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01 Apr 2024 16:44:10
Anybody else feel we could lose out on a generation of fans due to lack of tickets? My son is already falling away from it due to the fact he can't get tickets for most games. Hates watching it on television and even though we are in a title race he still doesn't watch it on the TV. He loves going to the match but simply can't and due to this he's slowly falling away from it.

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01 Apr 2024 17:47:23
If you have my gers and check the website regularly you can get tickets to pretty much every game. There was some up for the old firm a couple days go.

01 Apr 2024 18:24:27
My mate 5 year old daughter has mygers and he managed to get a ticket for her. On top of his ST. And then upgrade it to an adult ticket. So as david above says. If you have mygers there's tickets available for every home game.

01 Apr 2024 18:29:43
Come on get what u r saying, that’s why we need a bigger stadium say another 10-15 k.

01 Apr 2024 19:14:33
The bigger issue for me is having to pay through your teeth to watch games on the TV. To watch every televised rangers game you need subscriptions to 3 different channels which is utterly ridiculous. Money has ruined it as well football at the top has lost its soul.

01 Apr 2024 20:05:12
After having a season ticket for me and the wife for 20 years, I had to give it up for financial reasons, used to still get tickets for European games but nowadays have given up unless I can blag a few home game tickets at Livi to see the boys live.
Understand where your coming from Comeon, but we are where we are.

01 Apr 2024 20:09:53
I don't do well in crowds anymore so don't make it to games much anymore. I used to sit in the club deck with my Granda and Uncle. You're right about the money needed to watch each game on TV. Sky, Rangers TV and the rest. I could get a firestick but not sure about it plus I do want to pay my bit towards the club.

01 Apr 2024 20:36:18
I find it's like fighting for scraps every home game. My job doesn't allow me to press refresh all the time so haven't been as lucky as your mate, Paul.

01 Apr 2024 20:55:33
Davidb get a firestick mate, £60 a year and you don’t miss a game, and before anyone jumps on me I buy myself and my boy the home top every year and go to games when I have spare cash so our club gets plenty of my vastly underpaid wage every year.

02 Apr 2024 01:41:47
Well said Jimmy, people that have put plenty money into rangers over the years I wouldn't ever want them to miss there team because they can no longer afford it, who is anyone to tell people they shouldn't.

02 Apr 2024 12:39:16
Usually the teenage years of going to IBROX with yer mates was the thing that created the bond with the club, now with all seater stadiums and difficulty getting tickets means a generation of fans miss out on that.



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