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21 Mar 2024 06:10:31
So borna prob going, Davies too, wonder if we'll get any decent cash for him, tav rumours persisting, if true a good earner, possibly butland, more decent cash for him, balogun extension or not? Quite a hole could be left here guys, that's just in defence, any thoughts or insight guys? ?.

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21 Mar 2024 07:32:42
Well if we could get the money spoken about for tav and butland then we need to take the money. I think butland will want to stay tho. Davies contributing nothing to the side he can move on. Balogun i would actually give another year. he's on low wages and does a job as back up when he comes in. Solid enough. Davie weir was great for us at 40.

21 Mar 2024 07:50:22
Paul, completely agree.

21 Mar 2024 09:24:28
Cant see tav going. I think he will be wanting to break 500 and win more trophies. I know some don't like him and that baffles me i think the guy is incredible. You hear paper yalk of him going but it goes nowhere because his agent knows where he wants to be. If he really wanted to go the stories would grow rather than die. I wish some supporters would show the same loyalty to tav as tav does to the fans, the Jersey and the club.

21 Mar 2024 09:46:10
If we can find a striker who can actually score 25+ spfl goals then we wouldn't need to rely on a right back scoring 15 league goals a season. Let's not forget Tavernier scores a lot of penalties that a good striker could if we find the correct one. I honestly feel Tavernier could be replaced easily than some think. Get forward players who can score goals and deliver at set pieces and I guarantee Tavernier won't be missed.

21 Mar 2024 10:53:50
Agree Bb150, Sterling waiting in the wings as well, prolific CF, and we wouldn't miss Tav, decent money for us security for Tav, what's not to like, he may well be tempted. ?.

21 Mar 2024 11:21:29
I think it will come down to the player if the rumours are true. Tav won’t go on for ever and will need replaced at some point so the money supposedly on offer would help.

21 Mar 2024 11:29:13
A lot of the strikers that score 20+ a season take Pens our strikers haven’t for a good years now.
A lot want shankland he takes pens at hearts this is his best scoring season in top flight football I believe.

Would Alfredo been 20+ in more seasons if he did? Would dessers have more than 20+ already with pens.

21 Mar 2024 12:12:36
I expect the much criticised Dessers to score 20 plus this season, and that's without pens.

21 Mar 2024 12:20:09
I'm unsure Morelos and Dessers would've been that great at penalties Storm both struggle one to one and when have time to think about it.

21 Mar 2024 12:22:06
Shankland only scored 3 penalties this season so he's had a great season. He'd score plenty with us.

21 Mar 2024 12:24:42
Also seen albeit on clickbait guff, young King possibly move to get game time, Storm the naysayers would just moan that dessers goals would be made up of pens, if he took them, get your point though?.

21 Mar 2024 12:34:08
Not so much Alfie Bb150, thought he done well, Dessers I like, but like Matondo gets caught in too many minds at the crucial time, this is where Defoe coaching would have been beneficial imo.

21 Mar 2024 12:39:47
Both Morelos and Dessers lack the composure to take penalties, absolutely neither would be trusted at vital times, as Boomboom said you wouldn't back them one v one.

21 Mar 2024 12:40:39
Dessers has taken one and scored one for Rangers this season.

21 Mar 2024 12:45:31
Kyogo done it last year pretty sure he's not main penalty taker. I feel when paying 4 to 5 million for a striker he should be getting 20 in this league surely. I could be way of here but did we not almost always have a 20 a season striker before we went down?

21 Mar 2024 12:56:27
Yeah but I would bet if he took 10 the conversion rate would not be impressive. One out of one does not disprove that he lacks composure.

21 Mar 2024 12:58:39
Storm shankland is off the pens now i think.

21 Mar 2024 13:01:46
Selling Tav for £7m might sound good but who else do we have that can take free kicks and score from them the way he does and surely we will be looking at an upgrade on Dessers who, incidentally, I don't see as an option for penalties. With regards to Butland, £15m sound like a good deal although looking at goalkeepers in England I reckon that he could go for more.
Whether he would want to move to England is debatable if he believes that he can win trophies with us. He doesn't come over as a guy that is driven by money or he would have stayed at Manchester United.
If he goes then we will need to find a quality replacement, not an easy job!
Other than Lundstrum, we need to let all of those at end of contract to leave. We consequently need to bring in a number of new players and ideally we manage to sell Davies and we bring in a top quality centre back.
It will be an interesting summer!

21 Mar 2024 13:14:37
People have always said if we sell this one or that one who will score our goals or take our freekicks etc etc. We have been replacing goal scorers and set piece takers for 152 years now, I'm sure we'll manage.

21 Mar 2024 13:53:40
If Tav goes, I would suggest that Devine or Sterling could slot in, free kicks, Lawrence for me. Goal Keeper, any suggestions here guys, do we think Robbie is good enough, I would've thought if he was going to get the jersey he would've had it by now. I would definitely sign Shankland, he knows this league, so I have a confidence in him.

21 Mar 2024 14:55:25
Fork you really need to stop with the naysayers when it comes to Dessers mate. let's be honest here, behind the smile he really does lack ability. People go on about his goals as if that gives him credibility. So I thought I dig at some stats just to put a bit of perspective on things. Now I'm just using Colak here as an example as a lot of people did not rate him but rate Dessers. I'm not saying Colak is the answer for our club. Again just for perspective.

Dessers has played 2591 minutes so far for us and has scored 16 goals. This equates to a goal every 162 minutes.

Colak played 2218 minutes for us and scored 18 goals. This equates to a goal every 123 minutes.

The same people who big up Dessers are the same people who slated Colak. Are those people naysayers? Colak would bury half the chances Dessers fluffs. let's not get started on his positional sense and awareness either. Fans expect Dessers to hit 20 goals. I'm not so sure. Dessers is hopeless mate and I would be amazed if he is still here next season.

Having said all that, I hope the big guy fires us to the treble??.

21 Mar 2024 16:02:08
Dessers 20 career penal Scoring 16. 4 saved.

21 Mar 2024 16:33:54
I can't fault you analysis RTG, when I say naysayers I get the impression the big guy doesn't get a fair crack of the whip, and people can be over critical, yes he can seem out of position at times and asleep at times, you will have seen I've been critical of his decision making" too many minds at the crucial point" I've said that many times, disagree with you on goals, think big man will get 20+ this season, I love a trier, he's not the most blessed I admit but gives his all, just how I see it mate?.

21 Mar 2024 17:06:22
Would like him to know the offside rule better Folk. He's 29 not 19 and seems to be offside so often.

21 Mar 2024 17:09:49
I'm not saying he's not a trier or he doesn't give his all. He's a loveable big bugger. He's just not good enough and I don't think I'm being a naysayer by saying so. I think it's glaringly obvious he's not good enough. We need much better, we've let better go.

I also think its fair to say that if we had another striker then the big man would spend most of his time on the bench. Even if he gets 20 goals, no one will convince me he's our main man up top going forward. Like I said I would be amazed if he was still here next season. He's all we have and I hope he's part of a treble winning team.

21 Mar 2024 17:37:20
That's kind of what I thought john when I said if he took 10 pens it wouldn't be that great. Had 7/ 8 out of 10 in my head as a rough idea. So he misses 1 every 5. Not really sure what the average going rate is and if that is poor or not but his composure in general infront of goal is howling.

21 Mar 2024 18:06:15
Rtv what’s your view on Colak feigning injury to miss training and games

Rag I don’t actually see anyone saying dessers is the man going forward.

21 Mar 2024 18:37:11
Aye bb150 he's a notion for drifting off, like an over excited puppy lol, like the big guy but.

21 Mar 2024 19:06:24
Well John I see what you are trying to do there but it has no relevance to the point that we have let better players go. My view is that this did not happen under GVB john, only under MB who we know had a terrible attitude towards players. So take from that what you will.

Tell me John what's your view on other players like Gazza or Alfie who all have had indiscretions that prevented them playing for our club

Also John what's your thoughts on both Sakala and Colak both saying that they did not want to leave and MB was a major factor on why they left?

21 Mar 2024 21:22:15
RTG behave?, too much bitchyness??.

21 Mar 2024 21:52:57
The only bitch I mentioned was Michael Beale ?.

21 Mar 2024 22:26:37
Tav has a better conversion rate than Messi and folk talking about giving others penalties ? even if we have a 25 a season striker doesn’t mean anything we need more than that player scoring it’s a long season lol.

21 Mar 2024 22:30:34
Tav sets up loads of goals as well those saying he be missed if we have a better striker are mad.

22 Mar 2024 06:13:54
That's true RTG?.

22 Mar 2024 12:37:34
Rtv If u see me on here I said I’d always keep sakala as a squad player Howe ever rangers decided he was poor and took four million

Colak absolUley cheated the fans. At presen 9 minutes in six games in second tier so we made good money

Rtv average penalties scored 75 % so dessers doing well, tav has scored u.

22 Mar 2024 15:05:25
Rangers did not decide John. MB told Sakala to stay away from the club and forced him out. Outrageous from MB, I'm surprised our club never called that behaviour out.

What has Colak stats at Parma got to do with his stats at Rangers, again nothing, same as your point about feiging injury. Colak was performing much better at Rangers in comparison to how Dessers is performing Rangers. If you want to use other stats from other clubs then Dessers stats at Feyenoord prove he is not performing well at Rangers. All you are trying to do is dig up dirt on Colak to discredit the fact that he has outperformed Dessers in comparsion at Rangers.

Colak never had an issue at our club until MB arrived. So this cheated the fans is nonsense particularly when we all know the carnage MB caused. Both Colak and Sakala have both stated this in interviews and to be honest we are very lucky to recover so quickly from the damage cause by MB. Why are you laying all this at Colak's door and not acknowledging the disgusting way MB treated some of our players?

When you talk about cheating the fans, does that apply to the likes of Gazza or Alfie for example who both could not play for the club due to their own indiscretions?

75% average for penalties, I would have thought it was better than that. Dessers is still a bombscare infront of goal for Rangers.

22 Mar 2024 15:44:52
John, if you want to use stats from other clubs.

Dessers at previous club Cremonese 1950 minutes played scoring 10 goals which is a goal every 195 minutes.

So if I were to use your own argument of Colak's stats at Parma then its only common sense to ask why in the world did we sign Dessers from Cremonese.

Colak has played 534 minutes for Parma scoring 3 goals which is a goal every 178 minutes. That's miles better than Dessers at Cremonese.

If you use Dessers stats at Feyenoord, 2152 minutes played scoring 21 goals which is a goal every 101 minutes which suggests he is having a nightmare at Rangers.

You can only make fair comparisons when you use stats from both players when at our club.

22 Mar 2024 15:49:23
Rtg how many times has Tavernier failed in his last 20 penalties,1 missed in 5 is very fine with me.

22 Mar 2024 16:00:14
To be fair star I thought it would have been better than the 75% average across the board if I'm honest but it still doesn't hide the fact that Dessers lacks composure infront of goal.



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