfield on a few occasions. The relationship with Celtic got into a lot of trouble and he and his team were given the chop. Not for anything they’d done wrong as personal relations were excellent. Management at NB were the issue. He’s very well connected but has no knowledge of any dealing with Rangers.



14 Apr 2020 14:19:05
In no way do I wish for ANY club to go under. But what I see from our governing body is a trick to put clubs into that position. An organisation put in place to protect has turned into an organisation of corruption and lies.
First, Ann Budges statement. Very clear and to the point. Her point on why the rangers resolution was refused is shocking. The word 'instructed' was used and should have been 'requested' well then inform rangers of that. don't tell the championship clubs it has not passed then let us and hearts find out from them.
Second, The ability for one club to retract its vote ( that is my third point) . In such an important system/ resolution as this, your vote must stand. It doesn't matter if a lovely friendly offer comes in after your vote. Your vote was cast, end of.
Third, in the resolution a club who votes in FAVOUR of the resolution can not retract there vote. Remember in favour. However it does not have the same for a club that votes against it. So this allows for conversations between organisations and clubs to discuss said vote.
fourth, It is not illegal to offer incentives to a voter from other voters. It is illegal to offer money, but there are many ways around this. I have been in a situation myself with a very well known business that requested me to take the value of any golf outings calendars, gifts to the company and instead pay the money into the businesses account. scary but legal It is however illegal for a governing body to off any sort of incentives.
Fifth, So we come to the nitty, gritty. Hearts, ICT, St Mirren and us retract our votes as it in no ways says an us being a no vote that we cant. We hold them to ransom as they have held us. We wait the 28 days to vote. We can play there game. If they refuse us to retract our votes we refuse to accept that dundees vote could be retracted.


1.) 14 Apr 2020 14:39:16
Really like that last one finty . only it won’t be st Mirren they are happy . it would poss be Partick and Falkirk. But definitely a good strategy. unless we can hit them with an interdict immediately.

2.) 14 Apr 2020 15:47:10
Partick Thistle QC David Thomson’s legal opinion on the SPFL’s handling of their resolution makes for interesting reading. All 13 pages are available online. Hope the evidence we have is compelling and we can apply further pressure.

3.) 14 Apr 2020 16:39:07
Good post Finty, but either us or Hearts retracting our votes wouldn’t impact the Premiership vote. However, your shout about Thistle might be worth a shout.

4.) 14 Apr 2020 22:03:51
It wouldn’t hewho but it would mean they could not proceed for three weeks or until UEFA make their decision end of April.



14 Apr 2020 14:00:57
Pesonally in no way do I want ANY team to fold. So this farcical resolution is just that. An intention to force a hand of any clubs in financial problems. My take on this is an organisation put in to protect clubs using the virus to hold clubs to ransom. We are hearing clubs chairmans are not happy at all with the resolution but there hands are forced due to the money.
First Ann Budges statement. for her to tell us that the rangers resolution was dropped due to the fact the word 'instructed' was used unstead of 'requested' is a disgrace.
second, the ability of a club to vote then retract the vote. Now unless it states in the contract that you can you then retract the vote at a later date within the 28 days then fine ( that will be my third point)





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16 Feb 2021 10:38:03
I was a good little boy and me and my friend got spoken to by police. I panicked and gave my friend's name and he panicked as he was planning on giving a fake name and ended up giving his name. A couple of drinks and first run in with police causes panic. Wouldn't surprise me if one gave a fake name. Police deal with silly little boys everyday doing that type of thing.




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10 Oct 2020 14:34:22
He isn't coming, he never was going to come.




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26 Jul 2020 14:52:23
And where is the money going to come from. We continually release players or let there contracts run out. We need to sell players to be able to release funds.




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27 Feb 2020 08:58:11
How many times. Nothing happened in Dubai!




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03 Feb 2020 12:09:30
Personally I didn't see the point in Dubai. We have an amazing training ground already and we should have had a friendly against lower opposition to prepare us. It seemed like a pointless exercise.





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02 Jun 2021 12:36:06
His dream is to manage liverpool. Why would he go to Everton?




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20 Apr 2021 12:12:48
I don't want into the EPL but I do think the sponsors cups should be a british cup. Regionals then into a uk play off.




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14 Apr 2021 16:22:23
I can't remember if 10 games ban was max or min. With regard to Glen. I think we knew there would be a min ban coming. Roofe yes, terrible tackle and a fair ban, but i just wanted to make a comment about that. When I was young I got a skull fracture. I wasnt allowed to play rugby again for a year. I couldn't train. Obviously rugby is a different sport but come on. No way he could be fit that fast. If that keeper had a skull fracture and then played 3 weeks later he is superman.




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11 Mar 2021 13:10:22
All the decisions made at the moment are based on what ifs. I could and couldn't see it going ahead. My heart wants it to go ahead but after seeing the idiots out celebrating like that and we know they have idiots aswell it has the possibility to be a bad idea. She could bring in a very large fine for anyone who appears at celtic park. So if your rich you can go and be an idiot.




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26 Feb 2021 12:54:32
As soon as you leave the groups all teams are a threat. I do think we have a good feel factor in europe within the team. But we could have had a far far worse draw than them.