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17 Mar 2024 11:37:08
Good Morning Folks, you know from my posts that I am in no way a conspiracy theorist, BUT, this decision to call off our game stinks to the high heavens. We should as a Club, demand that it is played on The Wednesday after the end of the International Break to allow us the opportunity of again going in front of them before the weekend OF Fixture.

This just my opinion folks, I know a few will disagree with me, but, Dundee knew the Weather forecast, and could have covered the pitch lifting the covers at 10am today thus avoiding this situation, rant over, have a good day guys.

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17 Mar 2024 12:37:31
They have had 4 home games off this season due to pitch not just ours. That is honestly crazy talk. Should actually suit us. Extra rest and get some players back from injury, sterling and sima will be a massive boost.

17 Mar 2024 12:50:46
Paul i think it suits us.

17 Mar 2024 13:06:24
Port, did you actually see the pitch mate was horrendous, it's actually in our favour to have that called off today. The ref held the ball above his head and threw it with force to the ground, the ball just stuck didn't even nearly bounce, we are a football playing team, those conditions would have went in Dundees favour mate.

Another plus is we get extremely important players back for run in. Nothing changes port apart from the day it's played, it's still in our hands same as before we win our games we win the league.

17 Mar 2024 13:07:17
Would have been good to be above them again as we play first next set of games. But yeh, opportunity to perhaps ger one or two guys back and wee rest for some others.

17 Mar 2024 13:07:32
Nah, we wanted to have that game played and won today. Wait and see we will be away to RC, away midweek to that hole and then have the mhob on the Sunday. Disgraceful scenes today. 3 hour return journey wasted. Absolutely seething.

17 Mar 2024 13:13:42
That's just crazy talk!

Dundee are a tin pot club, playing in a dump of a stadium, on a mire of so called pitch. If the SFA, SPFL weren't so useless, they'd make it a prerequisite that all top flight clubs play on a surface suitable for premier league football, but they are useless, so crap like this happens.

17 Mar 2024 13:15:14
Correction, Hibs home, Dens away and the mhob.

17 Mar 2024 13:17:19
I get what you’re saying but we shouldn’t need Sterling and sima folio to beat dundee. I’d rather bag the points today and go top, then have a decent rest.

17 Mar 2024 13:33:08
Paul, this is in no way crazy talk, I refer you to the corrupt vote when title 9 was awarded, and the fact as someone else has stated this is the only professional casualty in the UK this weekend. Make no mistake my friend, this put Celtic in a less strenuous position than had we played and won today.

How hard was it for Dundee to cover their pitch knowing full well how much rain was being forecast, Why couldn't if Helms remark is accurate would it have been to move the game to a 3pm kick off. We'll just disagree on this one, something stinks again and we are the fall guys again.

17 Mar 2024 13:44:25
Dundee don't have their own ground staff, it's contracted out.

17 Mar 2024 13:49:27
Portger, it suits us as Paul says. I was expecting to hear the conspiracies that the masons made it rain so that we can get players back fit.

17 Mar 2024 13:57:03
Honestly, I think I expect that on the other sides rumours page.

17 Mar 2024 13:58:41
Why would you want a game before the old firm game? Will we play better against them if we are top before we play them?

17 Mar 2024 14:11:14
Glad it's off, it was an injury risk.

17 Mar 2024 14:11:52
Boy Blue 3, no mate, I admit I hadn't seen the pitch, and to a great extent, I wouldn't want us to risk our players, but the cynic in me, unusually BTW tells me this is a rotten situation, every game yesterday was played in torrential rain all over the UK, this is the only casualty in the UK in Professional Football this week.

17 Mar 2024 14:21:49
I think a lot of people on here are in for a massive let down.

17 Mar 2024 15:16:46
Port no having a go mate, bit can you explain why this is such a gain for that lot, I honestly don't get it. I see a few posting we should have played the game and went home with the points, I honestly believe it wouldn't have been as easy as some might think.

17 Mar 2024 16:16:20
Hi Boy Blue 3, I just feel it gives them that psychological edge being ahead before coming to Ibrox, I see one or two others feel the same. I know and agree that it is also important for us to not take any further risks, and to gett our injured players back, I just feel it is Amateurish to say the least. I'm going to let it drop now, a decision has been made, and we just get on with it.

17 Mar 2024 16:35:52
Good posts Bb3.

17 Mar 2024 17:11:43
The game at Dundee played b4 they come to ibrox according to the rules Porter.

17 Mar 2024 17:34:41
Whats the rules john? Havent seen anything.

17 Mar 2024 18:17:25
Thanks John, I wasn't aware of that, I was just focussing on us retaining the initiative John, which I feel is important at this late stage in the championship race.

17 Mar 2024 18:24:04
Port I understand what your saying mate, but it's up to pc to keep the boys grounded as I'm sure he will. Imo nothing changes mate. Port I'm sure that if you dig deep enough you will see that a lot of games get called off at dens, more than likely that would be only game in uk cancelled at that particular time, there park/ drainage are horrendous. Timing isn't great but nothing more than that, all about opinions that's what makes our sight the best! .

17 Mar 2024 18:41:57
Dado the game should be played first available midweek after postponement, so by my reckoning that’s Tuesday or Wednesday b4 we play them.



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