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30 Mar 2024 17:12:29
David Dickinson should go back to Bargain Hunt terrible referee absolute disgrace! Anyway good 3pts Dessers was excellent today, been critical of the lad but he worked hard today. Puddle drinkers next. WATP??.

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30 Mar 2024 17:21:31
Listened to a bit on car radio, is Tav injured?

30 Mar 2024 17:24:14
Can somebody please yell me the rule. Rangers clearly in possession, Caddington goes down in his own box, no free kick, no head knock, he basically lay down. The ref stops the game when I think we had 5 players in the box. Camden gets up and he restarts the game with an uncontested drop at the keepers feet.
I just don't get it.

30 Mar 2024 17:37:04
Got a feeling tav could be touch and go for next week.

30 Mar 2024 17:42:37
Think it was just cramp.

30 Mar 2024 17:48:41
Jfm totally baffled, it actually happened twice first time the ball was obviously going to end up in our possession aswell, yet restart with hibs.

30 Mar 2024 17:55:30
I can honestly say he's the worst ref I've ever seen. Some decisions were completely baffling.

30 Mar 2024 18:13:05
the first one technically hit a hibs player before the ref. the second i just don't understand at all.

30 Mar 2024 18:26:49
Tav will have a full week to recover.

30 Mar 2024 18:57:36
I think by the rules the ref got it right am sure I heard/ read somewhere maybe even ref watch that if a player going down in box no matter who has ball and it’s stopped by ref the keeper gets it. But I could have also just made that rule up in my dreams ?.

30 Mar 2024 19:35:28
Little wonder our captain had a touch of cramp, as tav plays every minute of every game ?Our captain is a machine ?A total athlete he is ???.

30 Mar 2024 19:43:06
Feared the worse with tav but looked to be cramp, was down right in front of me.

30 Mar 2024 21:19:51
Aye, clearly cramp thank goodness. We wouldn't half miss him if he didn't play next week.

30 Mar 2024 21:37:18
Apparently his diet was fecked due to getting gnashers out, someone commented earlier, that would explain his cramp, lack of appropriate nutrients to combat his physical exertion.

30 Mar 2024 21:32:45
Agreed jfm63 totally crazy call in my opinion.

30 Mar 2024 22:05:22
I've no idea storm if that is a rule, if it is its crazy. Cadden wasn't fouled and there was no head knock. He just lay down. That rule if it exists just leads to cheating.
Anybody know if that is the rule.



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