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07 Apr 2024 17:23:47
That old football cliche 'a game of 2 halves' was never more apt today.
First off - and it's the first time I've been critical of Clement - I thought he got his line up wrong.

Secondly, if it wasn't for Butland we would have been dead and buried in that first half.

Thirdly, and probably the most important, it was the usual suspects who let us down again at the goals we gave away.
But just as important was Clement's ability to change it second half and the players themselves responding to the expectations of the fans.

I also thought Brother Beaton handled the game as good as he could after the usual week long insinuations from the East End. IMHO, all 3 major VAR incidents were correctly called. 2 definite stonewall penalties and the pull back for the free kick leading to Dessers goal.

Another way to look at it is if you think Rangers' penalty was soft, then you must also think that the foul that lead to the Dessers goal being chopped off was also soft.

For those that think Lundstram deserves anything he asks for to sign on again, then ask yourself - when was the last time he dominated the midfield in a meaningful match against Celtic?
Finally it's on to Dundee midweek on a pitch that currently looks worse than when our game was abandoned. But it's also the opportunity to go back 2 points clear.

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07 Apr 2024 17:54:55
Having a go at Lundstrum? ???
At least we knew he was playing, unlike Diomonde or Lawrence. How is one guy meant to dominate a midfield all on his own. It's Lundstrum we're talking about not Maradona! Jesus wept!

07 Apr 2024 18:05:22
We need a midfilder who can replace ryan jack, none are even close. Jack plays with a coolness that let's lundstrum and kamara before run about the place.

07 Apr 2024 18:20:52
In that first half they pressured us with intensity and their midfield were allowed to dominate that first half today. ?We took ages to get going and struggled to clear our heads after losing that terrible goal within the first 30 seconds. ?
As much as i rate tav, i thought he was poor in that first half as was the majority of our players, with goldson being the worst of them all!

Much better in the second half and had to be, as it keeps us very much on course to win the title ?With the way the game panned out, it was a good point for us especially having to come back from 2-0 down and then 3-2 behind, that's character that clement has installed into our team ?.

07 Apr 2024 18:42:06
So Lundstram gets a free pass because those around him were poor?
Jesus wept.
So therefore, Wright, who you’ve slated should also get a free pass as everyone around him was brutal.
Or does that not fit the narrative?

Thankfully we won’t need to listen to your drivel to next season as you’ve chucked it because we didn’t win.
Or unfortunately does it not work like that, RTR?

07 Apr 2024 18:55:53
Using my patter again, MPH?! Tells me everything I need to know about you! ???.

07 Apr 2024 19:01:13
The irony! The buzz wanabee, who is only interested in posting stats that fit his narrative, throws a "drivel" insult out, while the majority of what he posts is riddled with it.
Aye, you're on fire, my man!

07 Apr 2024 19:49:13
Livibear, i agree with you mate regarding jacko ?We need to find a younger player in the mould of the midfield style of ryan jack mate ? I like big lunny but jacko is a better midfielder than lunny for me, just a pity he has these constant injury issues ☹️.

07 Apr 2024 19:59:12
I thought diomande ended the 1st half ok he was the best of the 3 in the middle though that ain’t saying much.

07 Apr 2024 20:56:17
No pass marks from any of our players in that first half.

07 Apr 2024 21:14:30
I thought Dowell played well when he came on. A possible option.

07 Apr 2024 21:45:26
Butland was honking today. Cost us the 3rd goal. and shockimg with ball at his feet. His other saves are saves u expect him to make.



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