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19 Mar 2024 20:56:03
Following on from yesterday and the talk/ debate whether we think kemar roofe will get a new contract to stay with rangers beyond this season ?I have a strong feeling that if he proves that his hip op was a success and that his injuries have eased significantly, he will get a new contract at rangers in some shape or form, as clement rates him very highly. ?

Just imagine roofe had the fitness levels of james tavernier ?He'd absolutely blow Scottish football away ? I think our manager is currently managing roofe terrifically well, in not rushing him and building up his minutes and sub introductions, bit by bit. ?

Roofe stated himself the other day, that he was rushing things before, as he was desperate to play and get back to his talented best ? Clement will make sure that he's slowly weaned back to hopefully, full match fitness ?.

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19 Mar 2024 21:34:47
Just don't see Roofe getting offered another contract, would be crazy in my opinion but can't see it sws.

19 Mar 2024 21:35:54
Show terrible ambition by the club if he gets a new deal. Lucky to get 10 games a season out him and he's one of highest earners at club. Him and jack should be no where near the squad next year. One of the clubs biggest problems is holding on to players far to long.

19 Mar 2024 21:52:42
Don’t think he will Walter he will want to much don’t think we would offer more than one year at 5k per week and a club option of another year he will get more elsewhere.

19 Mar 2024 21:53:04
He needs to go. we need players that can play 40 x 90 mins each season.

19 Mar 2024 22:44:41
If Roofe gets offered a new contract then however sanctions it should be removed from the club with immediate affect.

19 Mar 2024 22:45:15
100% Roofe is not getting a new contract, neither is Jack.

19 Mar 2024 23:36:16
No need for a follow on it’s still NO roofe will not be here next season. Think over his contract we has given our club and how much he has taken from the club.

It was souttar last week this weeks it’s roofe turn for many posts.

19 Mar 2024 23:36:51
100%’paul RFC and mark.

19 Mar 2024 23:43:40
Would love a fully fit Roofe, but can't see that happening so it's a no for me, and as Paul says we're hanging onto pplayers too long. Time to move on.

20 Mar 2024 00:07:26
To be fair he has probably played as many games as the average 23yr old. So if he gets fit could potentially have another 10 yrs left in him!

20 Mar 2024 01:02:57
He's out. Of course he will burst a gut to try for another contract but it won't happen. We can fantasise all we like about him having Tavernier's fitness levels but he hasn't. I cannot recall reading or hearing anything that the manager saying he rated Roofe 'very highly' and I think he knows he can get far better, more reliable talents for the money we are paying a crock.

20 Mar 2024 05:48:34
Just imagine young McCausland had the same talent as messi he would run amok in Scotland. Crazy comparison same as comparing Tavernier and Roofe fitness wise.

20 Mar 2024 06:26:09
Roofe has had a few moments for us but people get far too carried away about his ability. He should be sent on his way i wouldn't give him any wage. Time to move on.

20 Mar 2024 06:29:56
Bb150, is that a similar stance to the, if my granny / granda rumours?.

20 Mar 2024 06:42:36
Storm, it's merely my opinion that i wouldn't be surprised if roofe got a new contract of some sort?In my post i never once said that i wanted roofe to get a new deal, so why yet again the sarcastic dig my friend ?I honestly don't think you know you are so divisive at times ? I like the majority of us will trust clement on whatever he chooses for roofe in the end ?.

20 Mar 2024 07:24:33
He has 10 possibly 11 games to prove he is over his injuries and can be an asset to Rangers.
Considering the medical staff and Clement are managing his game time there is no way on Earth, Roofe is going to prove he deserves a new contract.
Unfortunately for him, his Rangers career is now finished with the money we save on his wages being better spent elsewhere.
Talented player when fit but we've been burned once to often in these situations.

20 Mar 2024 07:31:19
Roofe won't be offered a new deal, given us some good memories but it's a joke how often he's injured, club needs to move on and same goes for Ryan Jack.

20 Mar 2024 07:39:39
Can see where your coming from SWS, ok, say he gets full fitness, plays a few, then gets injured again and we have just extended his contract, that would be a complete waste of funds and a few angry bears, I like roofe, think he's gt something, problem is his reliability, would love a fully fit guy that doesn't breakdown when the wind changes, unfortunately for club and player that isn't and probably won't be attainable.

20 Mar 2024 07:52:28
Thought this was Football Insider/ Ibrox Noise for a moment ?.

20 Mar 2024 07:53:21
Bonus points for shoehorning Tav into a post about Roofe though ??????????.

20 Mar 2024 08:06:27
Fork. ?.

20 Mar 2024 08:14:56
3 emoji short Ibrox ??? there u go, oh and have a "Tav" on me.

20 Mar 2024 09:03:16
This is becoming a joke on here now to some posters, when when you're only posting an opinion ? Nothing better to post but to try and make a fool of and antagonise others ?All bears together ? don't make me laugh!

20 Mar 2024 10:15:07
Toys oot the pram because someone had the audacity to disagree ???.

20 Mar 2024 11:06:03
SWM, it's nothing to do with someone disagreeing mate, it's certain posters trying to make fun of other posters, who are only stating an opinion, no need for that! Some only post to antagonise others who do post opinions or news etc and don't contribute posts themselves ie only interested in making fun of and jumping down the throats of other posters on here! Don't tell me that doesn't happen because it does.

20 Mar 2024 11:12:12
Walter everyone entitled to a opinion, u told me that last week when I pointed out how u run down McLaughlin.

20 Mar 2024 12:02:53
SWS fgs it's jovial n fun to break up how heated and nasty it can get at times, I was commenting on a post by Ibrox, lighten up christ, you want it to be like a morgue fgs. Apologies if your sensitivities have been offended.

20 Mar 2024 12:16:10
It’s not becoming a Joke coops, people are merely giving you their opinions to your post but you don’t like it as it doesn’t agree with yours ?

Correct sir Walter McCoist am glad someone else is seeing it does it all the time.

20 Mar 2024 13:34:37
Btw SWS, If you are referring to me earlier or Ibrox, FYI I contribute plenty, aye some of it is?, but some is not, I took a doing 2 WKS ago on here do you see me in a huff, I'm still here, if you are not referring to me then I apologise.

20 Mar 2024 14:03:48
Absolutely storm, keep up the good work. ??.

20 Mar 2024 15:05:00
Bitch'ness in full flow again. Seems to be a trend here.

20 Mar 2024 15:28:45

20 Mar 2024 15:56:59
Stormtrooper, could you not have gave your opinion without the dig at the end regarding lots of posts. let's face it who are you to decide how many times someone can post about the same subject. You seem to always be at the heart of the bitch'ness. Is there a reason for that?

20 Mar 2024 18:45:00
RTG, could you not have done the same? It's a banter site ? unless you have forgot ?‍♂️ I never decide anything, but I can have an opinion on it and people like you and coops won’t stop me ?.

20 Mar 2024 20:34:25
Bitchyness and hypocrisy, what's not to love???.

21 Mar 2024 01:31:07
I never made any digs or tried to stop anyone having an opinion. I have noticed that when there is a bit of bitch'ness going on you are involved stormtrooper. Maybe people like you could do better and leave the digs out and bitch'ness wouldn't follow you. Just find this strange from grown men on a fans site.

21 Mar 2024 07:17:33
Then why u bitchin at Storm? Acussing him of being a catalyst for having a thought, no matter how strange the thought is, is that not a dig bud, we all do it, you included mate. I know I do?.

21 Mar 2024 12:51:14
I was pointing out that stormtroopers initial dig started the bitch'ness on this thread, which it did and if you look at other threads where there is bitch'ness stormtrooper is involved most of the time. I know its not a dig at me and I'm not trying to have a dig at stormtrooper but if you look at the points I have made then you will see for yourself. Just wondering what is going on.

21 Mar 2024 16:45:46
It's been running for ages bud, they hammer at each other, sometimes star is in it too, I gt caught up in it yesterday and I wasn't even talking to him, was having a bit of banter with Ibrox, he accused people of looking to antagonise him when he posts, when it's others having banter and an opinion that doesn't suit his narrative, then accuses the posters of not contributing, as you can see he has ignored me calling him out, I contribute plenty and interact with everyone, that's normal practice, but it's up to him. I'm of the opinion if you have something to say then say it, it's a debate forum, I gt slaughtered 2 was ago, no need to take the huff, it's not personal.

21 Mar 2024 18:31:41
Yeah I have noticed Star too at times. Ah well if people don't like an opinion then that's their problem I suppose.



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